World of Warships | Do you need a CPU upgrade? | FX 8300 – R5 1600X – i7-2600K – i7-7700K

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Note: 480 & 580 have very similar , within 5% of each other – buy the one that costs the least – I do suggest the cards, in the long run they are the better choice.



  1. waiting for comparison of 580,570,1060,1070

  2. for me right now all cpus from Intel are obsolete( except 7700k for high refresh monitors)

  3. Would be interesting to know how this game would run with a RX460 (2GB) and with an R5 1500X or a R5 1600 in FHD.

  4. TechDeals you should bring back your world of warships lets plays! Those were a lot of fun to watch!

  5. *UPDATE* – As I type this, I’m working on GTX 1060 3GB/6GB vs RX 570/580 4GB/8GB comparison testing… some of you will be happy to know those will be the first videos that include 1% lows rather than minimums. For those of you who don’t know what a 1% minimum is, I’ll explain it in the first video.

    *NOTE* – I still have more of these, as well as some other game tests which were done prior to switching to 1% lows, so don’t be surprised to see these post over the next two weeks.

    *Ryzen 5 1600* – This build is coming soon, perhaps this weekend – A heads up for long time viewers, don’t expect as many videos or as detailed of a build video, I’m going to try this a bit different and condense it down to just 2 videos, a complete system review and a separate “Why VLog”.

    *Ryzen 5 1400* – This will probably happen towards the end of May, I have the CPU, but not all the parts to put it together, waiting on a case and cooler for this one, it’ll be a smaller budget system.

    *Ryzen 7 1700X + B350 + RX 480 Giveaway* – This ends tomorrow, be sure to enter if you have not already done so! If you’re reading this after April 27th, not to worry, there will be more giveaways in the future, I have several more RX cards to give away. 🙂

  6. Sterling Albritton

    When will you do another live Q&A?

  7. Will you ever do some gaming keyboard, mouse, and headset reviews?

  8. Y6ou reaLly love theese games don’t you ? 🙂

  9. Cheers mate. Sit down to dinner for one and new vid! Rock on.

  10. Love it how people are talking about “same cpu for half the price with 1800x” and “Ryzen is futureproof”, while here a 6 year old Intel chip spanks the 1600x on its bum. Sorry but for now Intel will still be king in gaming AMD.

  11. I’m really just a simple Youtuber. When I see a video by Tech Deals, I click like!!

  12. Please don’t make your videos shorter. 🙁
    It is what makes your channel unique and different from other Tech channels.
    It’s your ‘selling point’, if you will.
    Also, guys, I don’t think he’s getting enough funds, he’s really trying hard – let’s overflow his account with funds ;).

  13. I recommend your channel to everyone I talk to because of how clear and well thought out you make your videos, and you have a great sense of humor and fun while doing them. I think your channel sets the bar quite high on how to do content such as this.

  14. I completely skipped the FX line, I went from an old Phenom II 945, and a XFX HD6950, to Ryzen R51600 and XFX RX480 8Gb. The difference is radical. Eagerly awaiting VEGA.

  15. i built a pc with an i5 7400 and rx 570! and i am super hyped! now i am downloading win 10

  16. 23:12 Motherboard, CPU and ughh processor? 😀

  17. Just a quick data point. I just built a Ryzen 1600 based system designed using the information I got mostly from watching this channel. AsRock X370, EVGA GTX 1060-6G, 16 GB DDR4-3000.

    Everything is still stock using the included cooler. High detail in World of Warships is normally 71-76 fps with a few dips to 52 fps observed during game play.

    I need to get a framecounter so I can report better numbers.

  18. In case you don’t know, Relive is pronounced as “to relive a moment”. Not “a live concert”.
    So you know.

  19. Eexxcceelllleenntt video!

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