World of Warships- Do German Battleships Need A Buff?

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Sharing some thoughts on a question that you guys have been asking me recently!

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  1. It has been announced in the latest stream that the German ships’ secondaries from tier 8 are going to get 1/4 caliber penetration instead of 1/6. But i agree with you, German BBs need some love, especially the Gneisenau.

  2. I absolutely believe that the Germans could use a minor improvement on the sigma value if their main batteries. I know that they are adding the 1/4 pen to the Bismarck and Tirpitz 105mm, which definitely is going in the right direction keeping the Germans on top with the secondaries.

    • Jonathan Wennströmm

      No the issue with the Germans, at least the gk is that their turrets don’t spin properly. You have to show broadside to shoot with all of your guns which just isn’t fair.

  3. They do and so does IJN there avg damage is a full 20 k lower then the brits and Russians. I get consistent 80k damage with Queen Elizabeth with HE only. That’s almost GK avr damage and more then both T10 cv Midway and Haku

  4. old_rust_ bucket

    This is an inherent problem with WOWs design across all the metas: every time a new ship line or premium comes out, the existing ones suffer from some degree of power creep (depending on how powerful the line/ship is). WG thought process quite clearly tilts towards short term gains here – everyone is going to want to play the new ship/s with the big guns, regardless of any negative impact on the current meta’s balance and overall fun experience. Examples? Belfast, Kutuzov, Asashio, Conqueror…and now the Colbert, Smolensk and Slava and the list goes on…

  5. I feel like WG created the German BB line to act as huge sand bags for other players to punch , so everyone can increase their average dmg per game…

  6. PEF, Gnei and FDG do NEED a buff big time

  7. a couple % torp protect increase

  8. •_Lumia Art_•

    Yep the German BB need much love

  9. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Please not that this video was made before the announcement of the German secondary buff

  10. I like the Gneisenau match you showed…. I was in that match with you in my Flint. didn’t realize you were in the match till the end and you ane me were the top two players in the match.

  11. Yes, accuracy to main guns. Shotgun shooting today is frustrating.

  12. I’d like the dispersion on the main battery to be better than that of confetti cannons.

  13. Yes! The armor doesnt work; you will eat massive penetration damage no matter the angle.
    Both main batteries abd secondaries cant hit anything even if the target is broadside under 7 km.

    They need the upcoming buff to their secondaries, less drag on shells and a working armor


    Your welcome for the summary

  15. If German BB’s need a buff then the UK Cruisers most certainly do.

  16. I simply stopped, playing them. Sad. Because they used to be my favs.

  17. Yes. Better damage at with guns. To many shot with little to no damage.

  18. “Sometimes RNG” Lol, you realize this game is all about RNG yeah ?=P That’s the problem with this game.

  19. correct me if im wrong but im pretty sure that the h39 and h41 designs on which the german bb’s were based were designed with torpedo launchers, 2×3 one per side

  20. When your secondaries are more accurate than your main guns.

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