World of Warships – Dodge This

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In which Mongk_II meets the most devious of foes – a Battleship Captain who knows what his rudder is for, and a battle with more twists in the tail than a pig licking a battery.

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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a War Thunder or World of Warships replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Perfect episode :D

  2. Jingles can you or anyone else answer my question? Which is can you earn xp
    in world of warships through spotting and assisted damage the same way you
    can in world of tanks?

  3. Thankyou Jingles for this warship vid, Awesome

  4. Dam lol

  5. The gremyaschy and the Gnevny are flat OP. I play in a platoon with my dad,
    who has a gremy, and I play my gnevny. We can lay down withering firepower.
    He does the long range 8km torp spreads, and I take the torp acceleration
    skill so my torps do 70kph for 3.3 km. So I can ambush things and give them
    no chance of escape or evasion, it’s also an I win button for Knife fights
    with other DDs. We win about 80% of our games. Maximum stet pedder.

  6. I love destroyers XD
    Oops, shouldn’t have said that 😡
    Wargaming will read this and nerf them.

  7. What if he had connection issues?

  8. The british vessel that will be added is HMS Campelbeltown. a wickes class
    dedtroyer. suited a tier 3 as I was 0.5.4 patch notes.

  9. The reaction of this guy is somehow cute ^^

  10. so, what do you lot think is going to be this mysterious tier 8 British
    battleship we’ve been hearing so much about? my guess is the Prince of
    Wales, King George V class battleship.

  11. LMAO! Must be a wallet warrior. But Karma. Gota love it. And if driven
    correctly Kongos are some maneuverable ships.

  12. As usual TMJ delivers quality !

  13. “…a pig licking a battery.” *chuckle*

  14. Did you say Gremyachii has 9 km range? I think its a 3km

  15. Jingles its politics time again 34 deaths in brussel, and is amsterdan
    next? i live in the netherlands

  16. “…and today I was hoping of giving you a preview of a PREMIUM ship…”
    (closes video)

  17. hey jingle have you played battle fleet gothic Armada?

  18. Jingles, play robocraft. Lego world of tanks with planes and a whole lot
    of kids who don’t know tactics.

  19. in 5 guesses I shall predict the new premium ship to be either HMS hood HMS
    gloworm HMS Rodney//Nelson HMS dreadnought or HMS prince
    of whales and as a bonus guess HMS repulse or (just one more please) HMS
    Belfast or…..or…………….

  20. Shankar Ramachandran

    Its the hood isnt it?

  21. bobastheWireFence

    You could say he did Nazi that coming

  22. When he said Furutaka, i thought he said furious taco.

  23. the kamakazi R is a bot just like wot bot

  24. That was a true scumbag . Keep them coming.

  25. 11:37 hey jingles, what movie is that from? Resident Evil?

  26. DDs are too tanky in wows its why the games population is slowing. a full
    he broad side from a BATTLESHIP should kill any destroyer ever made. but it
    seems like all ships do the same dmg to destroyers.

  27. First time where I literally threw my head back and laughed.

  28. seeing monk take down that Congo was the most pleasing thing I’ve ever seen
    on this channel

  29. Jingles it isn’t “Furious Taco”, it’s FURRY TACO

  30. Sorry but that opening statement just begs to be asked? A pig licking a
    battery, got to know where when how why inquiring minds just got to know.
    The mental picture just hurts and it was so hard to breath while laughing.

  31. Jingles I don’t expect you to reply but are you possibly going to be able
    to accept world of tanks blitz replays? I was just wondering.

  32. WilliamM. Laowai by day.

    that’s just great… It makes me happy in my pants.

  33. The luck on this guy, he didn’t even fire his main battery a single time
    even when he was being permanently spotted by the enemy team, he could’ve
    easily gotten that Kraken if he had opened fire on that Kamikaze R.
    Typical IJN DD player who thinks their main battery deals so little damage
    it heals the enemy when it hits them.

  34. Lol I piss of destroyer wiggling around in my warspite XD

  35. “Japanese destroyers have superior
    stealth…” I’d agree based on the fact that the ship is invisible except
    for the thing on the front lol

  36. Carrier gameplay

  37. mike b (Fugenchutenz)

    I think the Kamikaze was a bot. I’ve run across a few of these in my games
    too, and the way they seem to work is they do nothing the entire game
    unless an enemy runs into their detection range/starts targeting them. Only
    then do they move and engage the target, and almost always very
    haphazardly. Idk, I might be wrong, but seems awfully bot-ish to me.

  38. The Great Ray Maelstrom

    And that is why I drive the kongo, to scare the living shit out of people
    at ranges of 3km

  39. HMS Hood?

  40. Cuddles Cuddlington

    Jingles, that scumbag you’re speaking of is very similar to how you play
    when someone points you out, sitting back and watching the team loose. Just

  41. I had my best game in a Minekaze a couple days ago. 7 kills with only 12
    torpedo hits. I took down two CVs and a BB all bunched together inside of
    3-5km. It’s a miracle I didn’t get sunk by the secondaries alone.

