World of Warships – DMing Quacks

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Once again in my trusted Des Moines quacking ppl around.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Haven’t watched yet, predicting Monkey dies 7:15 in

  2. “I’m not an elitest.”
    Well, as a filthy casual I beg to disagree. Just saying.

    • You clearly missed his point.

    • I think he might mean players that run away from fights.

    • you missed his point. players like that bismarck are either trolls or complete fucking idiots that need to QUIT the game. i get team mates like this often and dont play nearly as much because of the ever reducing IQ.

    • @Daryl Brundritt What do you think his point is? Those were the last two surviving ships on that flank. They got pushed back like so many do like Flambass has, like YOU have and like I have.
      Flambass’ inference is they should be be playing in their own class with no consideration as to why they were in that position.
      They got pushed back because the rest of their team died so they are suddenly scrubs?

    • @Mark Costello fuck off mate they were dead and we all know it. They were just being pussies and dragging shit out for no reason

  3. “I have a smoke….every so often” its this grasp of the details that wins games lol.

  4. 12:10 “You spunkbubble” as soon at you said carrier in the corner his ship started to turn on the mini map. CVs to monkey are like water to a man in the sahara, or a jacket to a man in the arctic.

  5. Obligatory “Quacken” comment

  6. “bismark shooting he and has survival expert”

    *C R I N G E*

  7. MyopicAutisticMetal

    I am stunned, monkey didn’t die…

  8. a “QUACKEN” a day keeps the ragequit away

  9. 12:28 I legit thought he was going to start shooting monkey

  10. “spunkbubble” your next name lol

  11. Should’ve gotten 6 kills by finishing monkey

  12. Me when I spect ramdom teams:

    this isn’t funny anymore is just sad.

  13. Those guys werent blind firing at you in that smoke, they were shooting at the Monarch that parked next to you who they could see because of smoke firing penalty.

  14. Did that Monarch fire at the Stalin before he kill stole? I didn’t see it.

  15. what modern does he use in the last slot?

  16. That’s why I’m always chat banned.. Cause of players like that bismarck.. Gets my blood boiling

  17. Flambwimp…..when are you going to play a MONTANA? Even MONKEY plays a MONTANA!!!

  18. Hey you’ve been covering up the stats with links to other videos. Don’t do that. *angry face* 🙂

  19. Anybody else use “GOT EM BOYS!” in everyday life now?

    Monkey kills me “Spunk Bubble!” Lol does that make home “Spunk Monkey”??

  20. When you get your five ducks in a row…

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