World of Warships – Dockyard Build + 2 games (Do NOT spend your money on it)

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Entire dockyard build process in 1 go + 1st 2 games played on the ship itself, both as bottom and top tier + my impressions.
It is NOT worth it, but I already had the ship and got a portion of the gold back, which I already had too much of anyway.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. You should put ‘Do not spend your money on it’ on all your World of Warships videos!

    • Who the fuck are you to tell someone else what they can or cannot spend their money on. Its not your money, I’ll spend my money on whatever the fuck i damn well please.

    • @BravoActual Hookers and Blackjack?

    • Calm yourself snowflake, nobody told you where to waste your dosh

    • Lol I don’t care about the politics behind a company as long as they make a good product. If the product is bad then I won’t buy your product it’s just that simple.

    • @BravoActual OP didn’t tell Flambass to do anything. Saying “You should do it” is a suggestion, advice or opinion. Saying “You must do it” or “You have to do it” however, are telling someone to do it.
      As for Flambass, he is talking sense into people who consider buying pixels on a screen for potentially over 100$.

      And for the record, you can tell people to do whatever the heck you want, it’s up to said people if they choose to do it or not. Listening never hurts, it’s obeying that might cause harm.

  2. ToughAncientSpark

    Yes, Wargaming spares no expense on the visuals of this game. That’s what draws you in!

    • The visuals are really great in this game but after that there is nothing great anymore. Thats why i stopped playin around last chistmas. But i must say that these graphics still try to lure me back in the game but i will resist at all costs!

    • Considering that it is the only thing that works in the game you know it will be seeing a budget cut soon and broken. Cannot have something working in the game it is a WG policy.

  3. Can’t wait for every single hull rivet to become it’s own 1.5k dubloon stage

  4. It saddens me to say I already bought the 3 phases required to build it, but I’ll play it enough to get my worth out of it.

  5. Now this is what I like, an hour of Flambass on youtube.

  6. The visuals of the dockyards are getting better and better. The details are stunning, every room is there, just… wow. What a shame the other departments are ruining the rest of the game. 🙁

    • WG have relied on art representation to cover up how poor their games are designed and the scams they are across every single one of their titles, that’s the reason why they are universally considered garbage by the vast majority of gamers. WG have a really bad rep and it’s 100% deserved and accurate.

  7. For anyone wondering: no, that’s not how it’s pronounced at all. Flambass’ pronunciation at 3:28 is much, much better, whether or not he got help with it I don’t know. “De” is pronounced almost the same way as “The” in English, so that’s pretty easy: just a regular D like in Dark, no trying to stick your tongue between your teeth, or even pronouncing it “Ve” as in some English dialects. Flambass’ Zeven is pretty good as wel, though the first E should be pronounced more like the A in Day. As for Provinciën, bravo, Flambass, that one is spot on, no remarks whatsoever.

    • What @sharkuc said! Spot on, I was actually very impressed since that name is a bit of a tongue-breaker for non-native speakers!

  8. Unskippable videos and animations, so wasteful. Though, in WG spirit, I think it is part of making the gambler mindset.

  9. Just grind until the free tV. that’s my goal since I can’t play any games.

  10. I was playing the Odin the othey day and appreciated how interesting she is. Great ship, idk why they didn’t make her the basis of the new German BB split lmao.

    • If the Germans would have continued making battle cruisers, that’s what they would have looked like. Their all based on designs the Germans built or were considering building.

    • same they should’ve had the H Class as in looks like Bismarck to Hannover that was the HISTOICAL Plans had WW2 not went Sideways for Germany then in the other BB split you get ships like Odin, Pommern & GK. because Odin is a cross between Scharnhorst & Pommern in game & then GK is a bit bigger than both, Historically as I said there were plans to Trump Yamato someday with a ship like Hannover.. probably the second The German’s found out about Yammy is my Guess those plans were scrapped after Bismarck’s end.

    • @Hybrid Reno II Germany simply lacked the resources and dockyard pace to keep building larger battleships. They started on H-39 but ended up shifting their time & money to other, more vital projects. Pretty sure that some of the 16” guns intended for the H-39 were used as shore batteries, though.

    • @Graham Strouse I know, big into history it’s what brought me to the game actually, as I said “when things went side ways” because pretty sure we’re talking Alternate Reality if Germany had won eventually they’d have fought Japan

  11. “Can’t even citadel an Edinburgh.”
    Well not with HE you don’t.

  12. Кирилл Афанасьев

    Flambass, you’ve got a permanent camouflage from scam container, what a lucky man

  13. I just LOVE how they described the Distant Voyages container as “Camouflage container” in the Dockyard video …

    • and it was them opening the door for weights and measures to come in for the bait and switch… so much for hiding behind international borders, when they operate a server in Chicago IL and process transactions through that server they broke US law and are now open for investigation. Just goes to show even the ‘small and unknown’ government agencies can have a hand in games lol

  14. 27:20 “just a CC”. That aged like milk …

  15. As a German who lives in the Netherlands and learnt Dutch language, the captain sounds like the people that you get during listening exams and exercises. They sound like extra-clean and have no accents so people learning the language can understand them better. Would’ve been funny if they gave the captain a Rotterdam dialect though.

  16. The ship looks great and the art dept does it again, but i think ill just kind out the combat missions, but not fussed if i finish it.

  17. Wow. Thanks for doing that. I have never seen a complete ship built like this. It is very well done. It would still be hard to beat you, in a row boat with a rifle.

  18. Night battle would look awesome and art department would probably do a extremely good job on it
    It’s a shame that all the flame in the pr department is illuminating the beautiful night

  19. I’m amazed by the amount of work put into these videos.

    Compared to everything else they’re doing.
    Ah no sorry, they do work hard to release premium ships as well.

  20. I love the new and improved Flambass. Speaking his mind without concern of the WG overlords since he liberated himself from the CC program. It’s like now that he broke up with is ex, he can freely speak his mind to his friends about how toxic she was instead of having to defend her. Liberation x1000

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