World of Warships- Does This Legendary Overpowered Ship Live Up To The Hype?

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the quite luckily acquired TIV Premium Soviet battleship Nikoli I. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. For tier V she is very good, but just like October Revolution, she is a vicitm of her reputation. I’ve seen this thing misplayed horribly. I’ve seen so many people giving full broadside in this ship, it isn’t even funny.
    But when angled, she is nearly invulnerable, and her only real flaws are top speed and AA.

    • Yeah, and you don’t need to show broadside. 9 guns front with great angles. The AA, well at T4 it’s all pretty much dudes with Tokarovs throwing potatoes at planes.

  2. 11:10 RNG was protecting the hell out of that ship

  3. How could you not mention that it has an honest-to-goodness ice breaker bow? Not just armored strips along the cheeks of the bow, but the real steel ship had a bow designed for icebreaking.

    It was several months ago, but I also got the Imperatur Nikolai I in a supercontainer

    Getting this ship gave me hope of being favored with a Konig Albert.

    • Koing Albert isn’t on the current supercontainer lists from what I can see.
      Actually Imp. Nikolai is the only tier 2-4 ship on it.

    • @Thomas Parker you can get Konig Albert from Jutland Containers (1% chance from Coal ones, 10% from Permium ones)

  4. It was a Svetlana, not a Danae. Svetlana is insanely tanky for a T4 cruiser, has armored strips everywhere.
    Also imagine this level of consistent guns, put them at T5 on a fast, agile, stealthy platform and you will have a glimpse of what Giulio Cesare is.

  5. That first game you definitely had burnt all your r&g love getting that boat. But yeah I really love my Nikolai. As much I love my kamikaze. I still don’t think it’s too strong or needed removed because it does have weaknesses that can be exploited. Especially your anti-area capabilities which are probably just 10 guys with rifles out on Deck hoping

  6. I liked this manner of video format, although I do like the historical bits, especially on real steel vessels.

  7. I got this from an Easter Egg Super Container at the end of April. I got the regular Kamikaze the same way as you did mid July. Sometimes the stars align. Brawls are T4 atm so that might be where all your opponents were.

  8. I believe it got a very favorable (almost negligible) vertical dispersion, along with its excellent horizontal dispersion. And survivability benefits from having almost no superstructure, giving DD’s a hard time with the shooty.

  9. Had the same thing happen with me and the Kamikaze. I believe that although WG says some ships are removed, they aren’t really removed, you just need luck to obtain them.

  10. @UNOMAN101q yes that only the ship weakness zero AA/AAA but a lot of CVs leave you along thinking your a AA/AAA monster or just do not know about the ship

  11. @Tired of War you are just being a meany 😛

  12. Christophe Paitrault

    That ship in the current tier IV brawl must be really broken despite the long reloads

  13. Looks great, but tier 4 is kind of useless, would love to see the equivalent at tier 5.

  14. This ship used to fight t6 in the old match maker. everything there panicked when the nicolai came. And that ship was only sold ONCE! After that you can only get it in santa or a lucky super … ITS SO SO BROKEN… lol. the 2.0 sigma at this tier is insane!

  15. I go tit when it first came out and it was great, but haven’t played in a while. The carrier changes have made it a lot less fun than it used to be, but it is probably the best tier 4 battleship.

  16. It was removed within like 4 weeks. Most fun moment was, when I dev striked 4 cruisers with 5 salvos. On the other side, I got a lot of detonations from torps into the bow. The only more broken T4 was the Arkansas. You could add the same modules like T10 ships, so you outranged most ships, even in a T5 battles.

  17. I also managed (don’t know how) to citadel a Danae with an HE round from my Isokaze (I play it a lot in brawls since my only other remaining T4s are Phoenix and Ishizuchi). I had to check battle results to be sure, but I don’t use guns on Isokaze much (very slow reload) and I had 11 HE hits out of 18 shots fired and no AP fired, so it had to be an HE round.

  18. Preferable matchmaking hasnt been in a thing in any WG game for quite some time. I know in tanks it was removed many years ago and I dont think it was a thing for long in warships.

  19. YourFavoriteLawnGuy

    @Jamicaman516 pretty certain t4 and below are protected. if it wasn’t there wouldnt be bots outside of co-op.

  20. @YourFavoriteLawnGuy ive seen plenty of t4 ships in t5 matches. Including this ship.

  21. YourFavoriteLawnGuy

    @Jamicaman516 thats protected. it shouldnt see t6s,

  22. Tier 4 only sees up to Tier 5, hello? When was the last time some of you played?

  23. Big congrats. This is a heck of a ship to get from a super drop. I just got an Agir from a super container drop too.

  24. Plutoid Federal Navy

    yeah isn’t the arkansas a tier IV that can mount ALL the upgrades

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