World of Warships – Do YOU think this is okey and balanced?

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So tell me after watching this match if YOU think this is okey and balanced.
I personally think itR;s NOT okey and not really balanced but hey, that’s just me.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Hard to make a CV line when the gremans only had plans fpr the graf zeplin

    • @Krazykal no, there’s 1 german cv in the game, though its premium… and its based on one that was “technically” completed.

      ship was launched on 8 December 1938, and was about 85% finished, her carrier wing was ready in September 1939, 2 BF-109 squads and a JU-87 squadron. Now then Hitler got involved, deciding that they needed to strip off its aa guns to give to Norway coastal defenses, because they sold its fire control systems to… Russia…

      from there when the ship was almost complete, they kept shifting priorities, stripping it of things for sale or for other uses… and in the end scuttled it at the end of the war.

    • Prinz Eugen van Sovoyen

      actually the germans made a floating landing strip with multiple motorized concrete pontons during the Denmark+Norway campain until the airports were captured and fixed to functional and in addition to the airports and later during the siege of Sevastopol they did almost the same with a bunch of freighters and concrete and steel plates creating a bomber useable runway over zurred together ships they made of wire reinforced concrete (due to lack of steel surplus to dedicate to non military ships )
      imagine that being added to the game- a carrier with 15 kiels that drives sideways at the astronomic max speed of 7 knots due to them being so undermotorized that they had difficulties driving agaist the atlantic tide or any stronger wind – they basicvally had truck diesel engines with a gearbox slowing RPM and a single to small propeller made of Chrome Nickel steel to save on copper and brass – but with bombers carrying 3 ton heavey bunker busters that might even overpen Yamato in some places

    • The “Graf Zeppelin” was finished to about 90% before they stopped it.

    • That didn’t stop them from making a Russian BB line

    • WG: Well, hold my beer.

  2. As a grain of salt: This is still Flambass, very well possible that 80% of the players would be nowhere near his results.
    Balancing CVs will always be tricky, but taking a “pro” for comparison may not be the best base.

    • Also one match doesn’t mean anything statistically.

    • If you ever played a game that is competitive in any way you would notice that you balance the game around the good players not the average ones…..

    • lmao someone actually defending the sorry state of CV’s and the game in general now even shitty CV’s players can do assured dmg to good players with their shotgun rockets. Disgusting.

    • Ask flambass to have the same impact in a hipper, or a chapayev.
      The damage output and recon capability.

      What other tier 8 surface ship has the same ability to attack higher tier ships which counter it with the same number of successful options a CV has.
      In addition to the zoning capacity of a CV since it can keep you perma spotted even if you outmanoeuvre the planes like you would a DD, since the DD is limited to their detection range and speed, whilst planes can be immune within their detection range and are orders of magnitude a faster.

      This one game is a good example, because this is the worst possible matchmaking for it and highlights situations where he went for the worst possible target and still pulled this off.

      He didn’t even play well, he didn’t go after he best targets, try to dodge flak well or anything.

    • @taief miah The ships he were attacking completely potatoed and didn’t even attempt to engage or even acknowledge his planes even existed. That Worcester never used his priority sectors and never used DFAA. I was grinding my cleveland to worcester this weekend and was swatting entire T8 squadrons out of the air with the cleveland with just priority sector as they flew by and would murder a squad in a couple seconds also using DFAA and my cleveland wasn’t anywhere near AA speced. Flambass hit the Russian number generator lottery with this match where most of the enemy ships were tunnel visioned in and completely ignored him. The 1 ship that paid even a little attention to him completely wrecked his squadrons without a second thought.

      Flambass was able to get decent damage this game because the enemies he fought didn’t try to do anything against his planes other than the Jean Bart and the BBs on his team were mostly ineffectual and didn’t do much damage or score many relative hits. The cruisers did the most damage for both teams with many of the BBs on both sides were on the bottom of the charts at the end of the game. This tells me that the BBs were mostly passive this fight and not really making good use of their big guns and high alpha when trying to snipe from the back. The one or two that did what they were supposed to got focused down from lack of support. You had totally exposed and broadsiding cruisers that you were targeting and they weren’t getting instantly popped on both teams which is a generally good indicator that you had crap BB players on both teams that match.

  3. Don’t forget that the patch put the majority of the damage in the initial burst of AA. So if you hit during their cool down, especially coming from the down side you are set. Also if RNG says no for the flak clouds you are screwed

  4. Perhaps the ships weren’t using priority sectors? That’s why your planes weren’t severely damaged.

  5. I just played a game in Shokaku, in a t8-t9 match, and my squads just got murdered left and right, even by DDs. Can’t play these flattops properly even if my life depended on it.

    • Also, Skokaku is super weak for planes. I have all the t8 non prem carriers and the Shokaku loses more planes faster then any other carrier. Especially on up tier.

    • @Joshua Gibson that is basically what I’ve found. I always pray to RNGesus after I hit the battle button, so he might bless me with t6 MM but alas.

  6. 10:40 lol it seems only JB knows how to use his AA, suddenly, all squadron rekt… makes sens, not Worcester or Smolensk, players using their aa poorly in these cases I think.

