World Of Warships – Do This Myself – Ranked – Alabama

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WhistlinCorsair putting a team on his back in ranked.

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  1. Peeds? Please no. Please, just no.

  2. Thats Edinburgh storming towards the BBs shooting while spotted…. *sigh*

  3. That special Benson,why people don’t understand that they have to spot not stay in smoke,DD in smoke is useless for team,???? and the Kagero,that is the quality of DDs in rank?same for the enemy DDs

  4. Nutwrenching drama till the end! Love it :D6

  5. Where is the best place to smoke while capping in dd’s as I smoke up near an island in a cap circle.

    • Vegard Løfaldli

      Dont smoke up unless you have planes hovering over you, or you get spotted and have to save the last few ticks. If another DD is contesting you should just disengage (or take him out / chase him away if you can), as sitting in smoke in a contested cap is both useless and a magnet for torps. If you’re not spotted, it’s a waste of a smoke, and at the same time you’re not spotting for your team. All that said, you should position yourself with an exitstrategy, like near an island as you said.

    • Vegard Løfaldli thanks for the response.

    • Qckslvrslash Gaming

      Always try and save your smoke. Keeps your vision in the game and the second you smoke a huge volley of torps will be headed your way. What I often do is find an edge of the cap where I have an easy getaway rather than trying to find protection in the cap. Use your smoke for those moments you need to get away.

  6. keyboard sound, chair movement, whatever that sound is in the background is IRRITATING, fwiw

  7. Two dds remaining – reload AP – DUH

    • Qckslvrslash Gaming

      Honestly with there hitpoints didn’t matter overmatches them both and an overpen is all that was needed

  8. Cant wait for the Kagero driver to see people calling him out for cowing on youtube.

    • Qckslvrslash Gaming

      It would be a shame. I’d rather he see and go “oh yeah really shoulda pushed in” perhaps he was unfamiliar with the Asashio and thought torps could hit him. He played well and getting the caps kept them in the game. But that misplay to protect his health at the end against a pair of DDs he could have 2v1’d no problem hurts to watch. It is lucky the enemy Kagero was redetected

  9. Sorry to say but this DD’s play style is something I see more and more of this days. They don’t go to caps. They go around edge of the map. Don’t help spotting. And finally in the end of a battle yell at BB and CA’s for not doing/playing good enough.

    • Qckslvrslash Gaming

      Yup I saw a lot of it too. There is a time to play like he did and did a good job until the end of the game there.

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