World of Warships- Did WG Somehow Make The Situation EVEN WORSE?!

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Hey guys! Today we go through the submarine changes introduced in 13.1 and ask, “Did WG somehow manage to make subs even more broken?”


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0:00 Intro
0:43 ASW/Sub Changes
4:42 Surface Ship POV
10:17 Sub POV


  1. WG can screw up a wet dream honestly

  2. Every single DD line in the game needs the sub surveillance tool, otherwise it´s just a totaly onesided engagement.

    • @masterunknown6236

      Then howll you play subs? If you wanna go all realistic, then subs should get removed altogether. Subs do not belong with surface fleet n historically hunted solo or in Wolfpacks. Wows is too fast paced for historical subs. Plus you won’t be able to play historical dds either. It’s super easy to deapth charge a sub but if you had to worry about deapth and course? Yeah n not to mention wows stern deapth charges are not realistic at all😂

    • @drakeconsumerofsoulsandche4303

      ​@@masterunknown6236M class: allow us to introduce ourselves

    • Trade the smoke for the sonar?

    • @@masterunknown6236 Like you play every other class (except CVs) by actually having to take into account positioning.
      It´s not like the DD can do anything against you with ship based ASW. All they can do is spot.
      And that´s exactly what happens to DDs with radars and hydro and what not except for they can´t just dive to evade detection.
      So giving the support tool to a DD actually makes way more sense than a heavy cruiser that can immediately strike the sub aswell.

    • They gave sub surveillance to 3 lines that never sank a sub.

  3. Funny enough as a reminder when subs FIRST CAME OUT, when you got within 2kms you did spot each other, AND then whichever team had more ASW ships in range would drop ALL their DC charges on you cus you couldn’t get away from the enemy Submarine. SO, to solve this problem, they made it so subs can’t spot each other, but then as noted they started ramming each other. Now we have almost come full circle where now they “detect” each other but do not “spot” each other.

    The Addition of Submarine Surveillance on Cruisers is LONG OVER DUE. Finally Surface Ships can start Actively hunting Submarine! (well the Japanese and Italians can at least, hopefully the rest of cruisers get it in the future)

    • They should have given the submarine detection to DDs. Hunting subs was one if their main jobs.

    • They should just made it so only submarines can see each other.

    • @@haakonsteinsvaag Funny enough, in the Public testing, they had a built in Sub detector. To be fair, DDs have enough JOBs to do as it is, they are the “single moms” of WOWS.

      BBs mostly just farm damage and project an aura of intimidation. And Cruisers when they arn’t getting clapped by Batlteships, just BURN EVERYTHING DOWN, and use their utility tools to make life easier for their team, mostly though Radar and Hydro.

    • @@haakonsteinsvaag They can’t: destroyers are in the front so if they have the Submarine Surveillance consumable, they would act as a wall which prevents submarines from going anywhere altogether thus reducing them to worse performing torpedo destroyers who launch torpedoes from a long range until something eventually happens.

      They also can’t give that consumable to too many ships.

  4. They forgot the Massa…. 5km ASW.

    • I think Massa is the last ship that needs ANY more tools lmao

    • This what happens to a premium when enough people buy it – WG nerfs it. Imagine how people who bought the Atlanta or San Diego feel – now that AA is an abstract useless mechanic 😀

    • @drakeconsumerofsoulsandche4303

      ​@meganoobbg3387 to a premium thats, what, 5 years old? And subs weren’t added for another year after she was removed

    • It’s intentional

    • As the Massachusetts is one of my favorite and best ships, I was disappointed that she didn’t get more ASW range, but come on – particularly when using some of the recently updated captain skills, you can get a 30 second heal which cools down in about the same amount of time. A 30s run on your DCP too.

      It’s a near overpowered ship, and the one Tier VIII I don’t care about being double up-tiered in because it’s such a damage sponge.

  5. I feel these changes don’t solve much of anything. All the reasons playing against subs was frustrating are still there, but now it’s just more frustrating to play as subs as well. Even before this change was announced I felt sub surveilance was a really poorly done mechanic that needed reimagined, now it’s just being doubled down on. I think there are many options on how to improve submarines, and these aren’t it.

    • All WeeGee is hoping for is that the ‘changes’ giving them some cover to say “We are trying to make things better”

  6. Maneuverability is not the strength of the subs , but the concealment is the strength of them. Good Sub player does not use Ping, or uses it rarely(only when necessary).
    Playing sub as good sub player means that you need to do a lot of information management, because the information is the key to winning.
    This update changes a lot of things for subs players and all community in general. And those are some good ones.

  7. Being able to send out a lot of asw flights is useless if you can’t hit the sub. Hitting a sub is a guessing game.

  8. Subs absolutely ended the momentum of a friendly flank pushing.

    Everyone is nervous like cats, constantly worries about that hidden thing, pinging.