  42. I literally just watched this matrix scene reminiscing on when movies were
    good. Then I see this video title. The matrix is real

  43. Hey Jingles, what email do send the replay to if we get a killer match we
    want you to see? Thanks.

  44. my guess about the new ship would be a certain famous town class light
    cruiser but im also guessing its under a nda :/

  45. I think you were quick to judge that enemy destroyer Jingles! I’m pretty
    sure you sat dead in the water for a match in a Russian cruiser… Besides
    he might have had an emergency or was called away and that’s when he got
    back to the keyboard… Or your right and he could just be a scumbag…

  46. Is that game on Mac yet?

  47. Jingles in the release notes on the NA server for Patch 0.5.4 they are
    listing – Tier III UK destroyer Campbeltown – in the additional ship. Give
    us access to your video about it right now ! Since it is already uploaded.
    Cheers !

  48. I cannot believe those two cruisers left mongk go as they could have easily
    picked him off!

    Great battle!

  49. ah the destroyer HMS Campbeltown is coming soon, nice. A tier 3 wickes
    class destroyer. Under land lease shipped from USA to UK. Why so secretive?

  50. give him the benefit of the doubt jingles, maybe he heard the warnings and
    realized he had a game going tabbed out?

  51. new premium Royal Navy is tier 3 DD campleton

  52. It’s not the size of the rudder that counts – it’s how you use it!

  53. Jingles, I’m going to send you a replay in a Japanese destroyer where I use
    my guns a lot. (Don’t care if you put it on YT, but you should watch it)
    Their guns are actually not bad, even though they turn very slowly,
    especially from T7 and higher.

  54. I wont subs in this game even if you cant go underwater

  55. DaAwesomeMinecraft

    4:20 Does Firefly count as a westerner? No? What do you mean? Just because
    it’s in space means it can’t be a westerner? Oh, shut up, you…

  56. DaAwesomeMinecraft

    How to enable replays in WOWs?

  57. dodge this? ok,
    1. pause video at very begaining,
    2. leave
    so close to being hit by this video

  58. DaAwesomeMinecraft

    So I started the video up, and realized I had volume off… Let’s try that
    one again, shall we?

  59. “with more twists in the tail than a pig licking a battery.” Anthologic.

  60. shame is he could have used his guns to finish off the R first.

  61. Seen more then one CV sink themselves as they tried to defend
    themselves…accidents happen. That DD player that sat and did nothing
    useful the whole battle reminds me of a video I saw a while ago of a
    Russian cruiser that did the same. He didn’t TK any team mates though, just
    bitched at how useless his team was…maybe some of you saw the video too?

  62. The Minekaze is a ridiculously fun ship.

  63. You were talking about that British cruiser, aren’t you?

  64. Wargaming , Thanks for making Jingles hair out. Keep up good work. Thanks

  65. President Camacho

    Thanks for the video. It was really fun to watch. :D

  66. Torpedo target assist.

  67. Is the British Ship the new Tier III destroyer the Campbelttown?

  68. I reckon the new ship is going to be the hood or prince of wales

  69. ummm, to be fair, ive suffered many a times of being disconnected from the
    WG server when I go into battle, sometimes I dont get into the match until
    10 minutes have past. It may seem like a player has just sat there like
    that Kamikaze, but sometimes theyre just unfortunate enough to be

  70. I loved the movie inserts, well done Jingles, and good game to Monk as well

  71. A battleship that knows what he’s doing? BURN THE WITCH!!!

  72. I don’t mind it being delayed as each day of delay is a day closer to

  73. what why would you say that sir now ill never get a good game now

  74. And for not doing anything til the end the team killing dd still is not
    bottom of the team list lol. 4 people did worse that the kamikaze……..

  75. Jingles looks at the replays sent on his e-mail… he must be so desperate.

  76. I just discovered i was in a match with jingles, he was in a match testing
    the sentinel while i drove my beloved kv-1 :P

  77. LOL TK !! Stupid camper DD

  78. Cause you know… Multiple 14inch HE rounds hitting a light DD in the
    superstructure would totally leave it able to operate and fire its torps.
    Logic! :D

  79. I honestly feel sorry for that Kongo. He tried his hardest, but still
    failed in the end.

  80. Gonna review the new WT patch

  81. Re WG making you hold back the video for a few days , from the SEA WG site

    “Tier VII premium US aircraft carrier Saipan and Tier III premium UK
    destroyer Campbeltown have been added to the game for testing purposes.
    They are unavailable for purchase, but players may see them in battles.”

    Surely if the public are going to see these then you can release your

  82. I’m too shit at WoWS and don’t play it often enough to be confident above
    tier 3 ships.
    It’s like a WoT player who’s shit at the game and knows it, so they stay
    below tier 5.
    I’m not good enough for tier 9 in WoT quite yet so I stay at tier 8.

  83. Is it the hms Belfast?

  84. i am very fluent in the art of holding a and to turn my rudder

  85. I play a lot of Kiev , I learned that my job is to the guy who draws fire
    .. Kiev is so beautiful , people just instantly want to destroy it … not
    unusual for whole team to just forget everything just to try and kill Kiev
    , and the enemy team shoots at me too !

  86. Well, huzzah, it’s that bloody boat game again. It’s about time, Jingles.

  87. Gus Davis (Major G)

    Seems like Superstar Steve found a new game to play.

  88. Few things.

    First, stop firing all your torps at the torp indicator. In the Minny, you
    want to fire one ahead, one at, and one behind the indicator to maximize
    the spread. Also, anticipating where the target ship will go is important.
    Predicting the path of the target ship is crucial for torping.

