World of Warships – Divine Intervention

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At least one person in this battle thinks that Divine Intervention is the only reason this battle plays out the way it does, and when you see what happens to Angry_Blades in the Caracciolo, you might actually agree.

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  1. “They both have 15inch guns, They both have torpedoes …..” Ah, Jingles, never change.

  2. “Why nobody is shooting at him”, you ask? In Germany, we have a proverb (from soccer) that explains this: “You take him. I got him 100%” He is such an easy victim with 371 life left… EVERYBODY thinks, he is not worth the effort. someone else will finish him… or their secondaries will. Its a common occurence in games 😀 😀

  3. No one is shooting at him because they’ve been distracted by the Amagi player the whole time.

    See, this could have been his secret psyOp strategy the whole time. Galaxy brain stuff right there.

    • @Neil Newhall I am what is called a “dividing personality”. I am open, honest and sarcastic. Some people hate it, others like it. I play for FUN. I have a life and I have serious responsibilities. I dont want to play a GAME as another responsibility.
      The “we could have win if not for those potatoes” players are the WORST. I dont mind if someone is a Major A**hole as long as he enjoys it. The depressive ones with their fake lives are poisoning the joy of others. I mock them mercilessly and I take pleasure in their meaningless rage.

    • @meleardil low self-esteem you say? Yeah, I can see how that could lead to fools arguing on the internet. Or on in game global chat.

      I remember one time playing while drunk I got so mad at my teammates for feeding them kills I cussed them out so bad I found my chat disabled the next day.

      The worst I’ve had it playing a DD with good stealth was a dead teammate who wanted the game to end faster “so he could get his ship back” the guy gave my coordinates to the enemy teammate. Next level teamkiller right there. I reported him to WG, screencaps and replays and all, don’t know what that resulted in.

    • @Neil Newhall if they lack situational awareness, then there will always be something they’ll blame to save face.

      I get tunnel-vision sometimes. But no need to dwell on it.

    • @meleardil “can’t win them all”

    • @Morahman7vnNo2 When I want some release from real life problems, I go into the imaginary. Books, films, games. Also, I can understand, that some success and victory lifts the spirit.
      On the other hand, taking games as seriously as real life completely cancels the main purpose of playing those games in the first place.

  4. No body wanted to waste a volley on such low health, and everyone thought everyone else would kill him.

  5. The only reasonable explanation i can come up with is a mix of everyone thinking someone else would do it, so they wanted to shoot something with more hp / they were tunneling too hard and didnt actually see him / timing of reloads / cover meant they didnt have shots when reloaded… Its v odd

  6. time forgotten prince

    7:20 I have a story of my own, one time, before the MM put an equal number of (whatever) tiered ships on both teams, I was in an Ognevoi in a tier 10 match, and I was literally the *only* tier 8 in that battle, there were no tier 8s on the enemy team, and I was the only tier 8 on my team.
    You can pretty much guess how that battle ended for me.

  7. Lets take the U-2501 as an example.

    (These are base stats BTW.)

    A ping every 6 seconds.
    A torp every 10 seconds.
    Detect range on the surface: 5.6 km
    Detect range at depth: 2.1 km
    Top speed: 27 kts. both on surface and submerged.

    A T10 BB has a cooldown on its Dam. Con. of 80 seconds. During those 80 seconds a U-2501 can sit as close as 2.1 km and keep the BB perma-pinged and put about 8 torps into it. Then: “Rinse and repeat.”

    What can the BB do? “Just dodge.”

    Subs and CVs are not good for this game.