    Although I never really was a big friend of subs,even theres a CV involved also,since youre practically perma spotted unless you have smoke..
    Sometimes its fun to hunt em down in Quick Dd..

    As a BB fan,…meh…still quite annoying.

    • Playing BBs, subs are one of the least of my worries. People typically hang back and hide not because of subs but because the game is saturated with so many snipers that can fire across the entire map. Anyone who peaks or gets brave and pushes mid gets instantly punished, not by subs, but by surface ships.

      I feel subs are far more psychological than people realize. A ping is enough to send a flank into a panicked frenzy, yet the actual impact is negligible at best. With most tech tree subs, hitting a BB with even a full salvo of torpedoes isn’t enough to sink it. Could you say the same thing of any DD? Some only require two or three torp hits to sink a whole stinkin BB.

    • @@Sulfuron41 DD’s torpedoes are far easier to avoid plus once you dodge them once you have ~2min before you see another (with some exception).
      DD’s is also more vulnerable to hydro and spotted by radar, cruisers and DD’s in general have far easier time pushing into them while BB’s actually have one of better dodging window vs sub ping.
      also while full torpedo salvo isn’t enough to sink BB it makes it Repair Party useless as only 10% damage is recoverable.
      it might not be enough to dis way BB from pushing, but it makes work for supporting ship’s harder, which in turn makes BB more vulnerable to ships punishing pushing like torpedo DD’s

    • there are so many snipers…because any ship class that wants to brawl get sub shotgunned to death. so ofc everyone plays a sniper to avoid that. @@Sulfuron41

  9. I took my Yodo out last night and s**t on a full hp Gato with Sub servailance. It was such a relief.

  10. @grahamcheshire9787

    The tier 5 premium battleship Guilio Cesare currently has an airdrop range of 4km.

  11. Had a three submarine perseid game the other day in my Yamato I spent that 10 minutes running away from submarines that were trying to torpedo me

    • Lol you make it too easy you Yammy players. You all play the same. You sit wayyy in the back by yourselves, then complain the entire game about CVs and subs attacking you lol. Why didn’t you just join up with more of your teammates to help you with the sub? Or were you that far off on your own that it actually took that long to get back to your team? XD

      Seriously though, I get it. It can be frustrating sometimes, but subs aren’t that bad actually, especially with the Yammy. You have so much torp protection you can actually attack a sub rather than run from it. Force it to surface or force an oil slick. Sure you’ll take a few hits, but it won’t be too bad!

    • @@Sulfuron41
      >doesn’t know how the game went
      >assumes everything about how the game went
      >acts extremely pretentiously and underhandedly insults OP

      how do you expect people to take you seriously and consider your points when you act like this?

    • Fun and engaging

  12. I was a DD yesterday and successfully sunk a sub but it took 8 direct hits with depth charges before it sunk. And I was somehow unlucky enough to get 0 flooding instances. I know they were nerfing the damage they did and boosting the reload time but that felt like way more work than it should have been.

  13. Yesterday i played tier 7 as there was a ship called uganda CC probably it was a commonwealth ships

  14. Shotgunning should have been the every first thing they fixed and released it was the biggest complaint of almost everyone

  15. I’ve been playing subs for a week or two now and have gotten really good at them(ish) 40-90k per game. I think asw aircraft for bbs should be at least the average torpedo range for subs at their tier. I often ping bbs with torps on the way knowing that even if they drop on me they don’t have the range to hit me.

  16. Subs at periscope depth travelling at surface speed has some historical precedent — snorkles would allow subs to use their air-breathing diesel engines and thus go much faster. Doing so, however, caused the snorkle to leave a much larger wake. WG could have the periscoping sub have a longer detection range, perhaps based on its speed.

    I don’t actually find this the biggest issue though. Getting shotgunned in my face as I race in with my DD to attack the sub is MUCH worse. Or getting jumped in a BB, broadside to a sub 2km away when you had no idea it was there. These are much more problematic as there is no warning and no counter. Subs should have a minimum arming distance on their torpedoes of at least 3km. The sub’s improved turn rate has made this WORSE because now they can get their tubes pointed at you much more quickly.

  17. I had a Venezia game two nights ago. The sub tried to shot gun me and I ran the surveillance thing… some shots from the DD, a couple of mine and 2 ASW drops and the sub was sent to port in less than 10 seconds… just and absolutely lovely!

  18. It’s almost impossible to spot the sub after being pinged now. Unless of course you ignore all the surface ships around you and concentrate on subs only.

  19. How do you get the ‘Grey Ghost’ camo for Enterprise?

  20. Watching Das Boot on repeat? My spirit animals

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