World of Warships – Developer Diaries: British Battleships

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The long wait is nearly over, and we are finally ready to reveal some further details on the upcoming branch!

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  1. HMS Victory tier 1 premium plzzz

  2. Grand Admiral Angmar

    Aircraft carrier/s for Britain?

  3. i realy have to tell, if u play often enough to be a good player, this game will be realy “quick” being boring. Because if u have nearly all ship u like to play u cant see them after so many games. I got bored out of this, because i have the ships i wanted and than i had no expectations, because i have all i wanted.. There has to be much quicker more new ships and PLEASE release more than 1 tech-tree,. Sorry for my bad english but i hope you understand my point.

  4. Vítězslav Zpěvak

    And where is Nelson, Renown, Revange, Vanguard?

  5. > Using secondary guns on anything other than German battleships

    That’s just not how the game works anymore.

  6. A little history error: HMS Vanguard wans’t the last battleship thats honor belongs to the French Battleship Jean Bart

  7. French battleships ? 😛

  8. So….. no Dreadnought and Hood? That seems odd

  9. Olga would you have dinner with me?

  10. So HMS Yamato or HMS Montana at T10

  11. Wargaming can you add italian warships

  12. Ser Garlan Tyrell

    So how is KGV a weak ship? In reality her armour was the best in the world when she was launched and 2nd only to the Yamato which came later.

  13. I would like to point out the existence of a 1000′ design that could take a greater beating than pretty much any other battleship in the game. It’s in a book by David K. Brown, the Deputy Chief Naval Architect of the Royal Navy. Something that Wargaming could easily have accessed.

  14. Wonder what British Destroyes would be 😀

  15. Repair game

  16. can’t believe Vanguard not in the game, she might not be the best but she ‘s well know.

  17. Took you long enough! Now were is Vanguard?

  18. Please wargaming buff the Conquerer’s guns to 458mm and just nerf the concealment, I’ve been waiting sooo long and saving so much plzz

  19. Pense que pondria el HMS Nelson o el Rodney

  20. remove the 419mm from conqueror

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