World of Warships- Disgusting

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Yup…I felt disgusted after this match, but this is all just my opinion


  1. Torpedo! Sir, Torpedo ahead! SIR! TURN THE SHIP….damn it!

  2. Nobblk Praetorian

    If you hate Conqueror that much, why don’t you sell it?


  3. Why you aren’t using the full alternative interface to see ship names or player names all time. It helps a lot without pressing alt button all time

  4. Republique is my favourite BB now? Deadly AP and superb HE, only second to Conqueror/Lion?

  5. sorry but i hate the sterio type “the conqueror is OP , it’s HE spam and breaking the balance of the game” what about the facts that you don’t have any tool like haydrocoustic , radar or spot airplane so you relay on others to detect and the ship is vulnerable to torpedoes from any destroyers or torpedoes bombers and can catch fire easily by other HE spammer destroyers or cruisers
    i’m a royal navy BB player and like to correct me if i was wrong

    • Well, basically because it’s all here, with the typical conqueror playstyle you don’t really want to push heavily and range isn’t a problem so all type of plane would be pretty much useless, the aa is excellent so bombers aren’t a threat, 32 mm armor everywhere, true, but the super heal allows you to recover most of the damage suffered (and 100% for fires eh).
      At all this add no citadel and a superb concealment…and we haven’t even talked about shells.

    • +TheGugu No citadel? Riiiiiiigggghhht. *Yamato snickers in the background*

  6. Conqueror is only OP against other BBs. She falls apart against enemy cruisers and DDs.

  7. Thx for this video and Mate, pls consider to change your settings GUN -> full mode (you and we would see more of a battle)

    Btw, your aim wasn’t the best 😉

    And AR is good for every BB, DD, CA

  8. Disgusting is shooting AP from a Conq. How dare you! Absolutely disgusting 🙂

  9. try with AP….the power of conqueror is the super heal

  10. Yesterday i picked up the Scharnhorst, because i have seen how much fun you have in German BB’s. And my God it was the best 43 dollars I’ve ever spent.

  11. Evangeline Anovilis

    Eww, Conqueror. At least it eats hefty pen damage still from Yamato, but honestly, the ship is less OP than it is simply frustrating to play against. Kind of like Graf Zeppelin or Asashio.

    I’d recommend in the future, to put links to videos you referenced into the description, so people can find them easily. Are you ever going to make another AA test, but with full AA build for comparability? Also, for testing Kii and maybe Gneisenau?

  12. Still don’t understand why conquerer is disgusting whilst using HE other bbs are more op in many areas but it’s accepted so other people should just accept conquerer for what she is ‘ different that’s all. Good described video as allways ‘ cheers mate.

  13. OP is salty.

  14. Boy that game was underwhelming…
    Poor positioning, bad shots and Shell choice.
    Every game below 150k dmg in a Conq would be a loss for me xD

  15. lol op dude play wooster

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