    Second, the recent patch had brought along a lot of bugs in the client.
    There has been a noticeable amount of players crashing mid-game. Also, a
    crucial mod was bugged for this patch. The smokescreen circle mod will
    cause problems for your client, including: being stuck on the battle
    loading screen, having torp tubes locked (unable to launch), and being
    unable to click any buttons. It is a possibility that the enemy afk
    Kamikaze R had the smokescreen circle mod installed and his client crashed
    on him.

    I want to add that most people do not choose to be afk in a match, it is
    more likely that the awful WoWS client had crashed them to desktop.

  89. I feel bad for that Kongo, Really should’ve had had him at 10:50 Bloody
    secondaries still can’t hit the broad side of a barn from the inside, even
    with buffs!

  90. Meh replay, but fine for an emergency video. The guy got lucky, the kongo
    should have blowed him up and send him to the bottom of the sea with those
    two broadsides..
    Also, the last smoke is from the guy of the video no the afk guy.

  91. Achim Hanischdörfer

    That replay had it all.
    Battleships that DODGE torpedos. Battleships that sink destroyers (kinda),
    cruisers that drive into torpedos, teamkilling (on the enemy team), random
    WTF moments, extreme levels of salt on team chat.

  92. It time to make a joke. Two Jews walk into bar……………. Yeah, I got

    I’m ready to take punishment my lord Jingles.

  93. Can you make a review for the Atago?

  94. That Kongo driver made only one mistake. When you pounce on a tincan like
    that, hold your shot. He *will* try to panic-torpedo you and to do that, he
    has to turn and show his broadside. So don’t bother firing while he’s still
    head-on to you. Wait until he engages the turn and is at about 45 degrees.
    And that’s when you pull the trigger and blow his boat into matchsticks.

    And then you hit the brakes full tilt and turn towards him just in case he
    managed to get some fish off.

    Nothing funnier for a BB player like me than bullying destroyer captains
    who think I’m just the average big dumb battleship and try to knifefight

  95. “you stupid assfuck”

  96. I am not early, no need for a joke


  97. 10:56 on. Probably the biggest problem with the game. First of all, those
    14 inch HE shells should have obliterated Monk. He should not have
    survived. Second he survived closing all the way in while getting shot at
    by secondaries and only got hit by them maybe twice. At least in my
    opinion, those are my main problems with the game at the moment.

  98. I smell HMS Hood sneaking from the murkey depths.

  99. 〈〈Slayer〉〉

    On what mail i can send replay to jingles. Pls someone tell me ?

  100. not bad for an emergency video… good job

  101. Man I wish I had lower ping for world of warships… The NA server is just
    so far away and My connection to crap to be able to play well

  102. What’s that theme at 10:55? lol

  103. Monk got real luck that Kongo didn’t have it’s rear turrets pointed his way
    for whatever reason.

  104. at least Soviet cruisers are coming today

  105. We see that all the time on NA as well. Douche bag plays possum until they
    come under fire, only then do they start to fight.

  106. Furkan Kılıçaslan

    Its that bloody ship game again !

  107. When are we going to get the Campbeltown video Jingles??

  108. Jingles, I looked up the Kamikaze R’s profile because i was a bit curious
    and he’s actually not a bad player take a look!/pvp/overview/

  109. I just love the way you laugh xD #nohomo. Great vid btw.

  110. How to replay a game in WOW?

  111. You are the best Jingles. But please make more WOT videos.

  112. rofl, that assfuk

  113. What could we replace the quote “Only human.” with? “Only cruiser.”?

  114. I am belgian and really need some cheering up right now I live 20km from
    brussels and my cousin was in the subway

  115. The Kamikaze was probably a bot. There seem to be bot programs in the game
    that don’t activate until they’re hit by something.

  116. My best game in a Minikaze was 160k damage with 4 kills (Zed3 if you must
    check). I was so happy and I wanted to send the replay in, but I’d just
    reinstalled after a failed upgrade, and forgot to enable replays, so

    IMO, BB’s best defense against torpedoes is to cut power and turn into
    them, or away from them, depending on the original angle. I’ll usually
    spring for the rudder shift upgrade just for this purpose alone.

  117. Not that bloody boat game again jingles what happened to war thunder?

  118. FrustratedNameSearch

    Couldn’t possibly be the Campbelton now, could it ?


  119. I have a DD Capt with Concealment and Torpedo Acceleration, if I put him in
    my Fujin or Kamikaze R I get a ship with 73 kph, 5.6 km range torpedoes
    with a 5.4 km detection range.

    If I hold my fish until I am detected there is very little chance of
    dodging. (Which is why the captain has Survival Expert too) It isn’t
    impossible to dodge them, but it isn’t easy, judging by the successes I
    have had.

    BTW do you know what the clock-like thing is on the aft mast of the
    Minekaze class DD’s?

