World of Warships Dev Interview – Free XP Economy, Carriers and Submarines

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While I was at Anchors Away Anaheim I was able to pull Sub-Octavian aside for an interview about several hot items in . We talked about free XP and the current game economy, along with aircraft carriers and the potential of adding submarines.

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  1. I am afraid of WG thinking the average player can earn Free XP easily. I get the feeling they think more players are unicum than they’re actually are.

    • Alexandre Hans Albert

      +Steve Haney it’s not beeing unicom, you have to do a good game 1800-2200 base xp and the rest is math, boost xp and boost fxp. +10% xp with 10%fxp it give 1.1 x 0.15 = 0.165 fxp so +11.5% instead of +5% fxp. On even with +200% xp if you stack a lot of flag my record on a good game (Kraken) was 37k xp and 17k fxp. but I just have a 52,5 win rate by no mean i’m an unicom and with all the mission to do now it’s very hard to be effective and have good win rate.

    • Shitty Pony OC Recolor

      I end up using my free xp on modules when getting new ships. I get tired of playing the same ships too often so I like hopping from tech tree to tech tree.

    • well, no one wants to see rookies having free exp ships anyway, it should be earned either from hard work with good skills, if the player without good skills can also get the ship easily without a ton of farming and grinding, it will not be healthy to the game……..

    • They probably know average players can’t farm free xp easily. But they can look at the charts and see how many players actually do use only free xp versus those who need to use some cash to shorten the grind. And it seems they don’t like those numbers. They are a business after all and thus they have to calculate these things right to earn the money they need to keep it running.

    • I agree with you, accumulating free xp is tedious. With regards to overpopulated tier 9s, WG should just introduce premium t7 to t8.

  2. the issue i have with WG approach to these type of releases is that there is no clarity. they told us nothing about how the JB would be attained. the only way we found out was by a mistake on the asian server. if they told us say, 2-4 weeks in advanced, hey, we’re releasing this ship soon, it will cost xxxx….then we wouldnt have a problem. right now we have alaska and bourg in the pipe. people who bought jb with coal feel that WG could easily make alaska coal too, which means they would miss out on a ship they would have prefered.

    hell they didnt even have a proper release for JB, it just appeared on the store. there is not enough communication coming from WG and people are getting sick of it

    • Could not agree more. Plus: I would happily shell out large chunks of my coal reserves for JB if I knew that there was plenty of time before the next big coal ship is introduced into the game. Which is especially important with coal and steel because you can’t buy neither of them in the store.

    • I also agree that it would be really nice if they’d let people know in advance about the sale method. The best thing that you can do if they don’t is to simply NOT buy, say, the Jean Bart, if you really have your heart set on the Alaska. It’s just a matter of priorities.

    • you really think they knpw what they will be doing in 2 to 4 weeks ? 😀
      at least they did not fuck up like with Graf Zeppelin 😉

    • Think about having the exact info on price & transaction types. You’re effectively taking some of the grind out of the acquisition process. If I know there’s going to be an upswing in the amount of steel on the market, that’s the same thing as knowing it’s barter value will go down. That would naturally force the price for something in steel to go up. If the in-game currency price goes up, so does the real money price. Grind time & real money are different forms of the same thing. last years’ holiday crates were a good relative bargain over most of the rest of the years sales. The flood of camo’s and flags from those sales, generated more FXP. That should have been totally expected, by WG & any player willing to think about it.

    • Christopher Pittman

      Communication is key no doubts. They really should let us know ahead of time what currency they intend to use for these ships.

  3. Waiting for alaska hoping its free xp

  4. 7:35 carriers
    12:49 submarines

  5. The Free XP ships are going to be more popular because they are generally better, duh. The people buying them (the haves) are also bored because they have already finished the tech tree lines due to WG’s being too slow to produce new lines. So because new content is too slow to be released their economy is hurt, and then the newer players, (the have nots) will suffer when prices for everything gets jacked up.

    • They will have to, indeed. I see that they will go French DDs (fast Russian DDs with better torps?), British CVs, Russian BBs (simply Japanese battlecruisers?), and then they do have to go Italian no matter how reluctant they are. And don’t forget about submarines ;).

      WG might be running out of fuel.

  6. Wargaming needs to make a battle cruiser line. Here is a list of ships that would fit (they are in the game or could be added).

    HMS renown
    HMS hood
    HMS invincible
    FS dunkerque
    IJN myogi
    IJN kongo
    IJN anime kongos
    IJN ishizuchi
    KMS scharnhorst
    KMS prinz eitel friedrich
    KMS von der tann
    USS alaska
    USSR kronstat
    USSR stalingrad
    USSR borodino

    • more than 50% of those are prem they aint gon be making prems into a mainline

    • +Chris Gaming I don’t think they need to be their own line of ships, they could be mixed in with the battleships here and there. Sometimes you could have an option to research the battleship or battle cruiser.

