World of Warships – Dirty Filthy Scrublord

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Featuring a Solomon Islands battle with a dirty, filthy scrublord at the helm, and no I’m not judging him. Watch and all will be revealed…

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System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Something oddly amusing watching a Jingles World of Warships video whilst
    sitting on Lyness harbour looking out to Scapa Flow, Liberty pier to my
    right, Martello tower in front…

  2. Have fun at Gamescon, Jingles!

  3. 12:53 that was the SC that fired back, not the tenryu, i do believe that
    tenryu got DCd/lagged out of the game. unfortunate.

  4. Mad Hatters in jeans

    Jingles can you do a commentary of a replay in the style of a sports
    commentator? I would love to see it, just once.
    Fast speaking, run on sentences, unnecessary metaphors that get mixed up
    and lots of “HE’S GOING FOR GOLD” statements.

  5. And yet again we see a reason why team damage is retarded in MMOs. The
    person who added team damage to MMOs is the same person that gave Down
    Syndrome a face as far as I’m concerned.

  6. I just totally love it to see people doing well in underrated (or just bad)
    tanks and ships! Jingles, please feed us more of this!

  7. oh Yay another invisible OP DD killing everything 3 times its size and
    looking like a total hero…. you noticed the dd’s would dare going after
    enemy dd to help out the BBs… no that’s too much TEAM work it all about
    me in my OP DD

  8. Ah, the good ol’ Derpzki. I remember those days. I hated them. Now I’m in
    the Tashkent, and well, my therapist says I’m making progress…

  9. Derpzki is the most fun destroyer :p

  10. I’m sure you’re excited about the new Royal Navy cruiser line

  11. Norbert Blackrain

    Have a good time in Germany!

  12. I keep checking to see if I am in any of these vids. I am easy to spot, I
    am the one raging about Pay2Win ships after being killed

  13. I have a pink name right now because a friendly ship on 100hp decided to
    sail into my torps that I launched 5Km away

  14. I wish the WoWs replay system was a box to tick in the options

    I could have actually matched that replay with one more or less soloing
    some 4 Wyomings in a derzki using nothing but torps and the smoke screen…

    oh well, if you’re too lazy to play with your game files to activate
    something, you won’t get featured on Youtube

  15. Fjodor van den Broek

    except a player form the Enemy team won ‘first blood’ not

  16. NuclearWinter2110

    All this talk about RN cruisers just makes me realise how it will be when
    they are released. It seems like half of the player base, at least, is
    going to play them. Therefore there is no point in me playing them. Shame
    as I would have liked to. What’s your view everyone?

  17. The thing is with the Derpeski, it’s not a gunboat, it’s a torpedo boat. I
    like to stick to islands and attacking with torpedoes. Guns are

  18. Jingles – come to Bulgaria – you will like it – it is cheap, the food is
    good, the homemade brandy “rakia” is VERY strong and we have some museums
    for visiting. Stay safe.

  19. What a place to sink. Shallow water with a good beach to swim to and a town

  20. What is the yellow AA button “P” and how do you activate it?

  21. just saying, by “getting close to an enemy battleship cuz they have bad
    secondaries,” this doesnt count that teir 2 japanese battle ship I remember
    you featuring a while back right?

  22. Not that anyone cares but it’s a Derzki not a Dirt-ski.

  23. Jingles, what information can you give us on the upcoming Royal navy
    Cruisers that have been announced?

  24. I know you’ve been over your War Thunder days for a while after Gaijin went
    full Stalin mode, but how do you feel about the newest reveal of ships, if
    you’ve been paying attention at all?

  25. I turned pink, once.

    Because no matter how many warnings you issue, there will always be 1 idiot
    who sails their cruiser down the narrows on Solomon Islands, right into
    your torpedos.

  26. if Derzki tries this against a Kaiser, Kaiser’s gonna eat him. It’s a tier
    4 Mikasa and lots of fun.

  27. Dual Katana-Spandau Wielding Berserker With Fire Arrows

    Jingles! When is more XCOM 2 coming?

  28. What is it with WoWS MM that it puts all team killers in the same team ?

  29. I really wish WOT had a team kill deterrent like warships.

  30. Wow, we need that TK system in wot. It will be way better than the one we
    have atm


    The British cruiser’s Jingles! Hearts of Oak and Hulls of Steel!

