[World of Warships] Developer Diaries: Battle of Antarctica

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We’re constantly searching for cool Operations to add in the game. Players will definitely recall the April Fools Day mode from years ago, in which they were able to spacewalk and control spaceships. This time, we’re introducing a new Operation based on historical facts from Earth’s history, but still as cosmic and mysterious as that April Fools gag from years ago.

describe game design in detail and it is all about our passion.

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  1. Kekistani citizen #001

    4:20 tho. Gg Wg why weed?

    • A_Certain_Accurate_Japanese_BB_Fūso

      Kekistani citizen they were on crack making April fools video but the expedition was true but the ufos ha! Why would Aliens visit such a depressing and horrible place the planet is not terrible but humanity is…

    • A_Certain_Accurate_Japanese_BB_Fūso
      As I’ve understood these saucers are based on theories stating that the Nazis were developing UFOs, so nothing to do with aliens.

  2. World of Warships Official Channel

    Yes, UFOs exist. But they’re probably not what you think!

    • They have come to get us

    • World of Warships Official Channel wait wut so the nazis actually pulled off building and used saucer!?!?!?!?!?!

    • I’ve seen a ufo, when I was little I still remember the shape and color of it and what it did

    • WG stop, I think one April fools event is enough for April fools.

    • Come on make something not boring and is only limited event XD. I played this game at the beginning in 2012 and tried to get the early excess code but didn’t. but now i’m at only tier 8 and it is the most boring game i’v ever play now recap you have 1 ship for 20-7 minutes playing 1 of the 10 or 15 map i don’t know and you play with the same ship FOR 1-2 YEARS if you don’t waste your life on this game. Also using the same ship isn’t fun AT ALL im starting to think this game is a pay to enjoy game even if its free :_(

      Make a new line of ships like Canada but please don’t make 1 ship in that line and call it complete because there two line that are like that. Or make more Aircraft carriers like U.K had a few aircraft carriers

      How do you use bots in training room….. please don’t tell me you got a rid of Aslains mod for a worse version of it is this what you are now make every good mod and putting it on WOWS with a really bad version

      Please REPLY
      P.S gaming name for World of Warships is Matthewt36 I think XD

  3. going to be fun 🙂

  4. 1:14 – Grand Theft Auto logo? ?

  5. Antonis Kalakonas

    As someone who appreciates fun in games, I approve. Well done sirs, well done!

  6. Someone at WG is tired of losing the April Fools competition to Gaijin year after year. This time my bet is fully on WG.

  7. Took me a little bit to see the German logo on them. Once I saw it I knew what this was, so yes this is technically historically accurate but as far as we know the Nazis only made 1.

    • Rahadyan Pandu Wiryawan

      and it’s an epic fail with the pilot killed in the process due to an uncontrollable craft

    • Saritporn Lounkaew

      Yeah it was an epic fail.

    • YTSlimeBros Gaming

      legonerf100 Josh Just Monika well they are correct. The 4th and 3rd reich had base in the artic back in 43, the wounderwaffe or aka the nazi science diffsions were put there to work on more black op projects like in either poland on the chezck broader in the mountains the Americans found the BELL Which was made by the germans. So inconclusions the germans did made a flying ufo but only one while they escaped

  8. Flat earthers would say this was the “Battle of the Antarctica Ice Wall”

    • aliens dont exist so no
      we just call it lies

    • It’s madness to know that there are trillions of stars, with billions of possibly habitable planets and people say ‘No! It’s not possible that life could of happened on another planet.’

    • Nathan Kitteh What does this have to do with the original comment? I agree there is most probably alien life, but why did you comment this?

      My bad, you must have misunderstood the origins of the UFOs in the video, they are based on theories of Nazi flying saucers, nothing to do with aliens 😉

    • Except the Nazi’s stole the idea from Aliens though.

    • I don’t know if that happened, I cannot disprove it nor prove it.

  9. Oh ok, so it’s just a month of bullshit leading up to April fools. Can’t you guys put all this effort in solving all the problems with CV’s???

  10. Trolling every day? Do we seem so stupid WG? But I’m really curious about April’s fool’s event because you are trying to troll us, ????

    • George Gkavlos, something tells me they might not be joking around with this. Yes, April’s Fools pranks can be elaborate, but this is too far, even for Wargaming standards. What I’m guessing is that the Dolphins would be like a limited edition ship collection, the Archimedes Death Ray thing will be a new operation, similar to how the Halloween Operations work, and this UFO thing will be a new game mode in the regular game rotation alongside the other game modes, and all of these would come with the new Sealand port with an update on April 1st..

      It’s too elaborate by Wargaming standards to be considered fake. They wouldn’t go to all this trouble were it just a prank. If it was just a prank, they would just make prerendered footage of either the UFOs or Dolphins, but that’s it.

  11. 1:42 i want that Picture for my Desktop Wallpaper

  12. a Lot of April Fool Missions

  13. S t a r g a t e ?

  14. Combat dolphin, Gaint Beam Turret, and now flying sausage? I see lot’s of WG employee have fond memories of Command and Conquer Red Alert series. 😉

  15. So they did learn from the bad April fools joke last year.

  16. yah UFO’s now? u tell me how im gonna shoot at that thing with my main battery… what if it’s above me? just let my AA do it’s thing? Nice idea WG! LOVE it!

  17. Iron sky intensifies

  18. The game is now literally unplayable until this operation is implemented.

  19. Wot: We removed half of all maps, and put makeup on the other half

  20. Whatever you are smoking, i want it!

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