World of Warships – Did he just miss me? xD

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I haven’t played Harugumo a lot recently so I jumped in and instantly got a pretty speshul match with an “interesting” ending you could say.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Did he just *miss* me? or He just *missed* me?

  2. Josh the Almighty

    I miss the closed beta days, they were awesome. remember the yellow citadel ribbon? ah nostalgia

  3. 17 citadels in like 5 seconds 😀 Thats a paddlin 😀

  4. ahhhh The Gremyashchy, the OG Russian Bias ship! She was so good!

  5. What was your first premium ship?
    Flambass: Your body.

    • Mine was Atlanta. What was your’s? Chime in everyone…

    • @Shanghaied Yubari, then Mikasa. (and that’s all, both in WoWS Blitz)
      But i tried the Atlanta when i got the timed version (i think it was a reward in a previous event or for reaching a tier in a battle season), really like the utility on that ship, despite not being the strongest at its tier, it’s one of my favorites.

    • @Shanghaied SIMS, two months ago.

      I don’t like DDs

    • @Jock1092 Jock Why did you purchase Sims then?

  6. And this Mogami represents my standard ranked teammate…

  7. Last time I was this early The German 1st Panzer Div still hadnt won the Tour De France.

  8. In the same situation, when he did 17 citadels and killed the mogami, I would have done no citadel and ate all torps 😉

  9. Before Shikishima came out:-
    WG: Yubari has the concealment of a destroyer
    Me seeing 9.9 km concealment
    WG: we will make sure Yamato has the biggest guns in the game
    Me: I know where this is going

  10. I didn’t even know I was against you. I’m not that good of a CV player but I need those 2k ribbons for the Halsey mission rip

  11. Honestly, you should get “Devastating Strike” for that Mogami – you killed him in 8 seconds XD

  12. Dear god, the Tard was strong with that enemy “team”.

  13. To be fair, I’ve been caught out more than a few times by just how slow some of the IJN CA’s shells were.

  14. I got the 3 package deal myself… when I heard about this game, all I could think of was that I finally get to own a ARIZONA BB, and I would rain hell on all ships! Little did I know, at the start.. it was NOT in the tree, or a premium ship…. .you had to either earn it or get it by accident out of a box! I have one NOW, and I love it.. but having the package 3 dd deal really helped alot!

  15. @normallyChallenged I can not confirm that SEA server is the hardest. but I can tell something. My clan on SEA server never pass through “Strom league group2” but first season my clan join Clan battle in EU server and voila My clan finish that season in Typhoon League group3.

  16. “What was your first premium?”

    Ah yes, everyone’s first premium

  17. “interesting” ending is an understatement….

  18. Mogami player watching this: “MAN I’M SO NOOB AND USELESS”

  19. Flambass: “Did he just miss me?”
    No he was shooting at the Shimakaze that was behind you.
    He didn’t lock his guns on you.

  20. You know what historically and physically was accurate as well? Planes spotting ships from way greater distance than the other way around…

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