World of Warships – Dev Diaries: French Battleships

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Check out the latest installment Dev Diaries, as the dive in for a deeper look at !

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  1. I’d go for Gibraltar!

  2. Love that the historical content has begun to increase since the Dunkirk event

    • except that the final battleship France was never a ship. I don’t even think it is a paper ship. The Alsace was the final Battleship of France’s.

  3. The French tech tree is so underwhelming…

  4. 2:01 Montana:???

  5. wow engine boost, so exciting

  6. French ships, one gear forward and the rest backwards. Unique ability should be “We surrender”

  7. Waller mit Speck,Zitronenbutter und Knoblauchbrot.

    When they sell out a model of the ‘Bretagne’ ?

  8. I’m a french baguette :p. Vive la France!


  10. were is Dasha? :/

  11. TheMysterious Unknow

    Putain ils se foutent de notre gueule avec la miniature?

    • Dans d’autres commentaires ils disent que nos cuirassé sont nuls et que si on est minable parce qu’on s’est rendu durant la 2e guerre mondiale. Peut-être qu’on suis rendu mais on a résisté le plus longtemps des 1940 après la défaite française la résistance a été créé et les Allemands en auront baver jusqu’en 1945

    • TheMysterious Unknow

      +clement pujos Ouais ils croivent qu’ont a perdu toute nos Guerres alors que c’est faux,graçe à La Résistance,mais les gens ne veulent pas savoire cette vérité,triste réalité 🙁

    • TheMysterious Unknow

      +TheMysterious Unknow savoir*

    • Ça c’est bien vrai

    • De plus ce n’est pas de notre faute si on a perdu c’est le gouvernement qui pensais qu’il serait bon de refaire une guerre de tranchées au lieu d’une guerre de mouvement alors quand les Allemands ont attaqué on n’a pas suivi

  12. Still waiting for the Italians but you could make me more patient giving me a free rank IX French bb Alsace Class

  13. 16 guns… alright time to start saving free XP

  14. Finally its French battleships coming that Turks sank.

  15. WG , on french uniform, u forgot the black tie.

  16. “Engine Boost” sounds good, but “Surrender Button” would be more historical and french style.

  17. Is this the community of the game i see in comments ? Impressive.

  18. Thanks for the new video. Always find it very exciting how the new ships are created. Please more. Also maybe times how your game mechanics are created. Thank you and many greetings to the whole team your Dax (created with Google translator) Haa haa

  19. Ha ha “Engine boost” for the French…. Perfect for retreat! Do they come with a Auto deploying white flag as well? 😀
    I hear the French tanks in WoT have 4 reverse gears and one forward gear…. just in case the enemy attacks from Behind!! 😀

  20. I’m still waiting for developers diaries plans for 2018 video…

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