World of Warships – Devastating, devastating……DEVASTATING!

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Here is one of the games in SPRINT where things get a bit tight but thanks to Murica we’re able to dish out a lot of pain.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. I came here for the War Porn.
    Let’s just say — I wasn’t disappointed.

  2. always a fun video. Take it easy

  3. アドミラルヒッパー

    I like Flambass’ boyfriend.

  4. Enjoy your videos. The one yesterday when your Henri got detonated was funny. It happens. Anyway, I ranked out yesterday and never had a division partner. Lucky I guess. You were right. Not much in the way of rewards.

  5. bully  lol

  6. i got rank 1 in first day with kirov its a beast

  7. Adam Fauzy Hafiddin

    Flambass op!!1!1 pls nerf flambass, wargaming

  8. I wanna see Flambass take on sprint with Podvoisky. That dd is a beast.

  9. Is this still considered seal clubbing? Even though it is ranked?

    • You’d think so, with all the mistakes people make in this current season.

    • No. It took me 3 days to get to rank 1 on top of all the BB players being so passive on my team. There’s never a match that I told the BBs to stick close to mid because their shots would be more accurate. There was always one BB on my team that would stick near spawn and try to base snipe even though lower tier BBS have worse accuracy than the GK. I tried playing as a BB since I’m a BB main but all I kept getting was complaints from other BB players so I switched to DD this season and I was usually the top scorer. So in a way it is seal clubbing by taking advantage of the enemy’s mistakes.

    • I, too, ranked out in the first weekend. I, however, did it mostly in Konigsberg and then T-22. I may have played a match or two in Konig or Okt. Rev. or Guilio Cesare, but the Konigsberg was like 90% of my advancement, with the other 9% being T-22.
      Also, isn’t seal clubbing basically taking advantage of enemy players’ mistakes at a low tier?

    • R Blinson  You played 100 or 200 battles for ranked sprint?

  10. I think okhotnik has the best alpha of t5 dds

  11. …balls. I was wondering when this game would appear. My first game in Ranked Sprint and I bump into you

  12. Flambass taking a leisurely stroll while the rest of us furiously sprint through

  13. Diiiid you just open your pants at 9:54!?

  14. Eat those torps Kongo! nice!

  15. ‘Murica enjoys nothing more than dishing out large doses of freedom.

  16. Playing darkorbit and there is a clan that is called TR and we are at war with them 😛

  17. Its mean but i do so LOVE it when the damned Fujins and Kamikaze’s get killed. Those ships are sooo annoying to fight

  18. “Triple devastating strikes” Followed by sound of a zipper, wtf Flambass

  19. what a sound every 40 seconds!! finally the revolution: with a quadruple torp hit and a 1/2sec flood dest ruction– man,, if this game was a slot machine that sound would be DEVASTATING! ,like you said 😉

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