World of Warships Dev Diaries #9: Premium Ships

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Developer Diaries #9 takes you on a journey of discovery, exploring vessels that just don’t conform to the fleet: Premium ships. To fit into this category, a vessel must possess specific peculiarities that make it unique and come with a number of great advantages to the player. Discover what makes Atlanta, Kitakami and Tirpitz truly unique warships, and stay tuned for future Premium ship announcements.


  1. Christian Andersson

    Warspite all the way!

  2. For people who’d rather spend money than grind a ship line. Pathetic. I
    guess that’s why most premium ship players suck LOL. They just bought a
    ship they know nothing about or how to handle. That’s how I’ve sent
    countless Tirpitzes to Davy Jones’ locker with my New Mexico and Colorado.

  3. blablabla give us premium amo so we cant bich more about the game

  4. Someone know when come the HMS Hood ?

  5. You played the Beta? Here a have a piece of turd – Arkansas Beta

  6. Kuba “Parim” Parimway

    i’m waiting for ORP Błyskawica :)

  7. Some serious t-shirts going on in this vid!

  8. 1:00 Kitakami is back in the game ?

  9. AHAHAHAHAHA premium ships not OP ? I just saw a tier 4 cruiser hunting
    people with a range of 18 km (normal range for tier 4 is 11/12 km)…
    russian jokes :’D

  10. Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin

    7:26 Did he just say diarrhea?

  11. WG officially advertises skipping straight to high tiers by buying premium
    ships instead of grinding your way up and learning in the process. GG!

  12. Tell me all about how special the Mikasa is? Floating turd. Tell me how you
    nerf premium ships, in later game patches. Tell me how you made the Sims a
    joke with slow shell speed and high trajectory. Tell me how you ruined the
    Yubari? and tell me about the nerfed turret rotation on the gift ship
    Arkansas beta. Then tell me WHY I should ever buy any more premium ships?

  13. Pragerovy Příběhy [NYNÍ NA WATTPADU]

    Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!

  14. The big problem is that these ships cost stupendous amounts of money and
    then you have to pay real money again to convert any XP you earn they are
    nothing but a money pit under the current scheme

  15. Just give me the Kitakami. If new players were unable to handle it, give it
    as a reward from something to good players.

  16. yes get tho ships hissssssss

  17. Are there Prepaid cards for gold in stores?

  18. Mārtiņš Daugins

    WG, premium ships in this game arnt worth the huge price tag. Atm, playing
    premium in wows is just for Crew training for another nation as income %
    from Premium vs Standart ship isnt much at all….60euro for tirpitz that
    will sometimes get you 1mill game is kinda meh. Why couldnt you make same
    economy as WOT has….there is a big difference when you need to grind
    silver and have a good premium…. plus even most expensive one isnt as
    costly as Tirpitz.

    You realise, that if you would lower prices to everything, you would gain
    atleast 50% more buyers? I would prolly buy Tirpitz for 30euro and low tier
    garbage prems if they would all be under 10euro. Only thing that shines
    here is Murmansk as hes op as shit and can go against every standart tier 5
    easy and outrange BBs. But nothing more, all other are total crap and not
    worth that dumb high price tag!

  19. 1:53 dat bismarck T-shirt tho…

  20. i cannot fucking stand the american style of presenting!!

  21. now PLEASE stop forcing gold on us EU playes that want premium ships! How
    come we are FORCED to buy gold with the ship we want? We just want the dame
    boat not the gold!

  22. “Premium ships are definitely not meant to outperform their counterpart or
    sister-ships from the tech-tree”
    But Murmansk is russian bias so fuck you player and give us your money.

  23. please make it possible that the ship xp get automaticly captain xp like in
    WoT. it sucks that this xp us usless ubless you spent money….

  24. Michał Wiśniewski

    4:05 so test show that most wows players are morons?.

  25. “Premium ships are definitely not meant to outperform their counterpart or
    sister-ships from the tech-tree”

    Murmansk disagrees.

  26. I would love to buy Tirpitz please put it back on sale :(

  27. please bring the Kitakami back, i don’t care how awful it performs, those
    torps just have character

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