  32. Jingles, did you see the Royal Navy Cruiser line? WOWS gave us a sneak peek

  33. Tomasz Wasilewski

    or they are pink because they were defending them self

  34. I sure wish the people I shoot torpedoes at would sail in straight lines.
    It’s like my targets are bunch of fucking moths.

  35. Scrub lord Jenkins?

  36. Hi Jingles , Just seen news of RN Cruisers coming Whooopeeee

  37. United Kingdom cruisers announced! Rejoice everyone!

  38. Destroyers reload their torpedoes two or three times faster then a
    battleship reloads it’s guns? Seems legit…

  39. I liked this ship! I think I got a kraken in it as well. Took like one game
    and then I could unlock the T4 ship xD

  40. who else whatched this whyle taking a shit?

  41. Jingles, I may not have entered your 500k viewer contest, but I was
    inspired enough to start my own youtube channel. 😀 Your intention of
    kickstarting the next generation of youtubers worked. I’m nearly a month in
    now, and I’m having a blast!

  42. I once have a game in my Königsberg where I deal 97,711 damage, 10 plane
    down, 7 incapacitates, 6 ship destroyed, 8 set on fire, 3 defened, 1
    captured, and five AA hit for the cost of….2,871 Damage Received with
    over 200k profits.

    And I forgot to place in the replay command to show how it all happen. I
    have no idea why the CV haven’t sent Torp bomb at me at all and I still
    keep turning as if he going to fire at me…..and then he went after the
    battle ship lol. But it went as plan in the match, capture A and win back
    B. I was the last ships alive with a DD being the only left and he just
    capture A and the best thing about the Königsberg can do is both of the
    rear main guns can turn 360. No matter which side the DD will try to out
    run the guns, there’ll be 3 Triple barrel 150mm to be prepare to kiss your
    ass goodbye. Edit: By the way, it a Tier 5 Match when Teir 4 outnumber them

  43. survived first day of school…NOW JINGLES!!!…….entertain me…..

  44. Patrick Grænge Hansen

    Yea British Cruiser is coming soon
    the tech tree is available now

  45. I hope this game comes to console

  46. its that bloody boat game again!

  47. Royal Navy Cruisers are coming…..

  48. Jingles please catch Elite Dangerous at Gamescom

  49. punch the dick

  50. My first thought when I saw the title was “Billy?”

  51. Bring back the Kitakami!

  52. Oh god…I still have PTSD from that video…

  53. No mention of the new British Cruiser line :P

  54. message to jingles: royal navy cruisers are coming soon, i would like to
    know if you’ve served on any of them, and if not, which ship did ya serve
    on. i’m kinda curious.

  55. Can only say that I love my DERPZKI. 🙂 So fun to put waves of torpedos in
    the water and watch the enemy ships stear in fear when they are about to
    get hit. hurr hurr.

  56. Rayalia Maelstrom (Ray)

    whenever I see pink ships I just hope they turn into the guy from that
    replay from a while ago, and make it there mission to cause as much pain
    and suffering to the enemy team without any shits given about there
    personal safety

  57. Ah, night shift at the salt mines. Perfect time to watch the latest from
    our overlord…..

  58. Jingles!! There’s a preview of the Royal Navy’s Cruiser line! What do you
    think of the line up?

  59. 1:20 Grimith?

  60. Look at the chat at 5:18. Feuerpfeil68 is demonstrating to all of us why
    translating a saying word by word from german to english does not work.
    Rache ist Blutwurst – Revenge is Bloodsausage. That is comedy gold!

  61. “revenge is bloodsausage” rofl :’D

  62. TheTankingGamer (planeman777)

    “Tier 3 battleships have not very good secondaries” I need to send Jingles
    my Kawachi replay with 95 secondary hits.

  63. Jingles how excited are you for the RN cruisers to be released in WOWS?

    Granted.. You’re probably sick of new ships by now…

  64. Luis Fernando Arispe


  65. Jingles, plz make War Thunder contents again

  66. Keep calm and blame Billy

  67. 太郎xX9, 9Xx山田

    I only clicked on the video because of that amazing title

  68. More lower tier games. These are the ships I play in the game. (not those
    high tier “wanna-be” ships)

  69. Royal Navy cruisers coming soon TM. Hype!

  70. Super Kawaii Hitler

    Jingles Im still waiting for that World of Warplanes 500k subscribers
    contest winners

    fan girling loudly :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

  72. Just before the team killing penalties were changed/buffed some months ago,
    I loaded into a game with a team killer on my team, who was spamming chat
    in a foreign language and sailed in between another battleship and myself.
    Not 2 minutes into the game, he fired torps at the both of us so I sunk his
    ass with 1 salvo, gladly turning pink for a day.

