World of Warships – Dirty, Filthy Money

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So just what exactly is the record for credits earned in a game of Warships. The MarketGardener isn’t sure, but he might be close…

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  1. Love these world of warship videos!!! Wait for them all the time

  2. lol hardly a minute ago and already over 40 views!
    Also 42nd viewer (Answer to the universe, My life is complete!)

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  6. WoWS showers the players with credits anyway, compared to WoT.
    You will never gain enough fxp to unlock a t9 before gaining the credits required to purchase a t8.
    Unless you specifically stack xp flags.

    That’s why running full premium consumables in WoWS is normal.

    • aboomination tbh when i play my Kiev and get like 150K dmg i get300-400K Credits -130K for repair and -70k for Consumables and 100K credits in 1 game is not that much imo

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      Ok, so Check the 300K Credits – 130k repair and -67 500 for consumables setup:
      Premium camo OR Birthday Camo for the Kiev from last year: -10% Repair cost.
      Join a Clan who has the fully upgraded Naval Base: -10% Repair cost.
      India Bravo Terrathree: -10% Repair cost.
      130K -30%=91K Repair cost
      Zulu: +20% Credit
      Wyvern: +50% Credit
      Scylla: +25% Credit
      Basilisk: +30% Credit
      Leviathan: +20% Credit
      So 735K-91K-67K
      577K Still not that much?

    • I don’t own any of those flags, how am i supposed to get them tbh? I am not planning on spending a shit load of money on the game, i already spent way too much. I have all the “normal” flags like Zulu and India Bravo. I need to join a Clan, and spending 5€ on the Camo is not really my plan either.
      You can earn a lot of Credits, but for that you have to spend real money.

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      You not need to spending a single cent for camo.
      You can get them sometimes for free (Edinbourgh, Z-23 now) or you can earn doubloon for free too. (Ranked Rank 11 250 Rank1 2500) or missions, event containers, supercontainers.
      Same with signals. You can earn them from event container (3000 basexp/day +2×4000 on weekend) also from supercontainer, sometimes missions or event bonuses also ranked even for Public Test Server missions now get 5 from all of them.
      I can earn a lot of Credits and I’m a free player. All you need just use your brain and a little skill.
      If you collect the 200% and 400% xp bonus camos from the free events and go sometimes to test server to get signals, you’ll get fair enough to grind so much free xp with them to you can buy a Nelson Musashi or Kronshtadth from it. AND those ships give tons of credits to you.

    • Okay, im gonna have a look on the TTS missions. Thanks for your tipps mate!

  7. >looks a the vid title
    >Dirty, Filthy Money
    >looks at vid description
    >someone got alot of credits
    >lemme guess missouri shenanigans
    >intro ends, team layout
    >yup missouri

  8. Seriously? I do not know what to do with the credits… I wish I could use them for something else, or hell, just even give them as present… (but yes, that is while under premium account time)

    BTW: I will have to resend an e-mail with some replays XD

  9. To be fair to Wows, it’s the only wargaming game where profit margins are high enough even at high tiers where there really isn’t an excuse to not use premium consumables.

    • i personally think WOWS is war more balanced than WOT in almost every way… except the whole russian bias thing

    • +schlichtnsbuh Is this actually true?

    • Russian bias is way stronger in wot than wows though, so even that way it is more balanced ^^

    • This reminded me of my Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya, it makes me credits since it’s a good ship, and it’s premium.

    • Frozenstein: The problem with the argument about losing 100k at tier 10 in your DM in a good game is that any Tier 8 premium ship will make you 300+k in an average game, so one Premium ship game will let you play 3+ tier 10 matches in a row without having to worry about going broke, so the argument still stands that even high tier wows is profitable enough to cover premium consumables without much fuss. With wot, you are lucky to make enough in a tier 8 premium game to be able to handle the losses of one tier 10 tank play, so you have to play lower tiers and premiums far more often than tier 10 tanks to make profit…unless of course you have a premium account.

  10. Jimminey FingCricket

    Could you remind Wargaming that there are 2 other Iowa’s? I for one would love to see USS New Jersey in the game with out the credit mint on board of course.

    • o.O Why would you want a third ship of the same class if there are so many ship classes that aren’t represented at all in the game? Why would you rather have another CTRL+C CTRL+V Iowa instead of the Tennessee- or Nevada-class battleships, for example?

    • I think they are gona do that and make it a secondary build premium like the Massachusetts.

    • ask the kongo and amagi: they know how to make use of copy/paste

    Bonus clip is odd, the Jingles effect didn’t go off

  12. The title has ‘Money’ in it. You know which ships is gonna be featured

  13. 6:50 slightly, yes. Akizuki, Kitakaze and Haruguno destroyers got their HE penetration buff. They can pen 19mm of armor without IFHE. With IFHE they pen 32mm.

    • 25mm of pen is nice. But I dont know if you saw Flamu’s video, but with IFHE and 32mm you can melt most tier X ships by raw HE penetration damage alone. And you dont even need to hit the superstructure.

      IFHE may not be required, but if you do use it you can pump out a lot more consitent damage.