  120. Uhh, Jingles, didn’t you kinda do the same thing as that enemy destroyer at
    the end?

  121. That kamikaze R might just crashed his game and restarted the computer to
    come back to try do something… I say this because it had happened to me

  122. If the British ship’s the HMS Cambeltown, they’ve announced it on the new
    patch notes

  123. It’s going to be tier 3 DD Campbeltown copy of Wicks and tier 7 US CV
    Saipan almost unique but looks very similar to Independence. AKA copy-paste
    ships in both cases. Lame WG lame. Info based on their official site and
    promo about patch 0.5.4

  124. The new ship is a Type 42 DD isn’t it?

  125. Just a guess because you’re feeling so patriotic. The HOOD?!

  126. Wish I had joined the Navy when I could have…

  127. jingles what UK war ship would you want to be put in World of War Ships
    other than HMS New Castle?

  128. “A pig licking a battery”. Where do you get this stuff? If your making them
    up you should write a book!
    Cheers Jingles, made it through Tuesday as well, Hurraay!

  129. We are in the barrel that Jingles scrapes from when something goes wrong
    with is schedule.

  130. Maybe the kamikaze’s computer crashed or something required his imediate

  131. Christopher Adams

    great video keep up the great work

  132. World of Warships – Doge This

    😉 much better lol

  133. Oh a new british ship coming? Nice

  134. That thing you said about battleship players is so true, especially at
    lower tiers. One thing I notice is that when you play battleships
    correctly, they really are the best class.

  135. Dakota Hecker (AkotaDA)

    Just going out on a limb here but saw the patch update for Patch 0.5.4 and
    saw the destroyer you were talking about the HMS Cambletown. Is that the
    one you were going to talk about Jingles or was it another one.

  136. WoT lagging and ping rocking high off 999, so I come here to watch Jingles
    instead to calm down and learn from great videos.

  137. Pieter-jan Nuijens

    Can someone tell me why jingles calls himself: rear admiral ?

  138. I use to play alot of WOWs but now they messed with the captain skills the
    game does not seem better for it, shame but its clear im not the only one
    as the numbers for WOWs seem to be like the Titanic and are only going down

  139. that may have been the best battle I’ve ever seen

  140. Nice, but a bit heavy on the spoilers ehe?

  141. mr jingles, what do you think of the “radar” consumable that is coming

  142. I don’t think I do too badly in a battleship, though I wish I got this on
    replay, it would have one for the record books. Steering jammed, two
    flights of torpedo bombers, only a single hit. I couldn’t even more to
    avoid them and only one hit.

  143. I don’t know where people are getting this info from saying the new Brit
    ship is the HMS Campbeltown, but it looks pretty cool. It’s a Town-class
    destroyer, part of 50 obsolescent US DD’s that were handed over to Britain
    in the precursor agreement to Lend-Lease. Campbeltown was originally the
    USS Buchanan, and was launched in January 1919. She was moved to reserve in
    1939 before being sold to the Royal Navy in 1940. Campbeltown’s early
    history with the RN was plagued by a series of rammings. First she rammed
    the SS Risoy on November 2nd, just one day after completing harbor trials
    following her refit. Repairs from this collision were complete on the 24th,
    but just 5 days later she again rammed and sunk the coastal trade vessel MV
    Fiddown. Yet again on December 3rd, Campbeltown collided with the SS Comus.
    During the repairs following this last collision, her fourth funnel was
    shortened. She was loaned to the Dutch Navy in May. The Dutch interestingly
    proposed renaming her “Middelburg” (WoT map ring a bell?), but the British
    denied their request as it would violate the agreement with the US Navy.
    Campbeltown was returned to the Royal Navy in September, and spent the
    remainder of her time up to her moment of fame performing regular destroyer
    escort duties.

    Campbeltown was selected in January to be used for Operation Chariot. This
    involved using Campbeltown, rigged with 4.1 tonnes of explosives, to get
    into the St. Nazaire drydock in France under the guise of a German warship
    and then explode, rendering the drydock unusable. The Royal Navy was very
    concerned with the threat of the German battleship Tirpitz, which was
    moored in Trondheim, Norway, but should it enter the Atlantic the St.
    Nazaire drydock was the only one big enough to hold Tirpitz. Destroying the
    drydock would prevent Tirpitz from being able to undergo repairs once she
    entered the Atlantic, if she ever had done so. Campbeltown’s entire
    armament (consisting of 4 4-inch guns, a 3-inch gun, and 6 torpedo tubes)
    was removed, being replaced with a single 12-pounder gun, 8 20mm Oerlikon
    AA guns, and the 4.1 tonnes of explosives cemented to and hidden in the
    hull. Along with Campbeltown would be several boats filled with commandos
    to destroy the drydock’s facilities. The crew of Campbeltown was reduced to
    just 75 men out of her usual complement of 158 for the operation. The fleet
    for Operation Chariot set out from Falmouth at 2PM on March 26th, 1942. On
    approach, the force encountered nothing except a U-boat, which misreported
    the heading and makeup of the force. A preliminary air raid did little
    except to alert the German garrison at St. Nazaire that something strange
    was going on, but because of their disguise Campbeltown and the force got
    to within a mile of the drydock before they were fired upon. Campbeltown
    got into the harbor only a few minutes behind schedule and exploded at
    noon, an hour and a half later than expected. Still, the drydock was
    totally destroyed and was not repaired until 1947.

    Quite impressive work for a ship that had such bad luck early in the war…

  144. I think that Kamikaze was still a bot. I have seen that behavior before and
    in WoT also. Player sits in spawn until shot, then goes and fights with the
    cunning brilliance of a concussed bridge troll.

