World of Warships doesnt like my rtx2070…..

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If you have an insight to what is going on then please contact me in my discord I will appreciate the help.
I tried everything i could have thought of, drivers,stress tests, game settings, benchmarks and so on….. From what i have seen i can say with 99% confidence it isnt my laptops fault!


  1. we won t blame you because you don t have add video for a long moment :3 don t worry , we all love you 😀

  2. Patrick Thorbjørnsen

    @daniel Rusev.I have the same problem, I have a RTX 2070 card with the latest drivers, have had problems with WOWS ever since i got the card. Only way I can play is to keep the game on low settings.

    • i cant even play it on low…

    • Patrick Thorbjørnsen

      @Daniel Rusev So fuckin strange, I have given up trying to fix it tho, maybe mine works cos I have just keept in on low ever since I got the 2070 🙁 Are you playing trough steam or client? Edit, just saw that i missed the client 😛 I Play trough steam

    • Most likely you are all experiencing a broken driver with the 2070 have you actually tried go back to an older driver until nivdia comes out with another driver that isnt broken

    • Patrick Thorbjørnsen

      Have tryed with almost ever 2nd driver update ish the last year (got my card on black Friday last year) And allways have to return to low settings

    • @josh k I have gone back to like drivers from year ago… And 1 of them managed to make the game work but not since the update.

  3. I also have a rtx 2070 GPU, but I don’t have this problem. (Your screen wallpaper gives me anxiety)

    • you cant see it here but it actually moves so it is nice to see it live.
      For the issue it is not like wows cant work with rtx cards but it seems there is a problem out there that manifests itself on random bases. It is def not a hardware issue and i have a laptop 2070 so this may be a further thing idk….

    • Branislav Radojevic

      @Daniel Rusev every single patch AMD optimized graphics are kinda fucked,I got 15 fps on average and it’s oscillating from 15 to 52-60 like no tommorow

    • I can think only think of 2 things that might be the problem. 1: it’s the laptop. 2: maybe your brand of rtx 2070 maybe the problem.

  4. I apologize for the bad quiality but it is always hard to record a screen with a phone camera despite its capabilities to record at 4k…. Sry for the backlight bleed as well i will have a new screen soon. The good part is that this one has 240HZ refresh so it is super smooth.

    I hope this will finally make it easier for wg to help me out because saying that i am frustrated atm is putting it more lightly that it should.

    PLS DONT TELL ME TO JUST REINSTALL THE GAME…. I did that more than 10 times and it is not it.. I dont run mods as well….


    • Have you tried Uninstalling the game?

    • Sucks man

    • Hi Daniel, I actually don’t have any problem with WoWS, it works just fine to me. Try to run it in “Full-Screen Windowed” mode, i run it like that and today i was able to play just fine. My Graphic card is a Nvidia GeForce 940MX on my laptop, which is not really the best graphic card and i run high settings (some setting like sea rendering are at medium level tho, while others are at max), just because i prefer a bit more quality, and i get above 30 fps, which is fine for me.
      Again, try to maybe start it in Safe Mode and see if it works, and one more thing, don’t start the game fromo the Game Center; create a shortcut from the game folder and start it from there (i do that).
      One more thing, this is mostly in general tho, go to your “System configuration” => “start-up option” or something like that => “advanced option” and there should be a drop-down menu with the number of your Processors in use, ulnless you already did it, it should be only 1; put it at 6, so your computer will use all of them (you’ll have to restart the computer after you selected it btw), it’s kind of a cheat that the companies make.

    • Daniel Rusev I have the same Problem with my amd RX580 strix

      I can alt tab out and back in, it works for about 2 secs then but then freezes again, is it doing that for you too?
      Same problem with pubg but no other game..

  5. Michael Søndergaard

    Hey Daniel my boy. Yeah just opened the game. Same problem. Stuck i full scream mode. Sounds Works fine. But cant do anything. Writing this eith my fat fingers in mobile.

    • what is your gpu?

    • Michael Søndergaard

      @Daniel Rusev not sure what that is. but i have a nividia geforce GTX 770 running on my stationary computer. had to restart and wait for an update to install.
      everything you said and showed in that video happened to me to.
      I do however have 3-4 mods running for the game.

      Ps. please change your wallpaper. that one screams CRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Michael Søndergaard

      well i just watch tremlass and flamu on twitch so their game client and game works. ill try again at another date.

  6. Oh @Daniel
    Frustrated you are
    But your accent
    I love it ?

  7. Friedrich püschel

    played this game for 5 years. i am out now

  8. Good video Dani. Hopefully they finally listen to you and help you out. Because this has been going on way to long and we miss you. WG please help him out asap

  9. Серж Горелый

    In Russia, the same thing happens, we are waiting for a new patch

  10. what if u chnge the graffics settings of world of warships via geforce experience
    also remove any kind of overclock and overclocking software
    if that dsnt work then i dnt know

  11. For a solid 20 seconds i was thinking your wallpaper was the game, glitched.

    Anyway, tried to adjust graphics settings? I’ve read that disabling FXAA could help.

  12. danthebait dkids456

    It might be a bad update from nvidia because my overwatch does that window thing too and I have a 2060

  13. Daniel uses in the full screen window configuration

  14. I had the same problem something i dont know what downloaded a programm i dont know the name anymore but if you have a programmed installed you dont know deinstall it

  15. This same thing happened to me but I couldn’t even get task manager I had to force shutdown on my pc to fix

  16. It’s the UI settings are to high just turn it down

  17. jacob Andrew crowson

    Daniel, right click on the application icon and press “free up space” it’s odd yes but it works..

  18. Jack Stretch-jones

    I’ve had this issue and just reinstalled the game, it does seem that you have to reinstall the game every few months

  19. rtx 2070 here. i’m running other game when I play wows as well (like BDO for example, or sometimes steam game, sometimes both). I also have wallpaper engine running in the background. I’m on desktop though with i5-6600k. bottleneck occurs when I play BDO but everything else is fine so I’m gonna keep it as it is for a while. latest driver though I forgot to uninstall the old driver and install new driver when I changed my graphics card from 970 to 2070, but running fine now.

  20. Tell him about OBS)

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