World of Warships – Dev Diaries: Team Battles

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In which our developers explain the ins and outs of Team Battles. Team up for the brand new mode coming in Update 0.5.3!

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  1. Wow! didn’t know Cliff Richard was working for Wargaming 05:33

  2. Would be nice if you would also include some kind of team-training area.
    Where you can fight 1vs 1 2vs2 etc within your team. there should be no
    repair costs, but also no awards in XP or credits. Just a bit like a
    private match, where you can choose who is in what team and so on.

  3. 2stunden so ein mist da könnt ihr es auch ganz weg lassen .und wir batteln
    im traningsraum weiter

  4. so what tiers?

  5. And I want to see my FreeXP from WOWP :)

  6. Hmmmmm 300 Gold for creating a team?that is mean :(

  7. 3.22 I have that hedset also.

  8. everyone pause at 6:57, what battleship is that?!?!?!

  9. why do y ou not add the French battleships?

  10. i want to use my gold from WoT ….still not working

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