World of Warships – DO it again they said

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It took me 5 games to win in my Yueyang because I was always getting yoloed by enemy team. The sad part is they would get away with it for the most part because my team didn’t care. But after 5 games I finally won and the very first thing my chat said was: “do it again so it’s not a coincidence” so here I am. Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Dont think Monkey appriciated it too much xD

  2. Monkey was right. It was the Baltimores Radar and Salam had Hydro up. Otherwise you’d still have been detected by Radar at 3:24 when you were 8.7 km away from the Salam.

    • +Ishot BambisMum it must be a miserable life where you think complimenting somebody for the work they do is seen as a negative.

    • +Flambass @Flambass This really spiraled out of control…

      Since I made the original comment, there’s a few things I’d like to add.

      First of all: I don’t think your behaviour was offensive at all, and I never saw it that way. Me and my friends rip into each other just like that basically every occasion we get. It is the kind of behaviour that looks weird, arrogant or aggressive to ‘outsiders’ but is perfectly normal for close friends.

      Second, I’m not beneath admitting that I might be wrong. Not owning the Salem I have assumed that she has Des Moines radar range. In the moment I made the comment it looked to me as if you’ve made an honest mistake, since even for the best players, sometimes, especially when there is a lot of input, some things might slip or confuse you. My original comment was just meant to be an observation, and apparantly I mixed up a few stats. I assumed Salem had a ‘better’ radar range. I’m not going to delete or edit my original comment, I can fully admit that I’m wrong.

      So, if my comment caused you grief, I’d like to apologize and openly say that I was wrong, again.

    • calderi8 are you dumb?

    • calderi8 not as miserable as that of a batti who crawls up an arse of a youtuber in the comment section.

    • +Flambass There’s been an increase in members of the streams whose messages are borderline between “rough, but good-natured” and toxic. Most of the time both Flambass and Monkey either joke them away or ignore them. But it is obvious that “tribal” behavior aka “fan-boi-ism” has some ugly aspects where they jump to conclusions or worse, deliberately try to stir up trouble between you two. Thanks to both of you to try to explain what shouldn’t need to be explained.

  3. LOL clearly I’m superior 🙂 hehe

  4. Monkey magic!

  5. Big oof for Monkey


  6. nice team play to let monkey get 5 kills

  7. I’m sorry flambass but you developed for the worse. you disrespect every enemy player, no matter if they are playing good or bad and you even ( often , not always ) ignore or disrespect your teammates… why are you even playing with them still…?
    dont get me wrong, i still like you more then every other wows streamer, but dude, you have to stop getting so cynical…
    anyway, enjoy your trip to berlin next week!!! its my hometown and has a lot of beautiful things to offer 🙂

  8. Yep, you definitely owe Monkey a very big apology for being wrong and very disrespectful.

    • Okey 1st of all:
      for all of you who found this offensive – you have NO IDEA what you’re talking about. Me and Monkey play every day and joke on each others account and have fun and a blast laughing. You will see us VERY often “firing shots” at each other because it’s friendly banter and not actually insulting each other. If you don’t believe me, come on our stream, we stream every day and you’ll see for yourself
      2nd of all:
      I was radared by the Salem as you can clearly see because when I get on 8.5km distance from him I get undetected and if it was Balti radar I would have been detected till 10km.
      Salem can carry radar OR a hydro and Balti can carry BOTH so you tell me what is the better chance (even if we ignore radar distances FACTS) that Blati used hydro and Salem used radar, or that Salem decided to use hydro consumable instead of radar???
      me laughing at Monkey was purely because he sounded soooo confused and it was kinda cute and funny, that’s all there is to it.
      I really fail to understand where all this “omg flambass you’re famous and arrogant”, “you don’t accept you were wrong” comes from?
      I don’t think I was wrong and even if I was this is not a big deal because I told him what I was radared by, not what HE was radared by. HE was the one coming with funny conclusions about the whole situation which made me laugh, because from my perspective it was super obvious and simple and he got confused.
      When I said I’m radared I think it was Salem and then I went out of his radar range and the radar went away.

