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Here is one of examples of what NOT to do with your ships…..please
Now I know you are gonna see it work here and be all like “Oh well if it works I’m gonna do it” NO
Just NO…please DO NOT DO THIS, it’s not safe…’s a bad idea that just happened to work okey????
I do hope you enjoy watching the video though 😉


  1. 45C in Spain yesterday 🙁

  2. ” since when does the Tirpitz have such amazing fire chance?” Youd never know if you never shoot HE in it.

  3. Everyone complaining about the heat, its lovely 27 degrees in germany xD. The perfect summer temperature in my opinion 😉

  4. Apparently the heat wave in the world has hit World of Warships too.

  5. Oh by the way that tirpitz you burned to death was called Teufel, which is the german word for devil… So i guess you just sent him back to hell?

  6. ‘I feel dirty, omg’ haha

  7. lol 95 fahrenheit. Or as we call it in the midwest of the USA, “a summer day”. Except our humidity is high too. And places like Georgia (USA) have it worse 😀

    • Tony Ennis just come to Virginia 100 with 98% humidity

    • Jamal Al-Sulaiman

      Hi, this is Kuwait calling. Just letting you know it’s 113 F here at the moment. Likely to go up to 140 before summer ends. Plus humidity. 😛

    • +Jamal Al-Sulaiman wasn’t aware you had humidity as well. That must be about the greatest thing ever.

    • Jamal Al-Sulaiman

      Yeah it can get up to 85% humidity even at 140 degrees. It’s a nightmare. Being outdoors for more than 5 minutes at a time is exhausting.

  8. HE with the Tirpitz it is !!!!! Great Idea Flambass !!

  9. just wait for more bb he spam now nice one flambass! lol

  10. It’s very common here in India.. 45-49°C every summer

  11. The Budgie Admiral

    Well, testservers are up, time to make a demo expert Bismarck.

  12. Complains about summer heat — takes it out in WoWs by burning up all enemies.

  13. Pretty funny Jingles video yesterday, in reference to a low tier BB using HE, says “Someone buy that guy a Tirpitz”. Then you show this. Great stuff!! Love your content. Keep up the great work. Safe travels, and enjoy your company!!

    • You gotta watch them old guys. They sneaky! Also good shooting. Amazing hit percentage our hero has adds to the score, and improves your chances of setting those fire. More hits, more checks for fire. Ow ow!

    • therandomnessisreal

      Was thinking about what Jingles said as well 😛

  14. Flambass you need tot abandon your vacation immidiately, the channel on two brothers have become clogged up with HE spamming BBs, you need to fix this 😛

  15. only 107F ( 42C ) today, standard summer day in the south west

  16. OH MY GOD, I am shooting nothing but HE on my Tirpitz from now on. Thanks Flambass for this AMAZING guide on how to Tirpitz 😀

  17. Bad Flambass Bad, now go and sit in a corner and think on what you have done. Between this and Jingles promoting triple Lyon divisions what is happening in the world 🙂

  18. I wonder if Alabama is the same way… I must test this…

  19. Jourdan Fernandez

    RNG is weather dependent? Firepitz confirmed!

  20. Destroying AA and secondaries counts as modules

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