    • He was right beside the Wooster so I guess both used def AA. Also GZ planes are actually pretty hard to kill. I was harassed in my AA Montana by one and he always managed to get at least one squad through.

    • The Worcester was absolutely clueless. I think he finally found his DFAA consumable right there and then for the first time then immediately forgot it existed after that. No sign whatsoever of sector reinforcement, etc. I could only ever wish to have enemies that dumb when I play my GZ. Then again, I sympathize with the fact that to retain relevance in any discussion in WoWS, the “REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE CVs” mantra has to be maintained.

      This is coming from a DD main btw, who more than effectively plays Cossack and TRB Yugumo in CV matches right now.

    • tasman_devil, I don’t think JB has defensive AA. Or are you referring to sector reinforcement? At any rate, he flew into the AA bubble of 2 higher tier ships that both have very strong AA (or so the stats say). His planes melted as they should have.

    • rildain76 yes i was referring to sectors.

  7. There are so many variables you haven’t taken into account. Obviously, you are a good player and see opportunities other players can’t. When you struck the Worcester the first time, maybe he had his AA facing the other way, or on cooldown, so you didn’t get the full treatment (like you did the second time). Also, some ships may not have the right skills – the new Massive AA skill may not be fully appreciated yet by players in ships with mediocre AA. My experience is that grinding through CVs is quite frustrating – I seem to get far less XP considering my impact in the game compared to other players. Even in my best games I’ve rarely come top of the team, and even then it’s only because the other team has been terrible. Maybe also the skill gradient for CVs is pretty steep – new CVs have a lot to learn, whereas an experienced player can take advantage of a good team to dominate. My 2 cents. Not saying I think CVs are good for the game, or balanced properly yet, but I feel they’re in a reasonable compromise at the moment.

  8. 10K damage on Worcester is a lucky drop. Just like you get 3 black ribbon in 1 salvo.
    maybe “I’m an AA ship I shouldn’t get a single Scratch by planes” is the best balance for you, Sir.

  9. Flambass – only you get to attack a brain dead Worcester with no AA specs. A Smolensk who doesn’t know what the O button does. You should’ve been de-planed within 4 minutes. In any other battle you would’ve been. Flying into Smolensk AA? All of my planes disappear in less than a second. And yes, you can get fully de-planed, even playing Kaga.

    You aren’t helping balance the game at this point. “I haven’t played carriers that much.” That is the only accurate statement in this video. I run into a Fletcher or Gearing with AA specs and my rockets get shredded. Pop a fighter to spot the DD? Life expectancy is 15 seconds at best. Then there’s the Friesland. You realize that has much better AA than Harugumo or Grozovoi right?

    You are right about 1 thing. This is not OK. I have uninstalled WoWs because of the last patch and the Smolensk plus Friesland. I enjoyed RTS carriers. I learned how to make Lexington and Audacious work post rework despite the series of AA buffs, but now my damage and win rates have deteriorated so much it’s not worth the aggravation. Congratulations. You, Flamu and the other CCs have succeeded in making CVs virtually unplayable except for the most dedicated unicums. Have fun with the subs.

    P.S. might as well unsubscribe from your channel while I’m at it.

    • A game with a CV that is fun for said CV will never be fun for the rest of the players. Aircraft with speeds of up to 250 kts will NEVER be able to interact with ships that move at “barely” 50 kts (at best) in any kind of balanced way…. either you shred the planes, or you get shit on with zero counterplay available. It just isn’t possible. WG will have to choose; either they want that one player to have fun, or the rest of the team.

      Oh, and btw; I know that planes dominated naval combat in WW2. In rl, ofc, that was fine… they werent looking to balance anything. But in game? It’s poison. This is a naval game. Planes just aren’t fun to play against. Including planes in a game about ships is like including machine guns in a game about mounted combat. It should be a hint that virtually all naval combat games set in any kind of post-WW2 world are either macro-strategy or sub-sims.

  10. Remember how WG release the GZ and it was utterly UP and BS ? remember how they told player to “git gud” with it until some of the best carrier players said even they couldn’t make it work?
    Remember how WG took it off the store, refunding it for those who wanted to, yet still made a shit ton of money : becuz who “keeps” it gets special shit, making ppl buy it before it got pulled from store?
    Remember how it took an asfuck long time until it got re-released, blantantly OP in experienced hands? (now we know why)
    Remember how after the CV reeeework it once again was UP Bullshit?
    Wargaming: Fucking german stuff since ever! (and dont come with em unicum units that kinda work, bottom line german in a WG game is : mediocore/meh or worse)

  11. Graf Zeppelin has 53.6% WR 69k avg dam and about 1500 avg XP after rework.

    Statistically the Lexington has the worst stats of the tier VIII’s after the rework
    47.2% WR, 54k avg dam 1250 avg XP

    • But stats ignore the fact that the Lexi is just a Tech Tree CV and all players are able to play it while Premium CVs like the GZ is mostly played by experienced players

    • @Mainstream – Lachs we of all communities should know this after the “spreadsheet says” memeing

  12. I would agree with you if it weren’t for the fact that it is YOU in that carrier and just about everything is OP in your hands young man. They do need to address a couple of issues with the AA still but mainly just the way the damage is applied to disrupting the accuracy of certain types of drops.