      Its actually scary ?

    • 9:00
      1 point captain – very good ship (wrecks DDs)
      10 point captain – just flat out dirty
      14 point captain – OP? (out DPM and out trading light cruiser)

    • Knodsil yep, it‘s crazy. It murders ships like the conqueror

    • It’s pretty funny to see Conquerer (covered in 32mm) players whine about Harugumo wailing on then while printing themselves a new ship.

  14. Real ships have all sorts of internal pieces of equipment that are heavy enough to set off the fuze of large-caliber AP shells — engines and the lower portions of gun mounts, for example. These ships are not folded paper deck ornaments.

    • I am currently rereading “The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors” and if you want a factual account of what happens when DD’s go up against Ca’s and BB’s then this is the book for you. Unless they hit something like the cast iron bearing housing, the BB’s rounds would go right through without detonating. It appears most of the devastation to the DD’s came from the Ca’s. Additionally the CVE Kallinin Bay survived 16 hits of BB and Ca fire, most of those punching right through without detonating.

    • There was a japanese cruiser that a pair of iowa’s spent a couple of hours shelling IRL and only one shell, (the one that actually finished the ship off), didn’t overpenetrate and fail to arm till it hit the water on the other side. That went into a boiler. There’s a reason most nations issued their BB’s HE rounds, and it wasn;t sore bombardment. The damage Graff Spee did to exeter with ehr 11″ guns was all done via HE:

    • As I said, you have to hit something like an engine or the supports and drive equipment of a main gun mount to set off the fuze of a BB-size projectile in a direct hit. For example, the ubiquitous US WWII AP Mk 21 BDF on a 14″ AP round took 1″ of steel at right-angles (0 degrees obliquity) to set it off, going down to about 0.44″ at 61 degrees or more obliquity, though above 65 degrees the chance of setting off the fuze dropped rapidly with increasing obliquity because of the high sideways forces. Thus, for a DD, the chance was not great if a DIRECT HIT occurred. BUT, the fuze would ALWAYS go off when it penetrated the surface of the ocean (lots of very reliable high-drag forces here!), so any shells that hit just short of the DD and went off inside at or just below the waterline or underneath the DD would act just like the DD was a battleship and KABOOM!!! At very close range, many shells would skip off the water and not have their fuze work, but a few would, with that number going up rapidly with range and steeper angle of fall. So, every so often, BB shell hits would be full detonations. Ditto for CA hits.

      Note that for real small guns under 6″ in size, EVEN THE AP WILL FIND MANY PLATES IN A DD THICK ENOUGH TO SET THEM OFF! For example, a 5″ base-fuzed Common shell (that gun’s “AP”), using the same formula as the big gun base fuzes, which should work reasonably well, would only need a 0.35″ steel plate at right angles going down to 0.15″ at 61 or more degrees (again, above 65 degrees, iffy). There are LOTS of hull and deck plates plus the supports under most gun mounts, even secondary gun mounts, and under any other large piece of gear (engines, boilers, propellor shafts, etc. ,etc.) even in a DD that thick AND those small shells HAVE NO DELAY-ACTION IN THEIR FUZES so if they are set off they go only a few feet before detonating, so NO over-penetrations (the so-called “inertia-fuzed” HE in WoWS). Main armament in DDs and secondary guns in cruisers and BBs were NOT firing nose-fuzed HE at enemy DDs in WWII.

    • I didn’t say anything about secondary guns. And i raised the example because it was a situation where a cruiser, (albeit a small light cruiser), was suffering the real world equivalent of over penetrations. Just to point out that just because the fuse could go off on some things doesn’t mean it actually will.

    • SonOfAB_tch2ndClass

      Jack Yusen who was aboard the Samuel B Roberts during the battle said in an interview that if the Japanese AP rounds had hit the keel of the ship it would have split them in two. Also basing results off of Japanese Gunnery is foolhardy as they took 2 hours of shelling before they finally hit the USS Johnston after she was dodging and weaving and she managed to blow the bow off the Mogami class Cruiser Kumano. Also keep in mind that Overpens would cause flooding

  15. i’m so glad i got the missouri on the last day it was available, it’s been the best printing press i own 😀

    • I’m still annoyed I missed out. I had less than 10K free XP when they announced it was being removed and I could only grind out about 300K more before it was gone 🙁

  16. so glad I got the Missouri instead of the Musashi like I was going to. Got the Yamato instead and its incredible

    • I disagree with removing it as well, but lets face it, a lot of people bought the Missouri with money to convert the majority of the 750K free XP. As for performance, yes it isn’t all that matters, but it certainly helps when you have distinct advantages. Missouri, Nikolai, Belfast, Gremyashchy, Stalingrad and the T61 are just straight up better than their tech tree competition and create little incentive to grind out/play certain ships anymore if you have them. They are not going to buff the silver ships, because that would provide less incentive to go for the premiums.

    • I enjoy the Nelson. Recently bought the Kidd and like that too, though it has a very different play style to get used to. Scharnhorst is a lot of fun and a strong ship if you like BB’s.

