World of Warships – Dirty, Filthy Seal-Clubber

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What’s the difference between Battleships sailing in straight lines at tier 10 and tier 5?

At tier 5 it’s funny. At tier 10 it’s depressing.

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  1. Vis-a-vis your latest Mingles, why would you send someone off for a Long Stand, Jingles? Much better to have them get a Big Weight.

    • or…”some sparks for the grinder”….”a bucket of blue steam, NOT red!”…and the legendary “left handed hammer”.

    • For Jingles, being ex-Navy, a yard of shoreline is a nice one.
      If the new kid is ENOUGH of a kid, 10ft of fallopian tube is a fitting one.
      And, of course, in order to check if you’ve passed the equator, being sent to “Coriolis effect watch” is a nice one. Remember, clock-wise north, counter-clock-wise south!


  3. +Jingles You forgot your contractual obligation to play the Kraken clip whenever someone gets Kraken Unleashed. Your punishment is to go down to the saltmines for a day and work with us lowly peasants.

  4. Not to be nosy, o mighty gnome overlord, but boo needs to not clink the dishes so loudly in the background.(at about 1:45-1:55) How he manages to do them without thumbs I’ll never know…

  5. Yup, I see kamikaze on the enemy list, I just nope the fuck out.

  6. Where’s the kraken clip? D:

  7. when i was listening to “almost like praying” by lin manuel miranda, i jingles was ruben blades!!!

  8. Fun video once again, even though I haven’t played WoWS since just after Open Beta. Out of curiosity have you considered doing any more World of Warplanes videos? There is barely anyone doing videos for WoWP right now other than a couple boring guys and one guy (GamingBear) who has turned out to be a screaming Trump supporter. I think the game could use some more Jingles flair. Just a thought.

  9. I love watching a good seal clubber match

  10. Not a bad round but I’ve had several rounds better than this. Guess I should start recording.

  11. Hey jingles I was just watching your video on the National Museum of the US Air Force and saw that you we a big fan of the Vought A-7 Corsair II. My dad was an Aviation Structural Mechanic- Hydraulics man 3rd class on the E model of the Corsair. Thought I would let you know.

  12. dont talk to me or my 15 minkaze/kamikaze/fujin destroyers ever again :C

  13. This video is exactly why I do not agree with your “torpedo beats” clips. Take anyone new to the guy, give them a tier 3 BB and expect them to somehow know how to not get hit by a DD they cannot even see piloted by a 2000 hour veteran. It just doesn’t work like that. They have no chance considering those torpedos do not even show up until a few km away. Your own “proof” video just had your low tier BB going in a circle 10 km away from a DD that was staying in one spot and visible pretty much the entire match thanks to teamates spotting it for you. That is not torpedo beats.

    • Oh I don’t know about that: I learned pretty quickly that my Kawachi has a rudder on it and that it can be very useful for not getting hit by every little red triangle coming at me through the water. Doesn’t mean that I don’t get to suck on em from time to time. IMHO The only legitimate reason anyone above tier III has for not seeing torpedoes coming is by being distracted, but then again, most BB players at that level still view the entire game through their ranging sights.

  14. I’ve only played like 100-200 games in world of warships but in those battles ive only lost 2 , its just amazing the lack of tactics people have

  15. Bold Persian Immortal

    no kraken

  16. Games like this is why i dub this ship; the Clubberkaze.

    • Just don’t sail in a strait line and with the same speed, that’s all it take even to dodge the fast torpedoes of the kami.

  17. fatal error – really?! ahahahaha 😀

  18. Been playing on and off since beta and this is the first time I’ve seen a team lose with 0 points

  19. AFilthyFnCasualGaming

    Kamikaze doesn’t go on sale Jingles. It’s like the gremy and nikolai, banned from sale for being too OP :p. The R will never be given again, but I think you can get the kamikaze and the fujin from super containers.

  20. Kawaii thumbnail desu! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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