  145. This guy at the end might have just loaded in. It has happened to me
    before, Jingles.

  146. I wish there was a spectators mode for this game. I like watching this game
    more than playing.

  147. my best game in the Minekaze was 8 kills during the CBT. it was like
    kicking puppies! xD

  148. While I have no idea what the circumstance was with the AFK dd in this, i
    just wanted to suggest a different perspective (not including the team
    kill) since everyone is so quick to assume the worst of people . Its
    happened to me more than once where I get in queue for battle and then for
    whatever reason, logged out, game crash or worst full system crash. In the
    case of the system crash, by the time I rebooted, loaded the game, logged
    in and got back in battle, I did what I could in the final minutes but was
    accused of (and reported for) being a BOT. What should have been done
    differently? or does any unintentional and uncontrollable computer or
    network issue automatically make you a “scum bag bot”?

  149. starfleethastanks

    I was cheering for that Kongo, this channel needs some righteous BB

  150. Ok, before I see the rest of the video Im going to take a guess at what the
    new British Ship is, since we already have a BB I will list one per
    category. If it’s a cruiser I’m guessing HMS Belfast, if a destroyer I’m
    going with a Tribal class so… HMS Cossack and if it’s a carrier I think
    it’ll be HMS Ark Royal.

  151. Please make more wows vids jingles

  152. cool as a cucumber

  153. WOT related question.
    Thoughts on a CO-OP mode for world of tanks?

  154. Lol Furious Tacko

  155. I ve done more damage in the kamikare r replay that i’ve sent to you

  156. Oooh, Jingles! I love your descriptions so much, they’re hilarious! xD

  157. Oooh, Jingles! I love your descriptions so much, they’re hilarious! xD

  158. Just saying but I play a lot of dds and I NEVER met a bb sailing all
    straight, takes me like 3 tries to hit one.Are those noobs in NA
    servers?And yes I can avoid torps in a kongo all day, easy mode, even from
    double torp bombers.Kongo is the master in that.The minekaze is so good,
    last match I was someone with it got 4 kills in a tier 7 match!

  159. Another great video and perfect use of clips from films, fantastic video
    and very entertaining!!!

  160. actually the aircraft was scouting the torpedos, so who knows if the kongo
    would have turned, if there was no aircraft spotting the torps.

  161. s oooo the super secret ship is the HMS Newcastle isn’t it ;)

  162. lol
    that kind of players(kamikaze) are becoming popular.. i saw them often in
    the NA server.. they just sit there and suddenly wake up ftom AFK.. hahaha
    nice vid :D

  163. yay, a jingles video and it’s that bloody boat game! perfect when you’re
    sick at home and bored :)

  164. jingles you old fool the player poped smoke

  165. looks like the enemy dd is a “bot”, see them a lot as they sit still till
    they get “activated” after they take damage.

  166. 12:25 the guy himself acctually popped smoke Jingles, not the afk’er

  167. Does world of warships have a record file or setting like WoT?

  168. Jingles I have been watching all your WoWs videos since Open Beta, don’t
    you think its time to do some high tier stuff?

  169. That was some top level reversal there!

  170. hms hood?

  171. Oh key, that Kamikaze is literally, EVERY teammate, I ever have in this

  172. I think most people are now saying it is the HMS Campbeltown as the new
    British Warship

  173. Oh, and in the patch notes and a couple other sources, the British ship
    Jingles might be referring too is this… HMS Campbeltown

  174. I feel so filthy for how casual this game was- I really suck at this game
    and apologize for how noob I was at times though hope you all enjoy it.

  175. Great vid as always Jingly-boo

  176. Hmmm… Once I had a match take so long to load that I had lost 5 whole
    minutes and had already taken shell fire from the enemy. Another time,
    something happened and my keyboard wouldn’t respond. Couldn’t fire up the
    engines, couldn’t fire the guns, couldn’t even move the camera. So I just
    sat there for the full 20 minutes, even after my Wyoming got sunk. So
    personally, I’m willing to give that DD the benefit of the doubt when it
    comes to being AFK. For all we know something happened. …Of course, the
    team kill was stupid and the guy needs to GIT GUD.

  177. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Jingles your emergency releases are never as bad as mine ;)

  178. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    The scummiest it seems. Not only was he AFKing waiting for the end to do
    something but he also managed to snowplow his own carrier.

  179. +The Mighty Jingles Just a quick note to say that the Gremyachy can do
    stealth torp runs as the torp range on it is 8km while spotting distance is
    just shy of 7km. It’s an option and one I use in my Gremlin at appropriate
    times, though sitting outside spotting distance and beating on other ships
    with your guns I find far more amusing a lot of the time

  180. Was the player braindead in the end? Enemy destroyer with around 2k
    HP……yeah lets turn around for 5 mins to use torps on point blank range
    instead of the guns.

  181. Pig licking a battery?

    Jingles cannot into electricity. :(

  182. Better to keep at long range from a bot and send more torpedoes. They are
    unlikely to be able to avoid them.

  183. Jingles, i really miss watching you play war thunder air battles, even in
    arcade. Any reason why it has been so long?

  184. It is worth noticing that the Kongo only had 2 turrets aiming at Monk when
    he came around the island, the two rear turrets were still turning. The
    kongo could have flat out killed him if the turrets were all in position.