    • Ser Garlan Tyrell

      I’m still not sure about the Belfast, loosing torpedoes from the Fiji (my favourite ship) is a steep price to pay for HE (and radar, so maybe not).
      I know why they do it, but I think that just smells of pay-to-win.
      But I don’t understand why they don’t make premiums fun and different (so people still want them), but feel free to balance them to be in line with everything else.
      Also the Dude of York is abysmal, I wish that they would balance that thing. (it seems to be one of the most profitable ships I own, but hate playing it because its about 40% worse than the KGV)

    • Many of the premiums are pay to win, again many of them have inherent advantages over their tech tree competition. Its no surprise that many of them are permanently removed from sale like Belfast. The ship lacks torps and a heal, but the HE allows you to effectively deal with all threats and the radar is a nightmare for DDs, especially at lower tiers where their less likely to expect it. The major issue with the ship is that you have no high alpha damage to deal with ships that push your smoke. If you have a good game in the Belfast, with economic flags its easy to get 500-700K credits.

    • Much like in wot they are just making premiums straight up stronger than tech tree counterparts now to incentivize buying them, which kinda makes sense considering it seems there’s pretty much no new players anyway and the vets mostly already have a bunch of premiums. Why would you buy a premium that is similar in power/effective farming ability to what you already have? I don’t like it and I think most players other than the people buying all premiums do, but what can we do about it? It’s not like they listen to the playerbase when it comes to premiums anyway.

  17. having been in my nations navy I can say this and must chuckle a bit but then again this is just a game. The ability of a DD to sink a CA single hand is laughable in the least. A BB 16 inc shell let alone 3-4 of them hitting a DD would pretty much end that DD’s existence in the real world. One other thing, this game has DD’s as scouts, LOL! A DD even in WW2 would get nowhere near a BB before being spotted by a BB first. All kinda backwards to what really happens in life in warship vs warships. But once again this is just a game but I have to chuckle at this.

    • Constantin Müller

      yeah you can’t take this seriously ^^ and also I have heard that the proportions are a bit off meaning a DD is a lot smaller and manouverable than it would be in real life, but I don’t know really haven’t seen a Destroyer irl.

    • Cruisers where used as scouts before and during ww2 that where larger than any DD and without seaplanes.  Different times.  The tech today is on a different level to back then.   There was a wargame after WW2 where US Fletcher or Gearing DD’s got within 6km of an Iowa class without being detected.  (Just wish I could remember where I read it I can’t remember if it was a battleship or destroyer article).

    • yeah, probably using sea squalls and or storms as a direct buffer to detection. But yes I do understand but many of the principles taught us are practical theory and much of it still pertains today as back then. Just an example, the 20km binoculars we used on the bridge easily spot a mast or funnel exhaust of ship from 12-15km and depending if your on a say a CV, DD or back in the day BB the height you are respect to your target also had an effect on your ability to spot farther away which is why I said that about how a BB could spot a DD faster then the DD could spot a BB but depending on the weather and such.

  18. A R T I L L E R Y. O N L Y ! ! ! ! !

  19. The Lewd Bohemian

    World of Warships is a far more balanced game than World of Tanks. In WoWs the premium consumables do not mean more penetration and/or damage and they don’t make your high armour values useless. Premium in that god awfull tank game, that i invested way to much money (premium tanks) and time in, is the sole reason a lot of tanks have become unplayable. Why aim for weak spots when you just have to press “2” and load the gold ammo? And now compare that shit with the premium in Warships. The two systems are, thank god, different. Just imagine a Yamato with premium ammunition that does even more penetration or damage per shot (or a Des Moine).

    • kein ding yo

      they still give you a huge in-game advantage tho, but its not as bad as in wot. + while running prem consumables and prem account you will almost always make a profit

    • Brother Ben of the Ben Church *

      kein ding yo but that’s better than wot because there you kill 10 tanks and still run a loss

    • yeah just imagine EVERY single shot overpenning everything, It’s bad enough now since they broke bb AP,if ‘gold’ ammo was a thing in wows,it’d be even worse trying to punish enemies broadsiding you lol

    • in wows rather than penetration (although imagine premium HE basically having free IFHE or something like that) shels could just get way better normalization or pen at better angles. Making some of the ammo a lot better would be easy without simply increasing pen. Makes me all the more happy they don’t have it in the game ^^

  20. Now, to be fair Jingles, the reason why people complain about WoT premium consumables is that they have a direct increase to the tanks performance. Even premium rounds in WoT can be said to have no draw backs provided you have a basic understanding of the games, yet offer real advantages over standard rounds. Better velocity, better pen means less time pixel hunting for the weak spots and just turn it into a point and click affair.

    Compared that to the premium consumables in Warships that don’t really alter the performance of the ship, but rather alter the environment around them. Radar spots unspotted ships, Spotter aircraft, while increasing gun range, don’t change accuracy or dispersion so you can still easily miss, etc etc.

    And personally the Warships premium consumable model is way better than the WoT model as you can still compete on even ground against someone using all premiums even if you’re using all standard.

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