World of Warships – Dick Deadeye

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Not the villain from the 1878 operatta HMS Pinafore written by Arthur Sullivan and W.S. Gilbert (whom I played in a high school musical production because of course I’d play the villain) but in fact, life in the Deadeye skill meta, for however long it lasts.

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  1. Pours yorkshire tea…settles in for whatever may follow

  2. Fastest click in the west….
    Well, east where I’m at

  3. Ooooh the Lyon don’t see this ship getting a lot of attention

  4. “…actually a character I played in my high school musical…”
    I’ll assume this was so long ago that it was seen by the original writers of the musical

  5. I just want my secondaries to be able to hit destroyers again

  6. Kind captain, I have important information…

  7. Early comment wahoo. Love you Jingles!

  8. The Lyon is like a shotgun

  9. The Elneache Gamer

    @jingles I never did pinafore but I was the very model of a modern major general from pirates of penzanse

  10. But Jingles you have narrated paint drying! And we still loved those videos.

  11. As someone who plays a lot of USN ships and seeing these amount of pens do so little damage is just strange to see

  12. Great vid Jingles, recon you can do another couple secondary build videos🤣🤣 those are hillarious! Cheers for given me somethin other then uni to do on a tuesday night, you’re a legend mate. Cheers from Australia🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  13. 26:00 – “Never fcuk with my Monty”

  14. Now I wanna see a drying-paint-video narrated by you, Jingles. Thanks a lot

  15. “I could narrate paint drying and it would be more interesting than this”
    Anyone else catch the video of cheiftan waiting for his kids rooms painted walls to dry? Like years ago

  16. WoWS- Dick Deadeye episode by
    The Mighty Giggles
    The Mighty Babbles
    Keep those videos coming.

  17. This field of vision looks like activating NO2 in Need for Speed games

  18. Man the video gave me a headache with in minuets odd editing

  19. Is the ship so little or he has a larger FOV? If so, how do I enlarge it?

  20. I thought I was the only one to use the phrase “Didi mau” these days 😀

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