  185. “An amazing World of Tanks replay which will be used tomorrow.
    i submitted a few days ago.
    *wanting to know if you will use mine intensifies*

  186. Alexandre Kleiubing

    nice in EU server you have new tentacle ships to unlock, meanwhile US

  187. Stanimir Georgiev

    Maybe that “asshole” in the end had trouble connecting. Maybe he did
    connect all right, but had to go afk for some reason. Real life stuff
    happen from time to time. I’m not dismissing the possibility that he may be
    an actual asshole, but I don’t jump to conclusions. No offence, but I thing
    it was a bit rude of you to say this. Its only game, why you heff to be

  188. 10:50 IT”S A TARP!

  189. +The Mighty Jingles That Kamikaze R pilot? Not exactly “there and watch his
    team die”. Bot.

  190. Not exactly the right thing to call that almost afk DD towards the end a
    scumbag, Jingles, this may comes surprise to you, but there are players in
    online game gets dragged away with things in the real world, deal with it,
    then come back to the screen, only to find out his entire team has lost the
    battle already, on top of that, bad internet connection, game crashes, it
    can be a number of things, we all know it is your style to talk like this
    Jingles, but I think it is better to be more considerate than this, don’t
    you think so?

  191. well the afk player proved a point. no need to play to win in these types
    of games. Just let your team do the work then take out the weak. sucks, but

  192. Jingles, not sure if the ship you are talking about is the HMS Campbeltown,
    well it was just mentioned in the 0.5.4 patch notes. It will be added for
    testing, but not available for purchase, yet ;-)

  193. Minekaze remains a really superb ship. A candidate for best ship in WoWS
    tier for tier.

  194. Jingles, will you take videos regorded with shadowplay for example or is it
    replay files only.

  195. New jingles video let’s pep this out

  196. afk is a real problem in WoT which kinda ruins it.

  197. We have a number of players just like Cybertoptec that AFK or Bot on SEA
    and don’t do anything until they are fired on. Doesn’t matter if you report
    them. WG ignores them and carries on like nobody’s business.

  198. I’ve seen that sort of behaviour many times now in game were a DD is
    stationary in spawn for most of the game, and does nothing until attacked.
    I’m starting to think there are BOTs out there.

  199. Jingles, could you do a series on Commander Skills? Such as which skill
    works best with each type of ship, etc.

  200. 14:00 see that there are nice players arround, he even compliments that
    enemy New York

  201. last

  202. This is not even impressive i destroy 2 full health Kongos per game with my

  203. Love the narration on this video in particular!

  204. Once again, a massively overpowered ship doing only what a massively
    overpowered ship can do. With its Romulan cloaking device engaged and its
    Eldridge propulsion system full charged, the Minekaze kills ships that it
    never could in real life with torpedoes that would’ve been spotted the
    moment they were launched, all the while somehow being invisible to
    the naked eye and impossible to detect with radar. Yes, along with carriers
    and cruisers, destroyers are one of the three overpowered ship classes in
    World of Warships. The only reason battleships get a bad reputation is
    because they’re the most underpowered ship class in the game and don’t have
    realistic detection capabilities against surface threats, and their
    secondary batteries have firing ranges far too short and accuracy too
    poor to be of any use.One of these days, battleships will get a series of
    buffs that makes them playable. But of course, people who hate realism
    would hate that as well…

  205. Show yourself playing! Come on man, people sub because you are a normal guy
    who has the kind of game we have. All you show is sent in replays. What

  206. I have a feeling that the Kamikaze driver isn’t a habitual botter/AFKer. I
    looked him up. He’s got above average stats and a 62% win rate in that

  207. mlg battleship skills 2pro4u Japan

  208. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  209. Wait a second! What is all the secrecy about the new british ship about?
    Wargaming released information and images about it like a week ago…

  210. jingles and evryone els what do u guys thin of the brussels attack this

  211. Looking forward to the Campbeltown video ;)

  212. Ritsu_Tainaka_Is_ A_Goddess

    I hate AFK shitters.
    He probably didn’t move because XVM gave him a bad win percentage.

  213. I think he would have lived if he had gone to the guns instead of trying to
    hit the Kamikaze R with more torpedoes.

  214. jingles didn’t you hear the brand new War Thunder update arrived with the
    Chieftain and the Super Pershing

  215. so…
    we getting a review on this anytime soon?

  216. Haven’t watched the video yet, but Jingles, as a former English major, I
    have to give you kudos for “…a battle with more twists in the tail than a
    pig licking a battery.” because that is some fine simile. Or at least
    paints one hell of an image, at a minimum.

  217. I thought I’d seen it all. Then I saw the scumbag….

  218. Damn was looking forward to the HMS Campbeltown vid ah well I’ll just have
    to wait :(

  219. Dont call Natives “Red Indians” mate, racist you know :)

  220. 12:43
    Jingles… Monk popped smoke!

  221. The Minekaze’s AA guns (all 4 guys with slingshots) does not have the range
    to hit planes past its air spotting distance. There’s nothing to lose for
    keeping them *on* even in smoke. The only time where it’s worth it to keep
    AA guns off on a DD is if your AA has a longer range that your detection
    range, which is usually on DDs with dual purpose guns.

