World of Warships – Developer Diaries: Stalingrad

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The 2nd of February marks the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad. Perfect timing to feature the beautiful Cruiser named after this historical city.

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  1. Usual russian overpowered ego boost.

  2. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Now B65 pls But cmon not only for top clan players

  3. Openly admitting that this will be stronger than one of the best cruisers in game and probably will also be “the very top ship of the game”? Bold move for a developer to state that it will be OP AND also only be given to the best players in the game. 😀 RIP T10 MM. xDD

  4. really only for the pro ?

  5. I want she ;-; but I am not in Clan Battles -.-

  6. please make it possible for anyone to play it

    • it is, for anyone doing well in clan wars.
      any good player can join a good clan and get it

    • cobrazax It should be a ship you can buy for 200 euros. Id pay it.

    • they never sell T10 ships and its a good decision.
      u want to get it? earn it.
      u dont think u r good enough? i can help u improve if u want as i did get the top rewards in the last CW season.
      to win CW u just need to be a good player and follow orders to the best of your ability. if u have those 2, u can join a good clan and win. i can help u become a better player if that is your wish.

  7. not just ranked battles,,but clan battles, whelp not a chance of ever getting it then for me, what a shame, and I always wanted to see it or even sail it ingame.

  8. Peter Jackson while filming LotR: “I want those mountains bigger!”
    WG when making Russian cruisers: “I want the Russian bias bigger!”

  9. such a waste of a beautiful ship….. only a handfull of people will ever play her, only a few hundred will ever even see her…. she might as well not exist at all….. realy thought she would be the 1mil free-xp ship…

  10. So one of the ships i have been hoping the most would come to the game someday and it will be an OP ships that only the best players (who already are OP in their own rights) will be able to get it. Yeah sure sounds fair…

  11. 305 mm really ?

  12. Well we got the USSR battlecruiser Stalingrad now we need its opponent the USS Alaska class battlecruiser

  13. So we are adding cruiser that is more powerfull than current tier 10 ? Nice!
    Also, dislike because of stalin

    • I wouldn’t call it a cruiser per-say, but as the American’s called the Alaska class, it is a “large-cruiser”

    • Josy Naemi Köhler

      Yeah, but then technically, germany had no battlecruisers, but only “Große Kreuzer”, so, should now Seydlitz, Derfflinger and so on be designated as cruisers ingame, because Germany used the designation of regular armored cruisers for them?
      That ship is a 42.000 ton ship. Heavier and longer than many battleships, and 10-20k tons heavier then any other Tier 10 cruiser. This thing is by no means a “cruiser” in Terms of WoWS. It belongs to the Battleships.
      And even her intended role was very similar to the british battlecruiser designs, and those ships are, well all places as BBs (Mygoi, Ishizuchi, Kongou, Hood).

    • This thing is basically equivalent of main battle tank. It has best features of both cruisers and bbs. It is post war ship afterall

  14. I love the smell of fresh bias in the morning

  15. Was not the Stalingrad planed as a battlecruiser?

  16. Why not make it available to all players?

  17. Well. We have the stalingrad class for USSR
    The alaska class for USN
    and the Design B-65 for Japanese

  18. This is just wrong in so many ways… WG will never learn

  19. More pattering to clan war cancer.

  20. Here comes the russian bias totally balanced cruser… ‘Cause, everyone know how “important” this ship was historically right ??!! Right ??!! None of those ships where build ! but it will be a powercreep because russia сука !

    • _Shin it actually was being built in past, but before it got finished, Stalin died and thus this project was terminated and unfinished hull was disassembled for scrap. Stalin was the one who forced this project, a huge ass cruiser with 305mm guns, while some of his admirals found this ship unneccesarily big and expensive. So when Stalin died, no wonder Soviets got rid of it.

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