      This was in no way meant to be disrespectful or offensive.
      If you believe this, then believe me when I tell you…you are wrong.
      If you don’t believe me I’ll tell you one more time. COME ON OUR STREAM and see it for yourself.
      I feel weird for even typing this but I don’t rly like being accused of such weird things.
      And if I was wrong and it was baltis radar and not Salem that caught me then fine, but I just fail to see how, given all info about ships involved. You are making waaay too big of a fuzz about this when it’s nothing really, calm down 😉
      Have a good rest of the day.

    • Pass off, nobody give a frack and foremost not a monkey…

    • You really should see them on stream, they roast each other 100% of the time.

  9. 6:05 cool kids don’t watch the explosions.

  10. doesnt salem have 8.5 km radar? and baltimore 10km?

  11. this one’s for monkey:


  12. Can’t watch the twitch stream at work. Twitch went into hyperdrive and almost took down the entire company’s internet.

  13. To all you saying flambass was mistaking you are incorrect. Salem has 8.5km radar Baltimore 10 km. You can see that when flambass leaves the 8.5km of the radar range the radar stops, and the Baltimore later uses the radar confirming it was indeed the Salem radaring and not just the Baltimore radar timing out with impressive timing.
    All that being said you did sound unusually dickish flambino 😛

    • Amazing the ignorance of the comments up top complaining flambass was wrong. But hey this is what we should expect from a player base who don’t even know where a cap is these days.

    • It was just funny and cute for me how confused Monkey got but it was not meant to be offensive trust me 😉

    • I know, but many people here do not watch the streams so we only know your cute side. thats why people were shocked XD +Flambass

  14. Meatballs for life

    imagine running acquisition iowa, yoloing a smoke screen then turning broadside before you detect the DD.

  15. With success comes arrogance Flambass.

  16. Flambass is right, 8.5km radar on salem, he stopped being detected at 8.5km. That being said it was a bit dickish flambino.
    Not suprised people don’t know, game is full of potatoes after all.
    Lmao at the dude who thinks Salem has 8.7km hydro. (not monkey, someone in the comments)

  17. ok dudes just so we clear flambass has never disrespected me or offended me and lets be honest who gives a shit who was wrong and who was right?

    on a more serious note flambass is one hell of an awesome dude for all that he has done for me and for still diving up with me after all the shit I do in game with my dumbass yolo’s and all that

    PS monkey is superior, stay chilled and just laugh with us

    • +U.R. Kidding That would be cool……..

    • @RogueMonkey “ok dudes just so we clear flambass has never disrespected me or offended me”
      I would doubt that, mates do both to each other on a regular basis. The closer they are the harsher the funnier it gets. I’m afraid what you have here is “outrage culture”. I thought the gaming community was outside that social bubble lol Always up to be proven wrong 😉

    • +Peacemaker 666 My comment was obviously lathered in humor and sarcasm not sure how hate was extrapolated from that?!?

    • @Geezer Warrior ????? My comment wasn’t directed at you m8, sarcasm is my middle name 😉 It was directed at other posters who are “outraged” at Flambass in other threads, the only guy that has a right to take offence at Flambass is the OP. They are big boys, they can sort that out for themselves. I have no issue with your post 🙂

    • +Peacemaker 666 Ok, gotcha….my bad

  18. Monkey you old dog, getting carried again by Flambino :D<3

  19. OldSchool Gaming

    What did they nerf on the YY? Just read the rest of the post here and are people here serious? Or are they just trolling Flambass? If you think hes rude to either Monkey or another player you are clueless. As Flambass said, maybe watch his stream once and understand what kind of player he is. Will he sometimes point out a strange choice like the proximity mocule instead of consealment on the 2 BBs? Sure, but that is more like a PSA, but rude? Seriously?!

  20. Clearly I am superior. Still laughing!!!

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