World of Warships Dev Blog News – Alaska, Le Terrible BUFFED! Jean Bart & RN DDs

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Alaska and Le Terrible have been buffed, awesome! Also slight nerfs to Jean Bart and pretty substantial changes to RN DDs. Going over these changes 😀


  1. sierra 117 MasterChief

    U made video already
    Super fast work 😉

  2. There is only one common enemy that can stop the war between the CC’s and their followers and unite friend and foe alike.


  3. I love the RN Cruiser and BB lines but I’m still on the fence about the DD’s.

  4. Just to let you know, it pronounce Jean Bar.

  5. This mindset of using the pronoun comparing a ship to a “her or she” at every opportunity is hilarious!

    • Planes, tanks, cars and trucks have always been referred to as female names. I know women who refer to all of these as she/her. Same goes for firearms.

    • Kevin Morrison Pretty traditional in most navies. The Soviets used the masculine pronoun, though.

    • English language provides a neutral setting for things, but most other languages will refer to a thing either by the female or male pronoun, with no neutral version. In my language (portuguese), knife is female, but boat or ship is male, while guns are female. It’s normal for people to get attached to their things and give them human characteristics, gender being the top one.

    • Ships are “she” or “he”. Bad luck to refer to them as anything else (superstition not grammar)

    • What is truly hilarious is the inability (lack of mental acuity ) to recognize traditional practices.

  6. Colonel David Davenport

    Nice coverage – too bad they nerfed the Jean Bart – thought she was just right where she was but I still want her in my port!

  7. Stuburn Royal Navy heal. Refusing to sink, repairs everything with duct tape, spit and polish.

  8. Alaska got a very decent buff, fantastic. Le Terrible is still like her name, terrible, please fix. Jean Bart, don’t know why WG nerf her sigma when she only has 380×8 guns in T9; if WG really thinks she is still op after last nerf, please nerf her AA, not guns. RN DD, HOLY CRAP, magic blend with Vodka!

  9. Removed smoke…..face desk!

  10. Daring was already a little crazy in terms of DPM, now they get a heal and better AP autobounce angles? I’m not sure I like the melting power of this ship. Its like Harugumo got less detection, hydro, heal, better maneuverability, more torpedos with lower detection and better AP autobounce angles at the cost of less HE penetration? Harugumo is already considered to be a bit too good. It is a bit strange they gave them more, Gearing has little going for it over the Daring in this meta (AA, speed, and minimal advantages on the torps? It just doesn’t seem worth it.)

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      All Daring needed was speed boost…
      With this heal and improved auto bounce as trade off for “poor HE pen” – its worrying.

      Not to mention Darings HE shells have that excellent fire chance.

      It will certainly make Shimakaze even more passive – with more people spamming the 20km rgb torps at borderhump positions…

      Personally I also think the 1/4th HE pen for the ijn 100mm was too much – 1/5th is better.

  11. Musanix - World of Warships

    Jean Bart was fine as she was before the nerf. It was a decently balanced ship.

    You still find her OP ?
    Why not nerfing the consumable instead of the sigma… make Jean Bart more gimmick dependant…

    Wargaming bullshit striked again

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Musanix – World of Warships
      Agreed – they could have kept the sigma (still higher than Richelieu at 1.8 though).

      But alas wg seriously wants to push a “nation trait” aka a sugarcoated “gimmick” for the French. Well this is world of gimmicks anyways… sigh*

    • Reduce the reload to 20s and remove the main gun reload booster sounds better to me.
      Unnecessary gimmick is unnecessary.

    • Francisco DeTonne but…how else can you entice buyers if it doesn’t have its own unique gimmick consumable to advertise?

  12. Re-Class Battleship

    Of course Alaska’s a cruiser. She’s basically a bigger Baltimore.

    • An oversized Baltimore, but people want to try and force the Battlecruiser tag on her “because da guns” instead of factoring in the shift in ship designation at different time periods ( their roles and what they were designed for, and yes part of the reason CB1 named that way is partially political) and constantly referring back to older designs under older regulations and such as a reference.

    • According to what I read, the US Navy would have reclassified the Iowas as Battlecruisers should the Montanas have been built. 28 knots was looked at as the new standard speed for the battle line. Alaska on the other hand was the next step in the evolution of the Heavy Cruiser design principles. Range, speed, more firepower to deal with other heavy cruisers.

      Hell, they ignore that CCs have battleship caliber guns. Last I checked no battle line US BB in the 1930ies mounted 12″ guns. Hell, 14″ were considered nearing obsoloteness. 16″ was the new standard caliber for US BBs. And would have been the standard caliber for new CCs. 12″ for the Alaskas are likely also political, seeing that the cruisers that had directly induced the planning of the Alaskas had 11″ guns. Can’t have a boat designed to fight 11″ armed boats with smaller guns.

      And don’t get me started on the whole “But the B-65 cruisers!” thing. Those entered planning stage once Japan learned of the plans for the Alaska class.

  13. More nerfs to JB? I’ll just keep Rich then.

  14. Welp, Jean Bart is fast going from a must get to a hard pass. I really wish they would start weak and go from there rather than the other way around. After Roma I will never buy a ship with bad guns again. The inaccuracy is infuriating.

  15. Will the JB be available for coal?

  16. Shouldn’t the Haida get the same hydro? It has lower torp spotting range than these values and the ship is the same class as the Cossak

  17. How about trying to balance the ship around the stupid MBR consumable? It works on the cruisers, but the other two are not at all finding that balance. The real issue is with the Jean Bart, which basically had a tier 8 battleship shoved up to 9, then still nerfed to make it work. Then nerfed again. Then nerfed again. If that doesn’t speak to how the consumable performs on battleships, I don’t know what does. As far as Le Terrible? Take the consumable off, put it in tier 7 and balance it in there. It doesn’t belong in tier 8, and the only time it’s even remotely competitive is when the MBRB is active. Cut your losses WG and give us decent ships, not ones with shoehorned gimmicks.

  18. I hope she comes next week. I have farmed since her announcement my 750k free xp 😀

  19. Hmmmmm, Alaska didn’t really need those buffs, but on the other hand: they are not THAT significant, so it should be alright…

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