World of Warships – Divisional Success

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Had a wonderful with my division and wanted share our experience since it worked out so well with all the teamwork. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X American Battleship Montana Replay – Discord Server


  1. We kicked their teeth in that game. Always fun to div with you!

  2. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    9:03 – pause the video and notice the mini map – the enemy Montana was 45 degrees from Notser’s guns…
    He basically struck the monty’s bow – at 45 degrees, below autobounce, allowing it to penetrate through Bow and the 400mm frontal citadel… Basically that so called Yamato Cheek weakness – also applies to other battleships. Even German and British Battleships. Aim for the frontal citadel and hit the bow at 45 degrees to bypass autobounce to pull it off…

    • It happens a lot with German Battleships. It is easier to pen their citadels like this.

    • Yep. I’ve only done it once myself, but it happens. It’s more obvious on the Yamato because the area is bigger and easier to hit, but if your dispersion and angle is right, other BBs can citadel BBs that way.

  3. try the 3 conqueror div and pls upload it


    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Fixed torpedoes aren’t added in game, since you have to fire them – by physically positioning you ship forward. Nelson Also had fix torpedoes but she does not have them in game.
      I wished they had them though. WG makes Mikasa’s guns drunk – since they are still salty about her badassery in Tsushima.


  5. Prolly don’t see you in any game soon, but gotta agree with your ingame fellow captains. Great content, watching every vid you put on the channel 🙂

  6. Im almost certain that Chung-Mu intentionally turned back South because he had only eyes for Notser. Note that Notser was last spotted at 7:14 at which point it was almost guaranteed he’d go around that island the southern way. That dd then pulled around, steamed right into Notsers path expecting an easy kill and apparently forgot to drop his speed according to the smoke screen so he got spotted out.
    Also note: that Chung-Mu later (10:36) says “nots got in my teams head…”, accuses his team of either focussing only Notser, or pulling a Notser constantly, either way, blames them for poor performance. However, from my point of view, it may have been overall poor performance by that enemy team, this Chung-Mu suiciding was the biggest throw though since it allowed Notser’s team to push in without caution as they liked.

  7. That 9 pen hit on the Freddy. Holy crap.

  8. Notser
    World of Warships seems to suffer from a maturity deficit. Players just refuse to work as a team so much of the time. Another critical vulnerability in my opinion is the lack of a true planning interface. I’m not sure what the answer is but the ability to conduct more efficient planning would be great.

    • they have some sort of a planning interface in total war arena where u can draw on the map for the rest of the team to see, so hopefully they will import it into wows

    • Luca Alberigo
      That would be great. It would add so much to the game.

  9. The chung mu could’ve known where u were because u were RPF for a while and u were already turning to the middle when u got blapped by the GK. He misplayed with the smoke and u were lucky he did.

  10. I regularly spank Montana’s in my Chung Mu, huge miss play by that guy

  11. I don’t mean to come across as an ass but it’s getting a bit old seeing everything on tier 10. My highest is a lowly tier 7 DD for the German side. There have to be other videos that can be done. How about doing things with the other tiers like had been done before.

  12. My favorite ship 🙂

  13. too bad most divisions are still made of bad players, one of them takes the rest of them out of the game more often than naught. Cute, you guys want to play together, but you still have to work with the rest of the team

    • ie triple texas division skirting the battlefield for 16 minutes then dying as the last 3 on the team. I see what you did there, but slow as sin one taking all out of the battle leads to a loss, as usual when you dont work together

  14. If you have a Xbox one or a PS4, then you in luck because wargaming announced that World of Warships will be saling it’s way to the consoles in early 2019! It’s free

  15. Mohammad Abdullah

    Thanks for walking us through the early game thought process. I hope to see more of that since it’s kind of a hurdle for some of us and not commonly covered in CC random battle vids.

  16. Thank you for explaining a division game. Most people don’t get exposure to them even though a lot of your replays are divisions. Would love to see a video about optimized divisions; not just same classes.

  17. Notser turning Montana to use rear guns showing full broadside.. Me facepalm…..

  18. I love my GK it is such a brawler, and the funny thing is I often end up capturing bases for my team especially when dds are not. (And usually top on xp)

  19. Teamplay over personal success? Hmm… I play a lot of DDs and CONSTANTLY get told what to do. Go spot, go cap, whatever. And then, when you do just that, you end up spotted and killed faster than these people can support you.

    What good am I to my team’s success when dead, again? Notsure I agree with that statement. (see what I did there?) 😉

    • I suggest you start to use a matchmaking monitor and check the teammates winrate: listen to better players than you and ignore the bad players, there are very good players that if supported can shred the enemy teams, real teamplay works, commands from a guy that is worse than you at the game can be fatal

    • Nice, I will have to give this a try, thanks 😉

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