    Also the Kamikaze was probably afk for just about all of that match until
    he started moving. It was monk who dropped smoke for some reason before
    hand. Still doesn’t excuse the Kamikaze for his actions, though.

    Good ol’ low tier shenanigans.

  222. Bad DD and BB captains are the worst. For the most part, at least the bad
    CL/CA/CV players does *something* useful in most cases as long as they
    aren’t AFK shitbags.

  223. I think the ‘scumbag’ destroyer is in fact a bot. Saw a shitload of bots
    like that in WoT.

  224. great video again jingles!

  225. ” a battle with more twists in the tail than a pig licking a battery. ”
    what an analogy.

  226. connection issues are a bitch. at least he came back after getting

  227. what is with the massive crash issues from this upate

  228. KK Pixy (SolowingPixy)

    i have to say, minekaze is too good for a T5 and mutsuki is too bad for a
    T6. minekaze is just so much better than mutsuki

  229. Well, the Kongo did a massive mistake, staying close to a DD. You keep
    hearing about secondary batteries, but as amply demonstrated they do almost
    nothing to deter a DD from doing what that guy did, torp him from point
    blank range. Lesson here is stay at range from DD’s, because if they get
    close your so called “close range defenses” won’t be able to do anything to
    save your ass. Also, if you are in an un-escorted BB and a DD targets you,
    you are going to die if he knows what he is doing.

    Personally, I find DD gameplay boring as sin, especially IJN DDs. Stay
    between detection range and torp range and spam torps. Horrendously
    effective, but boring.

  230. IT’S A TARP>

  231. dd play is soooo boring to watch. much prefer agressive bb, i owuld have
    liked to see that from the kongos point of view.

  232. 1:46 so there are subs in the game…?

  233. Hey Jingles, that Kamikaze R was doing something I have seen a lot of
    lately: destroyers sitting out the match until the end. The most egregious
    was a Nicholas, IIRC, that waited at the map edge until the team was dead
    and the proceeded to pick off the most damaged of the enemy ships. He sank
    3 or 4, was sunk, and topped the scoreboard. Since he was not a totally
    crap driver, I can only assume that he was attempting to pad his
    destruction ratio stat by picking up easy kills at the end. Or perhaps
    there is a hidden bonus for coming in first in a loss? Either way, he can
    claim to have carried the team, as he did lead in kills despite letting
    everyone else soften them up for him.

  234. the canadian gamer

    God damn it I wanted too see another British ship in the game.

  235. If you need a replay you can feel patriotic about, look for the Warspite
    replay I sent to your e-mail. Unless Confederate, Dreadnought, Fireproof,
    High Caliber, Kraken Unleashed, and Solo Warrior (by enemy destruction)
    sounds boring to you.

  236. #PrayForBelgium

  237. heard him discussing a new ship, put down my food and looked up finally
    around 2:01 “WHAT THE FUCK SUBS!!!!!!?”. “NOOOOOO” -BB driver

  238. 1. Look who is talking about camping in spawn not moving and not fireing
    his guns.
    2: Not every one can aford a super computer. Some have to wait up to 20
    minutes to get in to a game.

  239. i really feel sorry for the carrier

  240. Wargaming not really to release information about a ship (well two), but
    happy to tell everyone that the Tier VII US aircraft carrier Saipan and the
    Tier III UK destroyer Campbeltown are being tested on the live servers…
    Well played Wargaming well played.

  241. Kongo’s sorta-kinda a Brit ship, so there’s at least one involved. And her
    driver probably thought she was still a battlecruiser, and so drove her
    like one.

  242. Jingles, don’t you know? This happens in XCOM all the time!

    Wait, 99% chance to hit…I’ll take it

    [Misses]…I have no words.

  243. “…more twists in the tail than a pig licking a battery.” That sounds like
    a Squire-ism.

  244. 10:54 SURPRISE ITS MEEE!!!!

  245. What a game..

  246. i hope tomorrow video is a luchs video !

  247. General Cartman Lee

    The Kamikaze is the typical active AFK player pushing the battle button and
    then tabbing out of the game to go to the toilet, surf the internet or
    watch p0rn. And as soon as they hear the alarm bell when they get hit they
    go back into the game.

    It’s time that WG implements a function to the game that ships that did not
    move the first 5 minutes of the match cannot be controlled anymore or sink
    immediately. And people should save their reports for such “players”.

  248. dont get them to excited about the new prem jingles :P

  249. Actually Jingles, the Gremyashchy can be both a gun boat AND a ninja torp
    DD, because the torps have range of 8 km, while the detection range is only
    6,8 km unbuffed (except for the premium camo of course). ;)

  250. Jingles! Patrick from Toledo, Ohio here. My 30th BDay is the 25th of this
    month and it would be just awesome if you could give me a shout-out on your
    next episode of Mingles. Cheers!

  251. i don’t think monk hit 2 torps around the 10:15 mark. it was from the other

  252. your not gonna cover the new war thunder patch? not saying you MUST but
    just asking

  253. Yet another “skillakaze” video, spamming torpedoes. I would like a video of
    a BB captain dodging torps and wreaking havoc on DDs and everyone else.

  254. Hey Jingles you mind asking Wargaming when the next set of Arpeggio
    missions are coming out on the North Americain server, I mean everyone else
    has their missions going but not us, so can you please ask them for any ETA
    on them?

