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One of my viewers asked me to do this okey?
It wasn’t my idea? I swear….I just made it look funny xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Flambass going clubbing, and without the techno soundtrack.

  2. Love the low tier german dd. Their front torp are awesome

  3. no hi flambass. low tier doesn’t know you…😂

  4. Well Jingles,…..i’m looking forward to your review of this match from Flambass m8.

  5. DD ramming part was epic

    • I’ve done that once in my Vampire. I ran down a V-25, of all things, and I didn’t even realise I’d survived until someone else ambushed and killed me.

  6. I hope you are thoroughly ashamed of your treatment of those poor, innocent seals 😀

  7. That Die-hard was awesome, pretty much body slammed that DD

  8. I look forward to seeing the response Jingles has for this. I can see it now, “After watching this one boys and girls you are going to need a shower of epic proportions”

  9. “Do Ah need to come over there and whoop your ass, too?”

    One of these days, somebody needs to cast Flambass as a clichéd redneck villain in some Burt Reynolds memorial retro movie.

    7:19 “Mister Bellerophon, you have just volunteered!”

    OK, Marines drill sergeant would also be a good role.

  10. That was unnecessary cruelty!

  11. Jingles review this:

    Side note, the ram on that dd gonna make that victim be like HOWWW

  12. Devastating Die-Hard by rubbing flanks. So lewd!

  13. Look everyone, its Jingles in the corner vomiting!

  14. The day that Jingles falls out of his chair laughing might be soon when he sees that ram.

  15. Random guy: So let’s take a look at this free to play ship game on the interwebs
    Flambass: *cracks nuckles*

  16. The ram was more of a drive by butt bump..funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I can hear Jingles eyes rolling back when he sees this one..

  17. Precisionmetalheadx

    “Brown Pants Alert” had me dying…

  18. This video was flagged by P.E.T.A.

  19. I was the Tachibana you rammed, usually i pack the ramming flag on lower tiers for the memes but forgot it this time. Glad i contributed to such great content. I’ve dealt 7k dmg that game and ended up 5th in the team, i struggle to understand how bad those under me did.

  20. If seal clubbing is wrong then I don’t want to be right.

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