    • @CesarinPillin Gaming no the git gud response is akin to the “just google it” response to me, but CVs and SSs SHOULD be in the game seeing as they are the single most influential warships since the HMS dreadnaught and its incredibly annoying to me how so many players who are BB mains get mad about some other ship class being more powerful them them in game despite the fact that BBs irl was second line/support for the era most of the ships in game are from.
      Not to mention the game is a navy game based around fleet actions yet no one in random battles wants to act like they are in a fleet, many of the complaints I’ve seen from people about CVs and SSs can be solved by looking at the real world solutions to the problems they complain about.
      Its impossible to stop a dedicated carrier strike, just like it was in real life but by moving in formation with a AA screen you can limit its effectiveness, by having an escort or at least staying with other ships you can greatly limit the window for a sub to snipe a target.
      There are ways around to deal with most every threat in the game the issue is for random battles said way around them is hard to actually get people to do seeing as every player seems to have the mind set of being the hero of the match.
      Yes wargaming has huge issues with getting balance right, but the rough ideas for most ship classes make sense its just them getting the numbers associated with things right. (something they really dont seem to want to do)

    • @andytidnits nothing like having to deal with a CV and 3 DDs and a sub automatically down a teammate because some 40something percent shitter decides to altF4

    • @CesarinPillin Gaming yes get good

    • CesarinPillin Gaming

      @neogoterra TL:DR as for CVS, they can easily be balanced by giving them range limit. Instead they can prance everywhere all around the map with no repercussions 🙂
      Also that “realism” is bullshit considering how arcade the game is. The whole realism is only used on convenience to push some sort of gimmick that makes zero sense.
      Also its been explained many times.. the whole CVS overpowered and now Subs is because WG wants to inflate the numbers of their already data poisoned sheets. Sheets that are irrelevant because they ignored bots that skewed the data for way too long and too much.

      Another issue is the AA power.
      Real Carriers sent almost 50% to 70% of their power on each attack to overwhelm the enemies. And rarely one CV acted alone. See? Cannot apply realism here. In this game you only use 1 squadron. 1 Squadron should be shredded by a few ships, specially AA cruisers.

      Since its gameplay issue, CVs planes should be shredded easily when multiple ships are packed together and are AA ships.
      Right now? You still got some CVs that can tank with planes the entire random fleet like nothing.

      As for subs, your argument is also wrong, considering that subs are completely invisible, be many ships or not.
      Hydro is almost ineffective unless almost at ramming distance. To this point you’re already dead by sub torpedos or by ramming.

      As for “solutions”. It does not matter, because WG will always do these kind of gimmicks to sell you the solution.

    • The Budgie Admiral

      Then where are the 500k damage submarine games that we saw with CVs immediately post rework? Why are subs the class with the lowest average damage even after months of testing, buffs and nerfs?

  8. Between Caracciolo and Gneisenau … I would pick Gneisenau any day a week. At least it has some secondaries that can hit, you have HE and in worst case, at least you have torps. FC on the other hand is utter nightmare to play, inaccurate guns, secondaries capable of nothing, slow af.

    • Gneisenau guns are also more accurate if you don’t build secondaries, having 1.8 sigma vs. FC’s 1.7, they have more range as well, and Gneis’ AP DPM of 160,000 is not far short of FC at 170,000 because Gneis fires so much faster.

    • László Németh

      Jingles loves to shit on Gneisenau because that ship doesn’t fit him. pretty unfair, but I also did the same to Le Fantasque while I played this game (it is an utter shit tortureboat).

    • FC slow? It’s not USN standard class BBs…those are slow.

  9. i would consider scharnhorst a “great” T7 battleship, yea the guns are small, but they still work, and it has plenty of tools to work around the lack of raw alpha damage.
    9 rifles and its decently accurate, very good RoF

    • Yeah, it really is an incredibly versatile ship once you get used to using the guns correctly. A higher skill floor due to the guns and a higher skill ceiling due to everything else.
      Hood, Duke of York and Lyon are also very, very powerful in my opinion.

    • Agreed. Treat the guns like heavy cruiser guns and shoot at the armor above the belt. Might not get citadels but you’ll get lots of full pens and your secondaries can make up the difference. I loved the Gneisenau (don’t own the Scharnhorst, but they’re almost carbon copies of each other).

  10. “The both have torpedoes.”
    _me looks at the ship’s actions_

    Damn it, Jingles.

