World of Warships – Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?

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Today we’re mainly concerned with two things. First, at what point does it become a really good idea to run away? Secondly, I know what you’re thinking, did he fire 345 shots or 346? Well to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kinda lost track myself. But being as this is the USS Atlanta, the most powerful light air defence cruiser in the , you’ve gotta ask yourself one question. “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya, punk?

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  1. Hello Mr.Jingles,
    This is my first comment despite me being subscribed since the days you and sidestrafe would play world of tanks together in yalls centurians. I’m currently living in Texas and am very curious to know if theres any way fans like me can see you while you are down at Drive Tanks?
    Sincerely- Southern Salt Miner 2187

    • I’m in Texas but not really interested in the 4-5 hours just to get there, never mind the same going home. You probably shouldn’t just show up without checking the Drive Tanks’ policy on spectators, fans, or friends on the property who isn’t specifically also a customer. I AM in easy proximity to the Johnson Space Center and Battleship Texas if Jingles ever gets to this side of Texas.

  2. Darkness Nighthingale

    Hey, I’m early! I totally didn’t stay up till 6:20am to see this.

  3. Did You Hear about the Accident at the Army Base?

    A tank ran over a box of popcorn and killed two kernals!

  4. Slawomir Chmielewski

    He wasn’t unlucky with the citadels, he clearly aimed too high.

    • I like to aim higher bc I get more consistent damage.

    • +ArmchairWarrior So I am not bringing skills from the game to the table. What’s that empty trope even supposed to mean? That I dont play wows and just pull random numbers out of my butt or the wiki? Sorry to break it to you but I have 8k games under my belt and do actually know that citadel overpens exist by both having tested it in a training battle and seen it happen countless times in random. I dare you to take a Moskva and get less than 4 km away from the flat broadside of a Mino and then try citpenning it aiming at his belt. See what happens yourself. Dugay has somewhere in the vicinity of 16 armor on it’s belt. Jap 203s AP does not arm on this little armor at that close range. Look up fuse timers and arming thresholds for ammunition. Oh wait…stats and numbers are for idiots …It’s all about The “feel” ….that’s why all unicum players do not concern themselves with such nonsense and just ask the closest medium whether their dead grandma would advise them to invest into Ifhe or not.

    • Slawomir Chmielewski

      You get consistent overpens. One citadel is worth 10 overpens. Even if you miss 5 out of 6 shells, you’re still better off.

    • +ArmchairWarrior Citadel Overpens are not a myth.

    • It almost felt like he’s a DD player that just started grinding any other class of ship…

  5. oh jingles, the furious taco has 4 torpedos on each side. not 3 🙂

    • Only with the last hull

    • +Basileus s you can clearly see in the replay it has 4 torps on each side . Jingles is getting old

    • +NotGreatAtGaming He is 8 years younger than I am though admittedly as my son says he LOOKS 10 years older and behaves it too. I still play metal music like Led Zeppelin and Slayer, train Tai kwon DO, don’t drink or party hard (never did see the fun in the ‘Rock n’ Roll’ suicide lifestyle; love the music though and playing it) so that might explain it plus he did many years in the RN all over the world with diseases etc while I only did 5 in the RAF, a much cushier easy life on Fulton Airbase near Bristol, so that might explain it. But Jingles loves his fatty foods too much and is getting lazy too. Still love the guy, he is one of a kind, he get’s by on charm, lucky bastard, just ask Rita!

    • +NotGreatAtGaming It is in fact the last hull, i just mean that the error is understandable

  6. A furutaka is a small battleship but with bad armour and torpedoes

  7. 5:08 *”Actually Jingles, The Furutaka only manage to get an overpentration on the Kirov, but because the Kirov was so low on health, he killed him anyways. Uh Jingles?”*

  8. To anyone who is curious about the camo that the Myoko had in the Atlanta replay, it is actually the Arp Haguro, a special version of the Myoko one could get by playing an event back in February 2017 IIRC in collaboration with Arpeggio of Blue Steel (I got all of the ARP ships, and I am glad I did, though I am pissed off AF with the nerfs done to the Kongo ships).

  9. Remember that old Furutaka video from Yuro? He put an image of an actual furry taco in there. God that thing looks disgusting x)

  10. No camo, regular consumables… Oh, my eyes!

    • Why waste them on a tier 5 ship?

    • +Ushio01 cause a premium damage control party and a standard camo are cheap as chips

    • +Knodsil if by cheap as chips you mean handed out for free at every corner on the way to the supermarket, then yes, I agree with you.

    • +Knodsil Yea ta least pay for a camo, or use one of the hundreds you get given, one of those pretty ones that sports calf shit green as the main color scheme or parrot vomit yellow, after all you can’t use them on high tier ships because of how they look, on low tier people will look away in disgust and give you even more advantage 🙂

    • I’ll give him a pass because of his chutzpah, but that was hard to watch.

  11. He’s not getting citadels because arcaeva constantly aims too high lol…

  12. T5, not running a camo or premium consumables. Seems legit. Why don’t I encounter players like this on the enemy team?