      Example: research either queen Elizabeth or renown for tier 6.

    • Problem is, battlecruisers and battleships basically merged into one by the 1930s, aka tier 8-9 (tier 10 is entirely paper).

    • +Boobash 15 Right, that’s practically a must because of what happened in the above comment.

    • There is a bunch wrong with this ideal. #1: The Kongo is a Battleship in the game. (As in after it was up armored) #2: There would be no Battlecruisers past Tier 6. Battleship lines combined back into one ideal after that. You just got ‘fast battleships’ after that. Also they will likely end up doing this anyways. Because they will end up with 2 battleship lines in a lot of nations.

  7. We NEED to play those tier 9 premium to get the credits to research others ships. If they want more diversity, make credits need less heavy….

    • Olivier No, we do NOT need tier 9 premiums to earn credits for WoWS. It’s dirt simple to earn credits in WoWS!!! I mean, stupid easy! This isn’t WoT where it’s painful to try to earn decent amounts of credits.

    • +crucisnh, the tier 9’s are the best to earn credits for free players, and every game like this needs free players or the player base would be so tiny that the game would die !

    • u can earn 2M-3M credits PER GAME with Missouri, if u stack ALL credit boosts and perform well. 3M is probably extremely rare though…but 2M i got even BEFORE the new credit flags! in a few battles…probably 2.

    • +cobrazax true but we all don’t have Mighty Mo. 😫

    • +SouthParkCows88
      well i worked for it for half a year…was worth it as it deleted all credit problems i ever had!
      other T9 prems like Musashi can earn reasonably well too…but probably 1M-2M, maybe a bit more not sure.i think its still great income

  8. I really liked ranked sprint. Not thrilled that Alaska will probably cost more than 750k free xp.

  9. I’m loving subs. It’d be interesting to see how they integrate them into the game.

  10. I love WoWs,but it’s starting to get too pricey!!!

  11. good content

  12. ziup i dont like how you handled this interview you made lowkey jokes about wg in addition to putting words in his mouth

    i know you americans love doing that but stop being midly aggresive/annoying

  13. Just say no to subs.

  14. Ranked Sprint was an interesting concept, but I feel the rewards could have been a touch more valuable in the end. Even a pittance worth of steel for rank 1 would be a far greater incentive than the 5k coal (which can be gotten easily through other means)

    • Meh. Ranked Sprint wasn’t for the reward seekers from higher tiers. Ranked sprint was for me…the guy who plays F2P who can’t afford the time required to play TierX ranked.

      The coal reward wasn’t the big thing, IMO. The flag rewards were nice and very much necessary for us casual players.

    • +dclark142002 5000 coal is indeed much for just one reward, but then every single flint or black is going to be owned by a seal-clubber… :(.

      Then, if you give people steel, everyone’s getting the Stalingrad, which is in need of being fixing and going to make people’s lives hell.

  15. very soft questions, nothing really interesting that goes over what we will see anyway when it arrives. Just two guys pushing their heads up their own asses-sorry zoup, but that was wack.

    also, when you interview somebody, who is NOT a native speaker: LET THEM FINISH THE SENTENCE when they are struggling to find the right words. kind of rude, man.

  16. So, we all agree……. submarines suck… right?

  17. I really enjoyed this interview. I think the sincerity of Sub-Octavian is very refreshing and brings me hope that they will do what’s right for the game. Thanks for the vid Zoup

  18. I’m a little more than a year into this game and I came away from this interview concerned that WG is going to slam the door in my face and make everything harder on me that was easier on players that joined sooner than me. I’ve built up 100,000 coal and 500,000 Free XP in anticipation of the Alaska and know I’d need more to actually get it. But how much more? Of what? Will WG suddenly decide Free XP was too easy to get and price Alaska at 1,000,000 FXP or 200,000 coal? The possibility is demoralizing.

    I can tell when a Dev is giving us a song and dance and doesn’t really want to say anything. Phil’s interview answers were all like that. All ambiguities and nothing definite. This is why I don’t follow the dev blogs and such closer. It’s all marketing noise with a tine bit of signal, or none.

    • I played from first day and on the first year it was much harder to grind a ship. I needed for exampel 120 Rounds with Roon to get Hindenburg vs my first T10, now I only need about 45-50 Rounds for a T10, because of all the signals and camos. So you will earn much more FreeExp then 2 or 3 years ago.

  19. What about blitz? A lot of this doesnt transfer to the mobile version of the game. Flags for instance, specific ships that the PC game has, range in game given upgrades, duration of certain skills. Now PC has submarines since halloween, if not yet already added then in development.

  20. I really hope they don’t keep raising coal and free xp on ships, I’ll never be able to get another one…

    Though I will get a lot from the CV rework at least. Though they are taking the responses to the CV test seriously enough I’ll probably want to re-level them (and learn from low tiers) all over again.

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