  11. Submarines, just like carriers, is a ship class made for griefers. It’s just that subs are made for the potatoes that are too incompetent to succeed as carriers, so they need constant buffs so the battles are nice and one-sided. that’s why you don’t get counter-play.

  12. My only thoughts are that, each enemy ship thought someone else was going to target Angry_Blades and they didn’t want to waste time turning the guns and launching a broadside at him.

  13. Target fixation and loss of situational awareness. Nevermind that the two remaining enemy ships also maneuvered to put themselves behind cover of those islands. They may have seen him on the mini map, but never actually looked to see what his health was, and just made a dash for cover, while focusing on the ships ahead of them.

  14. Regarding accuracy: Caracciolo has in fact worse accuracy than Gneisenau. Carraciolo has the worst horizontal and fifth or sixth worst vertical disperison (depending on range) of all t7 BBs, as well as the fifth worst sigma (out of 22 t7 BBs). She might feel more accurate, but that is purely down to the extra turret. Personally, I prefer Gneisenau by a landslide. Caracciolo just feels painful to play.
    Also, f*** submarines in WoWs!

  15. “There are plenty of terrible tier 7 battleships”
    *Looks at my Colorado with disgust*
    “Yes Gneisenau we’re looking at you*
    *But I love my Gneisenau*

    • I know right, I have had some absolutely great games in the Gneisenau, if played right its a fantastic ship.

    • Colorado is my single best performing ship, and I don’t know why.

    • @Arizsun Ahola one of those weird ships that you do well in for some reason, my favorit ship is the Amagi, mostly do to the fact I can always have reliable games.

    • Colorado has near Izumo accuracy now.
      They have buffed the guns so much, it’s almost a tier 8.

      Colorado, jokes and memes aside, is up with Sinop as one of the best tech tree Tier 7 battleships in the game. Gnei is still hot garbage… in atier 6 game. Bayern is a better T7 than the Gnei.

    • i love my sinop though. just gotta play it like a nelson.

  16. KGV here, we were cracking up in discord as soon as he blasted the Roma, it was hilarious to watch. And we were definitely complaining about subs before that too. Great video Jingles!

  17. I’ll say it again. World of Warships is, according to its own marketing (most notably the Open Beta trailer) functionally a game of rock-paper-scissors. Destroyers will beat Battleships, which will beat Cruisers, which in turn beat Destroyers all over again. Each can fight back but isn’t as well equipped to do so. Fringe classes such as battlecruisers, gunboat destroyers, heavy cruisers, they all do their own thing (primarily turn the tables in that order and/or try to defeat their own class) but they still pretty much fit the overall idea. Aircraft carriers, and now submarines, don’t fit into that at all. They never were intended to, never were even planned at all much less planned to slot neatly into this system, and now of course have not. Wargaming came up with and flaunted this idea, and they promptly ignored the reasons they came up with as to why it wouldn’t work. And look where we are now.

    • illustrating why I deleted that crap from my HD along with their p2w tankfest

    • “I defend subs and carriers because they are in history”
      without realizing the game is not history and how the class changed every thing in naval warfare. The dude has 0 idea about how they play in the game anyway.

  18. The thing with the subs… Actually, subs couldn’t see ships on the surface except at periscope depth, which risked their own detection. What should be happening in the game is that sonar pings should reveal the location of enemy ships, so the sub can fire NON-HOMING torpedoes. That is, the sub would fire a ping in a direction, and it would briefly reveal ships within a radius around the ping as it travels. The sub could then target and fire torpedoes. Of course, they would be able to target without pings when using the periscope.

    • this sounds very interesting – the only problem i can see with this is sending a bunch of pings into a smoke screen to spot dds early, though that can be solved with long ping cooldowns

  19. subtlewhatssubtle

    The repair party anti-ping fix involves six men with hammers running to the designated portion of the ship and hitting bulkheads until the harmonic frequency of the hull changes.

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