[World of Warships] Developer Diaries: The Sealand Port

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It’s no secret that our team loves to recreate historical ports in World of . We already have the practical London, the organised Hamburg, the romantic Marseille, and festive Saint Petersburg and in our game. This time we decided to raise the bar and recreate an entire country! We’re going to the Principality of —a state that can’t be found on official maps, but it exists nevertheless.

describe game design in detail and it is all about our passion.

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Time to open next page of our Plans Book for you! Who is Roy Bates — a pirate, a hero, a dreamer? Make your choice and stay tuned 😉

  2. Good April Fools video. You guys are making quit a bit of them. So no Scapa flow or Portsmouth port for the UK fans?

  3. The trolling is epic.


  5. Will Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour be launched as a port?

  6. Sealand can into relevant.

  7. I think a better choice would have been Scapa Flow.

  8. Don’t you think it’s to early for April fools jokes?

  9. This is why I Love Wargameing

    • I’m not even sure if it’s an April Fool or something real, because of how serious they look

    • Naruse Utaha

      It is for April fools.
      Like the Submarine…
      They are just really good at making it seem Real.
      And for the most part,
      It is real, this is coming out Next patch for April fools

    • At least, for the Submarine, it was clearly visible w/ the “Tier XI”, but yeah, I guess it’s an April Fool because of the lack of content

  10. Disney seagulls?

    Mine…Mine…mine! Mine! Mine!

  11. Add austro hungarian ships (we had a lot of ship)

    • Thats not a good point, same goes for ijn and german ships.

    • IJN and KM has a hundred or so combat ready seacraft at the beginning of WW2 and developed an advanced version of it by the late 1942+, while Austro Hungary dissolved in the 1910s, in time of Tier 2 Premium; Mikasa. Even if they made it to the game, it would be a whole lot of made up design.

    • Ermy a german Type IXX class is in a german port same with three other Type IXs

    • Ageng Prabowo while i agree whit the point that a tech tree would make no sense your point: they sank so dont put them is is bad.

    • I’d like to see some ottoman/Turkish ships. :1 (or just give me SMS Goeben)

  12. I want the seagulls to go “Mine mine mine”


    Sealand is my city!

  14. Right people time to hand over the drugs.

  15. He should hire a butler so he can be addressed as Master Bates

  16. You guys realize that an April Fools joke must be delivered on April 1st right (and not in advance)?

  17. List of Ports that should be in the game: Scapa flow, Liverpool, Fremantle, Perth, Wilhemshaven, Roterdan, Kure, Battleship Row (a variant of pearl harbor), Hong Kong, Singapore ( I need somewhere to moore my Prince of wales), fort Drum (concrete fort with 12in guns in manila),Vladivostok, Murmansk, Cavite naval base, Cherbourg, Rio de Janeiro and Red Sands.
    I bet there’s probably more, but those are the ones I remember.

    • Since you mentioned Battleship Row as a new variant of Pearl Harbor then maybe as a special event we could have a modern version of Pearl Harbor for those of us that have the Missouri so we can have it docked as it sits in observance of the Arizona memorial. Also why not a Gibraltar port or our Royal Navy collection? I almost forgot, US Naval Station Norfolk. One of the largest natural ports in the world and basically home to most of the US Navy.

    • airplanenut89 I knew I was forgetting something! How could I forget Norfolk?!
      But, yeah. The Missouri watching over the USS Arizona Memorial is a really good idea, what ticks me off is the stupid backlash that happened when the USS Arizona was introduced into the game.
      Gibraltar is also a good one, we could also get Halifax (give Canada some love).

  18. Køltira Memeweaver

    I still want dolphins

  19. Vincent Pellemans

    “it took 3 months of work”
    As someone in 3D modeling, that joke hit me like a train.

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