World of Warships – Dev Diaries: Soviet Cruisers

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In the latest developer diary we are going into some more details about the upcoming branch of Soviet cruisers

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  1. Greg M (Cherokee_140)

    Things that never existed before england france and italy….soviets are
    pretty self centered.
    Charge the west the most for the pixel boats and don’t even give us boats
    that we want or even existed…..good self serving WG

  2. Oh….and…Of course a Typhoon class Submarine

  3. Ru Ships…RAWR…..I Want them sooooo badly ;)

  4. ASTRO BOY william

    so this ships got an approval from kremlin right?

  5. Wargaming pls!!!?!?!?!?!?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOONE

  6. -1
    fucking release it already… !

  7. siema pl

  8. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    Now this has me curious where WG gets their actual blueprints from when
    career historians can’t manage to get their hands on these. I wonder if
    they’ll ever give a source.

  9. German Battleships and Destroyers ??? The Bismarck has to be in World of
    Warships. The Bismarck was the most feared Battleship of WW2.
    I’ve seen the German Destroyer Mölders (D 186) in Real Life Years ago and
    didn’t even knew that it was a Destroyer. It can be visited in
    Wilhelmshaven. It was built in Kiel from 1966 to 1968.

  10. Did not know Karl Marx worked for Lesta Studio 0:53

  11. Dayum, it took that long to create these ships?!?!?!? no wonder the British
    Ships aren’t out yet if it takes this long…

  12. Now, we need the British, Italian, French and Swedish navy

  13. Historical accuracy..are you kidding me? Wg doesn’t give a damn about that
    since most historical ships (Warspite) and most historical navies( Royal
    Navy,Regia Marina,Karlische marine) are non existant or not in the game at
    all.Wg you arrogant…why do you use that word when you obviusly don’t give
    a damn about it.Just say that you don’t give a damn unless it’s russian or
    you can make a quick buck -.-

  14. That chick is cute as hell!

  15. How I play World of Tanks

    Nice fictional ships when real ships exist in other navies but Wargaming
    haven’t bothered with….. anyone see any logic there?

  16. sooooo you want to tell me that you work absolutely historical accurate but
    cant add the “atlantic bow” for hipper class that actually can be seen on

  17. is that karl marx at 0.53

  18. Wargaming logic: Let’s spend all our time to make an almost entirely
    fictional ship tree….because Russian…and not give a fuck about the
    nations with a LOT historical ships that should already be in the game,
    like UK,Italy,France. Oh yeah and lets abandon the German navy because we
    don’t like Germans, lets leave them with a few broken cruisers.

  19. “We like putting easter eggs in the game”

    Like the little duck in the bathtub with such a high amount of polygons
    that the game lags even on powerful computers? ;)

  20. No Royal Navy and 40% of this line are made up. Fan fucking tastic.

  21. My Orlan is waiting her sisters :3

  22. Nikolaevna Romanov

    Dislike this video if you want Royal Navy?

  23. kirov reporting

  24. Alexandru Nan Ernest

    Still waiting for the British line…

  25. 60% of the comments will be: “hurr durr RN hurr durr WG bad hurr durr VMF
    ain’t real”

    scratch that


  26. steven van anrooij

    does this mean the soviet cruisers are playable from now on?

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