    • +Frozenstein It will probably come as a surprise to you based on your comments but there is a 2 captain skill that offsets most of engine/rudder damage. Also you don’t seem to realise that there is a cool down time on premium consumables as well as non premium ones.
      At tier 5 I have played lots of games with premium items and lots without, talking about 100+ of each and the difference for a newish player is not worth the credit cost.
      For premium accounts the situation is different because of the way premium works, you do not get 50% more NET credits but a lot more than non premium players.

    • +1110jesse Ignore any “expert” who says play PVE as a better way to get credits than playing and “auto losing” in PVP because you do not use the ubur premium camo and consumables – they are just talking out their arse.

    • +Kneecapper i ignored pve after 3rd game of that gamemode 😀 weekly ops are only worth doing tho 🙂

    • +Kneecapper i agree, coming from someone who has multiple tier Xs and has played 3 ranked seasons, achieving rank 1,1, and 3. prem consumables are a joke in random, esp. at high tiers on a standard account. no way you make that money back in extra credits earned. you could at tier 5, but what’s the point? it’s tier 5 and they make so little difference they’ll never overcome the massive incompetence of your own teammates.

      my personal philosophy towards random games is i’ll play to the best of my ability, but at the end of the day i’m in it to maximize my credits earned, and *NOT* running prem consumables maximizes that. as someone else calculated, prem stuff costs 60k per battle. there is no fucking way they increase my income by that amount, esp. at high tiers where even a good player is pretty much break even on a standard account.

    • @Kneecapper
      Last stand? On BBs and cruisers too? xD I can imagine you using aquisition mod on DDs instead of stealth at this point… xD

      As I said you can get away without using most in low tiers, BUT repair party is a MUST. The difference in cooldown time is massive and you have very little hp to begin with, so having it ready to put out fires, flood or repair engine/rudder much much sooner is not something to disregard.

      Same with heal. Not only you can get it up faster, you also get an extra charge. Which means more hp -> longer battle (for you at least) -> more damage -> more credit/xp. Simple as that.

      Smoke on cruisers is the same. More charges, faster reload. It’s your bread and butter, unless you can hug islands like a boss.

      If you think using basic consumables and going naked in this game is how you should play it, because “I play it for fun” than you are so greatly mistaken. You are just making yourself an xp/credit pinata for everyone else and get roflstomped in the first 5 mins at best. How is that any fun? Use premium consumables so you can stay relevant AND “have fun” not because “I’m tryharding to win”. At the very least start using them t7 and up. You’ll meet an astronomically high amount of premium and OP ships there. You’ll need all the “advantage” you can get. Btw everyone who wants to win is using premium so it’s not even an “advantage” to begin with…

      And again I can get credit just fine with a normal account even in high tiers with premium stuff. I just have to play better, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting credit with premium account without premium consumables. Especially not with this new wows premium acc stuff.

  13. 2:20 “It’s never gonna bounce many battleship shells”

    *Actually* Jingles, the 48 mm deck armor of the Furry, her 25mm casemates and her 76mm belt means that she can tank 14” shells all day long if angled, as long as they don’t hit the (relatively minuscule) 13mm bow plating. Even if a shell hits the bow plating and overmatches, the absurdly thick 103mm athwartship bulkhead on the citadel means that the shell will score a pen, not a citadel.

    If angled, the Furry can tank Kongos, Fusos and Arizonas _juuuuuuuust_ fine. Admittedly not 15” or 16” ships like the Warspite, Mutsu etc. though.

    • and that is why everyone and his grandma can still citadel the shit out of her despite the ridicolous claims made here…and if she angles i burn her down while she fucking does nothing with her slow ass reload and 1 turret being able to fire at me.

    • +The Infidel Not ‘everyone and his grandma’. Everyone with a 15”+ rifle. That does not exist in T4 or T5, is very rare in T6 and only becomes commonplace in T7 (but if you’re bottom tier in a T7 game, you can expect to be spanked no matter what ship you’re driving, except perhaps the Kamikaze).

      If you get citadelled by an equal-tier battleship in the Furutaka, you have given too much broadside and have potatoed hard. This is not a ‘ridicolous (sic) claim’, that’s pure maths and game mechanics.

      As for burning her down, she’s as susceptible to that as any other T5 ship, but she has a larger health pool and *significantly* more accurate guns than any other cruiser in her tier, so you’re in for a bad day if her captain is any good at shooting.

  14. Glorious banzai charge. *VERY HONOURABLE*

  15. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    I don’t care about Furutaka being naked…..It’s my waifu and I like her that way

  16. Friendly piece of advice to Furataka player, the credits camo and premium damage con costs will be earned back by the extra time being alive they will get you. You also need to lower your aim for broadsiding cruisers to the water line. You have good aim for BB upper belts but it’s only when rng steps in with your dispersion that you’ll hit cruiser citadels aiming that high. And lastly, don’t be afraid of switching ammo types. The 8″ HE dose decent damage on angled BB’s and fire chance is really good. Still well played. A lot of luck to survive that but everyone needs luck most of the time in this game ?

  17. Morale of the story…


  18. 3:45 He was aiming high thats why he didnt get any citadels

  19. Thank you for reviewing my game in my atlanta, FYI my captain was full AA build with IFHE for maximum meme potential.

  20. “for you Europeans out there”
    Wait, Jingles, you live in the UK and that is…… oh nevermind

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