World of Warships – Dev Blog Premiums Teased

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Quick discussion on the few premium ships teased in recent Developer blog posts on Facebook. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII Pan-Asian Destroyer Hsienyang Replay


  1. Kronstadt.m a tier 9 Soviet Cruiser, with 9 305mm gun as her main gun.

    Yeah, it’s a Soviet “Cruiser” indeed. 😉

    And also Notser, current largest gun Cruiser can carry ingamr is 280mm, represent by Graf Spee. 😉

    • Kronstadt class had german 380mms

    • Kronshtadt was designed before the second world war. She originally was to be armed with that 305mm gun but Molotov-Ribbentrop pact meant she would be armed with the 380mm gun of the germans instead. Stalingrad was designed after the war, might inherit the same design as Kronshtadt, BUT IS NOT A SISTER SHIP. Yes there is a third Stalingrad-class named Kronshtadt but she won’t be carrying 380mm german naval guns so obviously when you say that it points to the Kronshtadt class

    • Sounds like the Alaska may finally come around as a premium T9 eh?

    • I think it’s a cruiser because it has 25mm all over and limited use dammacon like the Okt Rev, it would absolutely not serve as a BB

    • She also has a weak armor so cruiser line fits well

  2. Which one will come first, T61 or Z39?

  3. Another tier 3 st Louis….

    • It is even worse , St Louis has lots of secondary’s and some armor .. why they making this ship ? I mean they have 2 premium T3 rusiian already !

    • Dunno,but if i get it somehow i won’t sell it because if i get it twice,i get gold instead:).That’s why i keep Emden/Diana.

  4. Yeeaaa I have spent a lot of time and some money when the Russian bias comes out it destroys the game.
    Had a game last night with 2 Khaba guess who won????
    Khaba needs to be gone. Now this. You know when Russian bb come out it might make the game impossible to play.
    They never give there stain ships any weakness. Khaba is predict, speed, guns, reload, heal, everythin. There bb will have perfect as, perfect armor, and stealth of 5 km

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer I do hope they pick one or the other and not both.
      If you have a Roma watch for AP bombs. 2 times I have put 12th ap bombs and Roma blows up. Its quite satisfying for me but for that full health Roma going down the channel alone. I am sure he was not happy.

    • It’s also the biggest and the only one that’s built around being spotted.

      Seriously, instead of complaining “X is OP”, maybe play everything and find out WHY you believe it’s OP and if it’s a valid reason OR if there’s something wrong with the game itself.

    • Yeah, it’ll be BB dispersion, not cruiser dispersion. I’m not worried about it, I’m positive the thing will never get close to a cap before being burned to a crisp.

    • DaKillerChipmunk maybe but there is along time to open the crate of gimmicks.

    • True, which is why there’s no point in complaining now, when the ship looks like absolute shit.

  5. Varyag is a big deal for Russian audience. Its a legendary armored cruiser who engaged a Japanese fleet. Varyag and Koreetz fought overwhelming japanese force with honor and russians preferred to sunk both ships. Japanese Emperor awarded Varyags captain an order for his valor.

    • I’ll certainly be purchasing it when it goes live. A lot of history around that ship 🙂

    • Dylan Wight well i heard here in Russia it will not be for sale but a prize for ingame activities. Lots of people are hyped waiting for her.

    • Hopefully that happens on SEA server. I was delighted when HMAS Vampire was put up as a reward ship for an easy four-part mission. WeeGee has a great thing going with these lower-tier reward ships. It gives players a great incentive to play lower tier games.

    • I still don’t see why they didn’t just give us Varyag last year instead of Oleg. Well aside from the fact that they only had slap a new camo on the existing 3D model of Bogatyr to make Oleg. But it’s still an odd choice, since Oleg wasn’t even the most interesting Bogatyr-class cruiser.

    • RedXlV well they just missed with the release dates 🙂 obviously the best time for Varyag was 9th feb 2004, the 100th anniversary of battle of Chemulpo 🙂 so at this point the exact time she will be released doesn’t really matter. At least they are catering for Russian fanbase.

  6. the T9 sounds more like the next free XP boat , as the Ruskys dont have a BB line its the next best thing , if they can get 1 in for each nation they can put them on a rotation of 6 months or so

    • get them all!
      try on test server and decide…
      i got Missouri first anyway.

      yea its probably a fxp ship

    • I hope that it’s a free XP ship. Looks more interesting to me than the Musashi. (And I already have the Missouri.)

    • well i got them all…and around 1M fxp 😀
      clan battles really helped with that as if u stack all boosts u can earn MASSIVE fxp like 16k+, PER WIN.

    • cobrazax I remember getting in a real argument last CB’s season over what signal flags to mount. (This relates to stacking bonuses to get massive FXP…) I held that I prefer to mount more of the economic flags to boost my free XP and commanders XP rather than some of the combat flags that I felt just weren’t worth using for certain ships. The guy I was arguing with held that view that if you weren’t using 100% combat flags you weren’t making the absolute maximum effort to win. I profoundly disagreed with him. My attitude is that I’m in a ship with crappy secondaries, I’m not wasting a secondaries flag on that ship when I could mount a flag that boosts my FXP earnings. I would only mount combat flags that I felt were useful for the ship. But his attitude was that every last single or half of a percentage point mattered. I disagreed… profoundly because I think that if I can mount economic flags that can allow me to earn the massive free and CO’s XP earnings, then that’s a far better return than a measly percentage point or less for a benefit that I may not even have a chance to use.

