World of Warships – Dido Impression

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Dido was introduced in 0.11.1, I showcase a match and talk about how to best play the ship. I’ll also have a video for Canarias tomorrow to help players compare the choices available. Thanks for watching and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier 6 British Light Cruiser Dido Replay


  1. sorry but you can get both on med coin i have them now from med coins.

    • @Sinboto Simmons the post wasn’t false, go get off your high horse. Your lack of clarity is down to your own lack of clarity of writing. Nowhere did you mention the demand that it be “free” in your post. If you wanted to add that, then maybe you should have posted that explicitly.You’ve only got your own lack of competence at communication to blame if people can’t read what you didn’t write.

    • You have to spend Doubloons to get both though, I’m talking about unlocking without spending money

    • @George Buchanan What high horse exactly? At no point have I insulted anyone or acted all high and mighty in these posts. Not clear enough, maybe the original post wasn’t written well. It’s 3:30 in the morning and I may not have explained myself well. So sure, I may have been unclear, but at what point was I ever acting better than anyone else or looking down on anyone? In my responses I even realized that the OP may have been unclear and made sure what I was saying was both obvious and easy to understand to those I responded to. So frankly I’m confused as to what you are talking about.

      Edit: and yes the post is false, you can not get both ships without spending dubs on them, that’s not actually possible.

    • @Notser Exactly, this is the point I’m trying to get across.

    • @Notser so what you said from :20 to :29 on this vid.. you said i could not get both?? at this time ? and i just answered you.. So why am i wrong ?? and some tard try’s to dump on me ? for saying .. sorry but you can get both on med coin i have them now from med coins.. Tell you what keep up the good work and have a great day ..

  2. i used all the tokens for the heal flags lol

  3. So, I have a few problems with how Dido was done. Honestly any ship that NEEDS certain skills to be called even effective is overtuned. It’s almost always a sign that the ship is not balanced well and it’s going to see little use in general. Not to mention that the captain needed is both point intensive and completely different from the rest of the tech tree cruisers. Something that’s not as big of an issue with the captain changes but still needs to be mentioned. To put this into perspective, you need 16 skill points to make this ship combat effective, with the leander a ship of the same tier and nation you only really need 10. Even her sister ship in the pan asian tree is better off than her effectiveness wise. With despite being the same class of ship: a higher rate of fire, longer range torps, longer range/better AA, only slightly less gun range and longer lasting smoke.

    Question to you notser, have you tried out the top grade gunner skill on this ship, if so what are your thoughts?

    • The problem really lies with super light guns, they gave so much power in commander skills for this specific ship type so they have to be careful not to let this build be too OP but it pretty much makes you have to take those skills for it to not suck.

      I have not tried top grade gunner with it, could try swapping radio for it and making it more of a Division specialist that relies on others for intel

  4. Sorry Notser .. I watch your you tube all the time .. most of the times i have agreed to most of your analysis .. They odd time i didn’t but keeps my mouth shut . I am retired from the forces. I have a good pension and i did buy those two ships .. So before some one starts on How i spend my money it is my business .

  5. I mean why would you need this? We already have the Rahmat, and it is free

  6. it’s simply impossible not to add an “L” to her name

  7. So Notser, I want to ask…
    Which ship would you prefer: Rahmat (Ther free Dido) and… the actual Dido(XD), when it comes to random battle performance?

  8. Radio location: trying to get it on all DDs.
    Dido: we already got a clone in Asian Cruisers.

  9. Would Defensive AA Mod 1 in slot 2 be a viable alternative here? How important is the engine protection in slot 2?

  10. Honestly I am kinda sad that Rahmat and Dido are pretty much just copy-pastes. Didos came in 10×4.5in, 8×5.25in and 10×5.25in… kinda with we got HMAS Bellona instead of HMS Dido as 8×5.25 in Commonwealth tree… Or Rahmat could have been locked with 10×4.5 only, then have Dido as 10×5.25 and maybe even Bellona as 8×5.25.

  11. Dido sounds like a ship I would love to play, its playstyle is how I like to play cruisers. But the problem is it requires a commander just for itself alone, no other RN cruiser requires IFHE and Extra Heavy HE. So in spite of it being a Premium, it would have to have a dedicated CL commander. And that is a dealkiller to me.

    • @AllAhabNoMoby Same principle as the PA line, you don’t build IFHE (for multiple other reasons as well, namely your use of torpedoes; but with Dido and the superior smokes, you just farm fires). Those fires are insane too, you get tons.

    • @Notser Yeah but long term, you get a commander for an entire nation versus a commander for one ship (though he’s wrong about that as I corrected).

    • @Notser Yeah absolutely true, she comes with a 10 pointer? *sigh*

  12. The Asian cruisers also desperately need ifhe.

  13. You pronounced it correct!! A few others could take a page out of your book!;) keep up the good work buddy

  14. Wait – I can only pick one of the two ships?

  15. Used some dubloons, got both
    Who needs loot boxes ?

  16. My question and problem – she seems to need a captain with IFHE – where else it would be useful? I only have RN ships and IFHE is not useful on any other RN ships?

  17. Man, seeing what the Dido has makes me feel bad for my Rahmat.

  18. Can you even earn enough med tokens as a f2p player to get this ship?

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