  13. I recently had single Smolensk instantly detonate my full HP squadron of 9 Midway torpedo bombers. The only other ship that got close to such result was Worcester, which destroyer full Lexington squadron in 1 second. But so far – Smolensk is the only ship I’ve seen just detonate a full squadron instantly.
    But while Smolensk did that when I was trying to attack it, Worcester did that when I spotted it and immediately tried to turn away – so he blapped me at extreme range of his AA.

    And I’m always dodging flak. Even start my attack run so that I dive under next flak burst.
    You got lucky, untill that those 2 attacks on Jean Bart- this is where you got the usual treatment 😉

  14. If you like taking T8 things into T10 battles and having 0 chance to do anything… you need to be playing WoT. Everyone should have the ability, using a little smarts, to score 100k damage per battle at minimum. You took away 1/8 of the Worchester’s hp on 1 flight then got smoked with no drop on next… alert the press… All this based on your opinion that GZ is worst carrier.
    I don’t play carriers, can’t stand carriers. If a pilot is going to evade AA, tier is irrelevant. But he can’t do nearly as much damage because it’s T8 vs T10.

  15. This game really isn’t a good example of T8 CV play. You literally hit the holy grail in MM and found a team of players who literally pretended you didn’t exist except for the 1 jean Bart. That Worcester you focused and Smolensk that you flew past didn’t even use priority sector, let alone DFAA. I was grinding my Cleveland this weekend and the one ship I was always hoping to meet and fight against were CVs. Any time a CV got too careless and broad a squad too close to me or even dumber, tried to attack me, I’d swat that squadron out of the sky using mostly priority sector. That’s what tells me that these ships you faced weren’t even really acknowledging your presence. If I could do that in a non AA-specced Cleveland, the Worcester and Smolensk should have been outright instantly deleting your squads from the sky much like how that Jean Bart did when it actually tried.

    Also that rocket damage is because that’s the Graff Zeppelin’s special plane type. They get fewer but bigger rockets like the US Tiny Tims and do decent damage and have high penetration on their rockets. Most of the other non-US T8s are not going to be doing that kind of damage with their rocket planes.

  16. 130k in a tier 8 cv by a super unicum player. If you took any other tier 8 class ship in this match you would have done much better imo or had similarish results, Seen it a million times on your stream and YT videos.Not sure i understand how this is OP and im not a CV main but i am good in them. All i see is lots of ribbons which gave you the xp the damage us good but not what i would call ground breaking OP. Sorry im just trying to be honest here on what i think. I like you a lot but im not going to pretend to agree with you in this example as i just dont see it. The guys you were playing also failed to use the AA mechanic correctly.

  17. Ranari's Brawling Channel

    A great game in a CV is when you break 100k. A great game in a T8 BB is when you break 200k.

    • But in a CV you’ll have 100k spotting damage as well. And killed 1-3 DDs, instead of HE/fire farmed dam from some red BBs.

  18. Of course it is fine. You are a better player than most so your results are not what most others see. I would also say something was going on there with RNG sparing your planes because my CV planes (any CV) get absolutely wrecked by AA be they TT or BT; doesn’t matter. It’s ok for a CV to be good sir. Just as it is ok for a DD to take damage. 2 things you seem very adamant shouldn’t happen. I really enjoy your videos and stream but when you start whining about CV’s and DD’s I turn you off.

    EDIT – forgot to add this before. Flambass, you lost 88 planes in that game 88! That is 2X’s your on deck capacity and you were down to 1-2 planes at the end. AA worked fine in this game.

  19. It seems like you’re very biased against CVs. Your whole video was trashing CVs and talking about how you shouldn’t be able to accomplish anything. You had a single good game in T8 that if you had had in ANY OTHER SHIP TYPE you would be congratulating yourself and proclaiming the merits of the ship. But hey, you’ve played one game in a T8 CV that you hate and you did well, that obviously makes you an authority on the current state of CVs. So when you yell and flame someone for disagreeing and “triggering you” it was obviously deserved right? Who are they to question your opinion! The insolent fools! They know not the wrath/power of the snowflake!

    Unsubscribed. (I don’t even play CVs, I just dislike salty jerks constantly trying to shift the balance of the game to be more in the favor).

    • J B Don’t like to, then get the hell out of here because us actual subscribers know what we signed up for and enjoy it. Also, he’s played tons of CV matches pre and post-rework.

  20. I don’t see the problem. Shokaku came out on 9. rank of it’s team. Does Shokaku have to end up at the last place before AA is balanced?
    When ever Flambass plays a ship no matter what tier he endsup at the top of the score board…Now he complaints about it , i it’s happening in a carrier?

    Find the fault!

    The more objective measure is the ranking of the oppenents team!
    Flambass knows jackshit about reasoning, as is uncovered in his commentary contradicting the facts…as everyone can see in the summary screen in the ranking of the enemy team.

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