  255. afk,pk kamikaze R

  256. hopefully one of the new british ship’s is going to be the tribal class
    destroyer (speed 36 knots armorment 8 4.7inch guns and 4 torpedoes) it’s a
    decent little ship with a nasty punch

  257. Hey everyone,
    Has this game changed since 6 months ago? I’d imagine so with buffs/nerfs
    but is there anything as substantial as World of Tanks 9.14 update?

  258. If you think that AFK DD is bad you should play the American servers some
    time. It’s been a pretty big problem lately with people crashing out of the
    game on the servers across the pond.

  259. after midnight, should be asleep for work tomorrow but oh look, new jingles
    video….. Oh well, sleep can wait another 15 mins.

  260. Torpedoes are fucking cancer, just remove them and the game woudl be great

  261. How about WoT Blitz again Jingles? :)

  262. Jingles did you get over the equator and if so what was visited upon your
    personage as a result?

  263. Nothing quite so satisfying as a point-blank torp kill. Have a few of those
    under my belt too.

  264. could you stop calling it minekazee please? it’s kaze, for wind.

  265. Usually pretty bored by WoWS replays but that was pretty good =P

  266. How does the saying go, again? Minekaze, best kaze? Yeah, that.

  267. Anybody know of a good way to fast train a captain? ._.

  268. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    12:35 Actually Jingles, the Minekaze popped smoke. The Kamikaze R might
    have been AFK or disconnected.

  269. That Kamikaze R could have been a bot.

  270. the minekaze should immediately be destroyed by detonation but ahh RNG, or
    just ram him, i’ve rammed lots of DDs who does that exact same maneuver.
    That nasty surprise at the end really caught me. Good job Minekaze R for
    avenging the brave Kongou and…. stupid you for sinking your comrade but

    desperate times calls for desperate measures right?

  271. I love your videos Jingles!!

  272. It’s the HMS cambletown. It’s a Wickes Class destroyer that the US gave to
    Britain. It’s history takes place in Operation Charioteer

  273. very nice fight

  274. New footage for the intro! Nice!

  275. Liam the dark angel.

    R.I.P Victims of the Brussels attack.

  276. I wonder why Jingles is so excited about an Irish ship :P

  277. DOOOOODGE! Hopefully Jingles knows who TFS is.

  278. That was probably one of the best duels I’ve ever seen in WoWs. Excellent
    tactical read of the battlefield from the Kongou, managing to ambush a
    destroyer twice in five minutes, and absolute nerves of steel from the DD
    facing down those monster guns at such a short range. Fantastic play by
    both parties.

  279. The kamikaze R could have had very poor connection and only had just
    connected, maybe.

  280. BigCoreGradiusXAnime

    So How many Camo Rate efficiency rate on the Minekaze again?

  281. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I was looking forward to HMS Boaty McBoatface!!!!!!!

  282. The ship is HMS Campbeltown

  283. Love the vids mate, keep them coming and look forward to meeting you and
    Rita at tankfest

  284. Hey Jingles. I’m always wondered, but. In your old WoWS opening, there was
    a CV that rams a destroyer. Did you ever upload that clip?

  285. So jingles, are they giving us the Hood? WHERE DA HOOD AT!


  287. ongchangco jarrod

    how goes mr jingles?

  288. Such doge! Much WoWs, very RNG, wows

  289. armored warfare jinglesss

  290. I have 500 games in my Iowa, and I barely get torped. I just know how to

  291. Is it the Hood? Pls be the Hood! Or the Ark Royal. Any of the two pls.

  292. I read the title wrong I thought it said Doge this

    much ship so water very destroyer much boom

  293. Love me Jingles

  294. im batman

  295. A Battleship Captain who knows what his rudder is for? HERESY!

  296. Your all acting as if the first one gets a billion dollars, it’s in every

  297. Great video jingles keep up the funniest content on youtube

  298. WOW, the way he lines up the torp aimer with the auto aim guide.. fucking
    mind blowing skills, does anyone know where I can contact this guy so he
    can come round and fuck my wife???

  299. How do you have all the names of the ships on the side of your screen?
    What’s your username?

  300. I knew I was still awake for a reason.

    That poor Kongou though…Also, saddened by the lack of britship.

  301. Woooo world of warships!!!

  302. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    I’m early jingles please reply <3 I still have a chance.. 

  303. Citrus Aviation The Professional Railfan HD

    Within two minutes of this video being up, it has 163 views, 21 likes, no
    dislikes ;-). and 8 comments. WOW! That’s a lot!

  304. So early, mostly cause i sent a replay yesterday and hoped this was mine :P

  305. YAYA 6th…and that discription…i have no idea what the hell that means


  306. Jingles pls look my replay :D

  307. Good morning, Jingles. :)EDIT: On a side note, Jingles could you maybe
    mention to Wargaming that they should implement a check box under settings
    to turn on replay recording like they have in World of Tanks?

  308. #boaty Mcboatface

  309. who cares if you are first or not?

  310. yeah 5th like love you jingles

  311. Electroman054 Gaming


  312. 2nd

  313. 5 views, earliest I’ve ever been

  314. TheAverageWotBlunicum #killstealer


  315. First :D

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