  73. Deathby KillerBong

    so much fan noise today, did you forget to filter it? ;)


  75. I will shoot anyone who purposely try to damage/kill a team member.I don’t
    care I turn pink. I am not going to just let him walk away because he is a
    potential risk far more worse than the enemy.

  76. Finally people can stop bitching about no royal navy ships in the game

  77. How do people still not send it screen shots of the post battle results?
    Aren’t these replay files being emailed? Or is it just me who thinks they
    should be included with every replay?

  78. Jingles are u planning to make a video on Legion when it releases the 30th

  79. Clang Of Tanks Gaming

    Nice video! Lmfao <3

  80. sometimes, those 10 torps couldn’t even kill a T4 BB, because after some
    torp hits, the part is turning black, and turning black mean further
    reduction in dmg. it is better for torp to have high alpha so you can
    overshoot the dmg barrier

  81. so how was everyone first experience with german bb’s? there were about 90
    qued up for a random battle

  82. Hi jingles nice vid keep it up!!!!

  83. I saw the title and thought Jingles was uploading another one of his

  84. My life is now complete, thank you oh mighty jingles!!

  85. WooooHoooo German BBs today~! Oh, and thanks Jingles!

  86. Early Squad where u at!!!!!!

  87. How dare he take the title from Jingles ?!?

    I’ll see myself to the salt mines

  88. Have a good journey and a pleasant stay at Gamescon.

  89. why is it that all games of wargaming have such uterly idiots as community
    i am toxic at the moment because i played some world of tanks….only
    toptier medium campers and so on…just…why !?

  90. BRITISH CRUISERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..eventually.

  91. British Cruisers have been revealed! but there are no heavies!

  92. 7th view!! Personal victory!!!

  93. hi Jingles just wanted to say thanks for being my overlord :D

  94. Aldean Philip Dela Cruz

    its that bloody ship game again…

  95. Has anyone else seen on the WoWs launcher… British Cruisers!!!!

  96. The Gaming Griffin

    Hey jingles! I just wanted to say I love your videos. Thank you for
    sticking to YouTube for so long! (PS: If you’d reply that’s make my
    month!!, of and if you had free time for some reason could you message me
    on YouTube or google+ I think there’s a way I just don’t remember.

  97. Sun’s out, guns out – could it finally be German battleship day?!?

    And look at that – a preview of the RN cruiser line, too!!

  98. i want a nagato review or atleast a kongo or nagato replay poi

  99. Great game! Does replays now working for wows?

  100. Interesting. So I just prepared som breakfast for myself and sat down in my
    sofa and went to youtube to check if there was any new interesting videos
    added. I find a new Jingles video added 9 minutes ago… Happy? YES!

  101. Foo-Foo Cuddlypoops

    Perfect timing on this upload, now I have something to watch on my way to
    the Bovington Tank Museum.

  102. Bajan_Other_Canadian

    Wish we could kill pink ships without turning pink :/

  103. The belgianwafflez

    5 minutes ago and 720p, what is this?

  104. CHEERS

  105. Anyone else have problems with the game ready driver? Every time I load
    World of Warships it crashes a few secs later.

  106. Alex BananaPiller

    hi jingles would you give me a YouTube shout-out please it would be
    appreciated cause I’m a relatively small YouTuber and worked hard enough in
    the salt mines

  107. Clarence Constantino


  108. The last time I was this early, I sat in a Fallopian tube for a few days.

  109. That destroyer is made out of torpedos?

  110. Jingles pls say armpitz

  111. Jingles, Royal navy is announced, starting with Cruisers!

  112. Some say if your this early out of the salt mines to watch your gnome over
    lord and comment you will get a reply from jingles him self

  113. 289th person to see the video.

    Never been THAT early. Ever.

  114. Morning from america Jingles

  115. Holly cow I’m early


  117. He didn’t screw up this time! Proud of ya Jingles.

  118. scrublord,lol

  119. I loveeeee the video thanks for the video jingles

  120. wow 20 secs ago, and 6 views nice. btw jingles i love ur vids. u deserve
    more subs.

  121. early!

  122. jingle’s you should review the t22 prototype tier 1 medium tank on wot

  123. Project Halo wars


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