[World of Warships] Developer Diaries: Combat Dolphins

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Good news, Captains! Our team regularly prepares new ships and elements and, today, we have decided to surprise our players with a new ship type — combat dolphin!

describe World of game design in detail and it is all about our passion.

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  1. “Sir, the Persians are getting aquatic” **gkkkkssshhh** “send in the sea mammals”

    Edited since some people are nitpickers

  2. is this a joke?

  3. This is preparation for aprils fool isn’t it?! :)))

  4. World of Warships Official Channel

    Do you like dolphins? The feature is still “work in progress’, so we need to collect more opinions!

    • Another Virtual Identity of Someone Who Isn't Me

      English voice-over is too loud, music too faded, and original voices become disturbing noise in the background. You can edit pictures, please make better sound editing too. o/

    • I guess it was meant to be a joke, but really not funny one.

    • Dolphins look fun, but please no 3/3/0 loadouts.

    • A nice idea, Australians would want Great White Sharks though. LOL If you can put at least 1 Great White in the game that pops up over a ships deck and goes back in. Then add a voice over that says: “We are going to need a bigger boat.”

    • Please bring back spaceships!

  5. nice april joke 😀


  7. They posted this video on Porpoise!

  8. Seriously please introduce submarines

    • Flash123 jak balance?

    • _DEXCON_ hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… ha…

      Cruisers are the weakest class in game right now

    • > Cruisers are the weakest class in game right now

      If you are a Potao: Yes, Cruisers are the worst class. If you’re really good, Cruisers easily outperform every other class due to their flexibility. Starting with dpm.

    • Phil Ley no, Ichase, Notser, and Flamu all have this same opinion, they suck because Battleships are basically the best class that trumps all other classes even their “counters” ie DDs can’t kill them that easily

  9. DJELIA Technoforever

    Please dont do This

  10. I smell April Fools

  11. That redhead 🙂

  12. Its just 10/3 today

  13. I think the director has a crush on the red-headed lady dev with the way he/she kept zooming in on her, lol. Which is understandable in my opinion. 😉

  14. Red Alert 2 anyone?…

  15. Napoleon I Bonaparte

    It’s too early…

  16. > “Actually, to introduce a new ship type into the game with a well-established balance…”

  17. Either wg is prepping for april’s fools or they’re collecting game balance data for submarines

    • Love how everyone isn’t realizing that this is supposed to be a take on carriers based on what they say in the video, and that you captain a ship that sends out pods of dolphins.. they ain’t subs, their war dolphins
      which we do actually have in real life, but they only existed since the cold war, and the USA and RUSSIA are the only countries to use them in any real numbers.

    • It’s an early April Fool’s gag. Some of you people and your theories are beyond ridiculous.

    • I know it’s an early april fools gag, but still, the gag ships are carriers that launch pods of War dolphins, which are based on actual military dolphins.

    • both , they will try to trick us and actually delivery submarines 🙂

    • Their not subs.

  18. Life has no meaning but 2D

    “Our game is known for historical accuracy”

  19. Really? Combat dolphins? I bet you the next class would be Giant Squids. *Hell March 2 intensifies*

  20. Yellowstone The Pony

    The New update looks promising. Can you add flying Unicorns next for aircraft support. I saw historical accurate North Korean documents telling the stories of flying Unicorns taking down US aircraft.

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