World of Warships- Dido First Impressions: Atlanta Jr.?

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Hey guys, today we take a look back the Tier VI Premium British light cruiser Dido, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. I took Dido today and I think this ship is ok and fun. Very hard to efectively play, but this is good ship for experienced players. My first game on ranked and I was first in my winning team. I like it.

  2. The Rahmat has the choice of the 113mm or 133mm guns (you have the 113mm stock guns activated). Because it’s an early access ship both are available. If you don’t activate the 133’s before it goes live you will have to pay credits and xp to access them once it does go live, so do it now and save the cost.

    • Yeah sealord isnt exactly known for 100% correct info all the time it happens

    • @sameh59 younis He usually does OK. I take all reviews with a grain of salt.

    • @punkboyandy Yes, they come with the A hull and lower level upgrades activated, but not the upper level upgrades unless you activate them. You can do that for free as long as they are still early access ships. Once they become regular tech tree ships you will have to pay to activate the higher level upgrades if you have not already (I’ve forgotten a couple of times and had to pay). In this case Sea Lord Mountbatten has apparently not, as of yet, activated the 5.25″ (133mm) upgrade for Rahmat or has chosen not to use it. Instead he apparently is still using the 4.5″ (113mm) stock guns.

    • @punkboyandy yeah because when you get a ship in early access you unlock all the upgrades for it to you just have to switch to them in the equipment tap

  3. Just got her and she looks fine. But regardless of that i would rather play the Leander, kinda like her more than Dido.

  4. I think you underestimate the british short burst smoke, it’s not a smoke you are just farming tons of free damage with, that’s what good positioning allows you. It reloads that quickly, so you always have the smoke available if you need it and are forced to disengage. I find Dido to be an excellent ship and much easier to have succesfull matches with than Canarias thanks to the RN HE. It’s a great ship to support a DD with close to caps, murder the enemy DDs and effectively win matches like that. I play a lot of DDs so maybe that’s why I have a much easier time with it.

  5. In glad you pointed out the AA on the Dido, she should be a beast. I appreciate that balancing takes priority for the Tier but the question that comes to mind is why introduce a AA cruiser and then hobble it when there are plenty of other cruiser types and classes to pick from?

  6. Played it a couple rounds with IFHE and the 27mm pen is pretty nice. Feels like it’s missing something tho. Better AA or short-burst radar would’ve been a nice gimmick.

  7. It’s actually good in operations – using as captain trainer – canaries useless for that

  8. I got it for free with the tokens just doing the personal missions. I took the standard build but did add on the coal smoke enhancement . I also went with top grade gunner which seemed to help. Personally, I had fun with her. It’s a lot of shoot and scoot and planning in advance.

  9. Interesting that Notser said the exact opposite: better the Dido than the Canarias. Both are crap vs T8, but Canarias has only AP, no HE or Torps.
    Compared to T7 Flint it’s simply much worse. One turret less and 3 seconds slower reload.

  10. I agree, the ship is worse than the Rahmat, which I already have. At least the Rahmat has 9.5Km torps, longer smoke, shorter reload time on the guns and better AA. This ship was a waste of time.

  11. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    IMHO, Lord you are too into this Cruiser gun it mentality , Dido had 14+km , and Rahmet got only 12+km , making it even harder to play I suppose, but now that I had them and play them, am pretty satisfied with them. Its no more or no less than the other Royal Navy CL as far as Armor goes .. and the high reward part , its a Royal Navy CL they are ( in real world ) aim to be support , not damage dealing .. know this its to be play as a Royal Navy CL, aka a super sized DD, and I think you got the wrong idea, trying to play it as Cruiser aka CA fashion and its not a CA its a CLAA you need to change how you play it

    Pretty much any T6 Cruiser going to be challenged when matched against T8 , do not find the Dido any different

    Do agree the AA need to be better to reflect its real historical nature

  12. I knew you would hate it the moment I saw your captain build. IFHE is mandatory for this boat. It opens up worlds of opportunity to do damage with the guns. This isn’t a typical British HE fire spammer by any length of the imagination. This is a very opportunistic boat, but it is good at what it does, which is using islands to pick on things, then disappear. Also, the short smoke is surprisingly good for quick farm opportunities, especially since Dido has the engine acceleration baked in to get back up to speed.

  13. High Caliber Replays

    Dido: Atlanta Jr.
    Rahmat: Dido’s cousin that got the torpedo gene
    Austin: Atlanta Sr.
    Jinan: Austin’s awkward cousin that also got the torpedo gene
    Flint: Atlanta’s younger brother that got all the cool new toys

  14. I don’t understand why her AA is so bad. I remember playing her in a game where I triggered defensive AA and priority sector against incoming aircraft and despite hammering away impressively, I don’t think I shot down a single damn plane.

    The smoke is fine – it’s meant to enable you disengage rather than sit and farm damage – but the gun’s rate of fire definitely needs buffing.

    • I’m don’t see a reason for Dido to have a 1 second longer reload time than Rahmat, same hull and guns.


  15. Dido is a good boat.
    Play it like a DD and play to kite , you’re fine.

    Leander is better and more versatile.

  16. Some historical context.

    The DIDO class is a crusier designed to protect merchant shipping. It comes in 3 versions. The original 10 guns, the 113 and the BELLONA with 8 guns as they dropped c turret for another set of pompoms. The 113 version is the best AA version as the 113 is a better AA gun.

    The real draw is the history. At one point in time this were the largest ships the Brits had in the Mediterranean.

    Everything he says is true but the draw for the DIDO is the history

  17. After the Canarias and Dido reviews, I’d be interested to see you do reviews of the UK CLs.

    Your problems with both ships are because you don’t know how to use AP only (like tech tree UK CL) and you don’t know how to island hop, like UK CL.

    You basically have to play to not get hit. All the UK CL just evaporate under any fire, getting citadelled from any angle.

    You kept harping on battleship hits km you. As Neptune or Mino how they feel about getting hit by tier 9 or 10 BBs. Lol

    The offset of not having a heal is having the fast reload smoke to help avoid getting hit along with the ability to actually slow down.

    The slow reload is #SillyRussianDevs using #RussianLogic especially being 1 sec longer than Rahmat.

    Re, “Get all your guns on target”, see above comment about the entire UK CL line. Also the comment about getting citadelled from any angle, even the bow or stern.

    Oh, and…oddly Tiger ’59 gets oddly good matchmaking in ranked and 40 seconds of radar is very annoying for the enemy DD heady 6 man games. Tiger is very much a team support ship, not a damage farmer or brawler. It works decently well in the smaller team formats by enabling your teammates…as long as they aren’t potatoes.

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