      I prefer using the signals that will get me the most bang for the buck, as it were. And like you correctly point out, last season in CBs, you could earn massive FXP in wins, particularly if you stacked the FXP signal flags, etc.

    • i totally agree.
      i stacked all the xp and fxp flags as well as type 59 camo which stacks PERFECTLY with the massive fxp boosts, including the CB fxp boosts and high base xp on wins.

  7. Thanasis Anagnopoulos

    a lot of premium ships were removed when 0.7.1 went live. why is that ?

    • WeeGee had announced that they’re going to leave their best-sellers up for permament sale (Atlanta, Scharnhort etc…) while rotating through their less popular premiums (Krasny, Emden…) every now and then. Part of the reason is because it makes the premium store less cluttered.

    • Thanasis Anagnopoulos

      Atlanta was removed also . I wanted that ship :/

    • It’s a marketing trick. You put items for sale for a limited time and people will buy it quicker since they don’t know when (or if) it will return.

      Most companies use some form of it, because it’s such an effective technique.

    • khm E-25 khm WoT khm khm

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      Although some premiums really needed to be withdrawn (who wants a K Krym if not for “history”), some of them are just stupid or even absurd like the Eugen. While is it true that the common player doesn’t like her, is a sin against history. I wanted her bad but when I was about to get one BAM Gone for good in EU. I hope it returns and let that be fast I really want my pudding

  8. lol.. how can you say the concelment of the Kronshtadt is bad.. when the donskoi´s is way worse^^ and the Kronshtadt is way bigger… its Iowa kind of big. And totaly missed that it got like 83000 hitpoints, thats better then all BB´s at tier 9 accept 2.
    It also got limited use damgae control party (3uses) And the Stalingrad is going to be the Clanbattle reward ship… they already confirmed that… Kronshtadt is kind of a prototype Stalingrad, dose everything slighty worse then the Stalingrad.

    • ragnitoc I was wondering why he didn’t mention these facts… maybe the stats he got are what wg told him and what is on the internet are stats that we pulled from somewhere so I don’t know who to trust. It sounds ridiculous that a super cruiser/battlecruiser has MORE hp the an IOWA! Like really I can’t imagine that the iowa even weight 14000 more tons… so don’t know about these stats

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      The reason for the massive HP – is because – wg uses the cruiser formula to base its HP…
      HP is based off ship Displacement… – there is a specific formula for each ship type…
      Cruiser HP converts much more HP from the displacement as opposed to Battleships…
      It ranges like this…DD > Cruisers > Battleships > CVs

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer that makes sense forgot this is a game

    • Don’t forget it is rather poorly armored. I mean for all intents and purposes it is a battlecruiser with similar mobility, at Tier 9 with only 250mm of belt armor. 15-18 inch guns aren’t going to have any more issues getting citadels on it than they would any other Tier 9 cruisers.

    • ragnitoc They also announced that they want to find a different way to earn the Stalingrad, where you dont have to play Clan Battles.

  9. “It’s not fun to only have one torpedo launcher”
    HMAS Vampire says hi and wants to tell everybody that it’s not about how many fish you have, rather how you use them.

    • Dylan Wight I played that once.

    • Dylan Wight so true

    • Vampire is such a fun ship to play. Though I must be honest, her torpedoes are hard to use. Doesn’t stop me from making them work though 😛

      Hell, I went for a full torpedo build just for giggles and it actually worked out rather well since her guns perform nicely already.

    • Oni Mauricio Zamora

      Yeah, the vampire quickly became one of my absolute favorite ships to play. It makes me feel like a dirty seal clubber at tier III

    • Vampire is the ship I play when I want to club clubbers. Clemsons _hate_ going up against Vampire. She’ll just gun you down and move on to her next victim.

  10. Oh pls don’t make the t9 Soviet cruiser that hard to get

  11. 1250 mm cannon….fires once every 30 minutes. moves 5 knots :p

  12. I thought seeing the thumbnail you’re gonna talk about the Stalingrad. Apparently it was the predecessor you’re talking about.

  13. Hmmm, I’m not sure I’d call 20 second reload on 12 inch guns “slow” – Scharn says hello with 20 second reload on 11 inch guns – it might be “slow” by normal cruiser standards, but it’s PDQ by BB standards – more akin to the RN BB’s with their 25 second reloads. And let’s be honest – calling a ship of that size with 12 inch guns a “cruiser” is quite a stretch, even by this game’s standards.

  14. i think graf spee has 280 or something

  15. yeah, more soviet premiums. I am so happy I do not play this game anymore. It has some good ideas, however, as with WoT, they simply screwed that up

    • at the moment the americans have the most premiums. Just because they introduce a Russian premium after removing one does not equate to Russian bias.

    • +Hildigis I don’t miind Russian premiums, I mind very bland premiums and there are multiple Russian premiums that are meh

  16. Wargaming you’re running out of excuses to not make a battlecruiser branch

  17. theirs gonna be 2 tier 9

  18. So…where is Alaska?

  19. Notser Pulls A “Notser”.. then immediately pulls a very fine “Tactical Notser” whilst sending his fish. I guess he hasn’t forgotten how after all. ??

  20. no……just no Notser Kronstadt is a missle cruiser. that cruiser is the Stalingrad in the picture

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