World of Warships – Domination

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Class – 1,720,000 credits. One ship in the right place without opposition – priceless.

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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a War Thunder or replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. XxTheGingaNinjaxX

    Jingles, You blithering dunderhead! You showed your name! What an
    irresponsible Gnome you are!

  2. Rias “President” Gremory

    You’ll never stop pronouncing minakaze as minakazeeee, will you?

  3. XxTheGingaNinjaxX

    Jingles! Why u use the boring intro?

  4. Glad you’re having fun with warships again! You got me playing this game

  5. NewcastleD87 is his new ING… Got it…


  7. And this is why I love the Minekaze

  8. Daniel Fuller (Starksteel)

    Could we have a carrier replay soon?

  9. Alexander Boström

    That russian destroyer has bad torpedos. As you have to get inside your
    detection range to use them.

  10. Come on Jingles, I sent a Kamikaze R replay just like this one, you old sod!
    Nice plays though, I appreciate them myself. And with my birthday in 5
    days, I expect you to be releasing some more awesome videos! Keep it up old
    man :)

  11. Hey Jingles! Really love the videos. Consider blocking out your player name
    in the video, so that you don;t have to change it again :)

  12. any reason youre not using camo on the minekaze Jingles?

  13. Hey Jingles, since you always make fun of battleships not avoiding
    torpedoes and sailing broadside on to each other, I’d like to send you a
    video from below average player (me) getting ok result by doing so, so you
    can see that some battleship players do use their brain. How do I send it
    to you?

  14. Krešimir Koržinek

    Nice to see you playing again :)

  15. Wouter Drupsteen (Ravaeron)

    Aw Jingles, that name is so cute, I know how you loved your time on the
    Newcastle, this makes total sense!

  16. aaah jingles, it isn’t priceless, it’s 1,720,000 credits that were used
    instead of someone paying WG money :)

  17. 7km range torps & 6.2km detection are mere facts, there is far more room to
    work with than that. You find the right angle of attack and you can fire
    from much further away…..a full speed Kongo (who is going to be detected
    anyway) you can fire from around 9km! Also with 3 launchers, don’t fire all
    down the same line, slightly overlap behind & in front of predicted course.

  18. this is a grate example of divide and conquer.

  19. Running a Minekaze without camo? tsk tsk!
    Nice game.

  20. The “linking up” on this particular map can backfire in a major way. How
    often have I seen a team “linking up” hidden in the channel, then going
    “you first!” — “no, YOU are the curious one!”, and getting gunned down
    from all sides.

    Linking up is good. But abandoning major parts of the map without a fight
    is bad. Most ships in WoWS need room to maneuver, and if the team trades
    70% of the map in exchange for the “safety” of all being in one place
    (where torpedoes become a REAL menace), you’re just gift-wrapping the
    victory to the enemy.

  21. Great vid Jingles. This is what you do best. Instructive AND entertaining.
    Most of us are at, or mostly play mid-tier, so you’re getting maximum bang
    for your bucks 😉 Mingles with, yesterday was hilarious too! ;)

  22. This is why I have the Kamikaze R and I use my Kagero captain on it. 5.4 km
    detection range is really nice in low tier battles.
    Ps. Jingles get some paint on that ship ;)

  23. Uddhava Swaminathan

    not trying to be an asshole but you said the minekaze has three torpedoes
    tubes per launcher when it actually has 2… just a small correction.. said
    at 9:55

  24. Good “ThinkTank” Email

    wargaming is dumb for not adding submarines and pt-boats

  25. just… HOW… going through my minekaze was a nightmare… there were
    probably 3 matches without 4-5 destroyers on each team with all high tier
    on the enemy team being US… I want your MM! And those people who dont
    dodge torps you just launch across the indicator… where can they be found

  26. Hey Jingles. Great video. I really liked the mini-map review at the end
    to put the fight in context. It might also be nice if there was a sped up
    replay of xcom.

    When do you think we’ll get an HMS Hood in WoW? ; )

  27. Jingles. Your groups’ tactics were very similar to those devised by two
    famous historical figures. Alexander the Great and Admiral Nelson. Split
    your adversary into two. Then deal with them piece meal.

  28. Jingle, could you please tell me the software you are using to create these
    amazing videos

  29. Jingles, showing your new name just made a target to everyone that wants to
    kill in game

  30. “…while it only fires three torpedoes from one launcher…”
    Jingles did it ag- hey, what’s with the shotgun?

  31. I had to go to sleep

  32. “The thing about the minekaze is, it only launches 3 torpedoes per tube”-
    Jingles you are crap.

  33. I love the Umikaze at tier 2, the torps on that think only takes about 21
    seconds to reload. I was so close to getting 7 kills with it some time ago

  34. Destroyers are way Too OP…. 1)Torps need to be nerfed to have
    Duds…40% 2)No more Overpen… or Overpen results in FLOODING 3)HE
    damage from Destroyers and cruisers reduced……Game balanced

  35. Correction, Minekaze fires 2 torps per set, not 3.

  36. Harrison Rawlinson

    Just wondering how you change which target the automatic aiming thing for
    the torpedoes is pointing at

  37. Fernando Quebing

    jingles, have you noticed that someone put Mingles With Jingles 141 in the
    Wikipedia page about the Newscastle in the references part?

  38. Hey Mr Jingles .. Do you use Linux as your OS ?

  39. just got a game with kamikaze R where I was second in xp on t7 team…
    courtesy of AFK enemy Warspite :P

  40. StupidFastRebound

    Jingles I’m confused… if you don’t want people to target you why do you
    show your new name on youtube!?

  41. Jingles the Minakaze is all well and good but it can’t hold a candle to
    Poland’s Finest Lady the Blyskawica.

  42. 2 torpedoes per tube, Jingles.

  43. Nice Job Jingle’s…..glad to see you enjoying ships again…

  44. “-its like takeing a man who is used to fighting with one hand tied behind
    his back and giveing him plasma cannons and melta bombs-”
    by the emperor Jingles, what sort of Dark Angel possesed are you?

  45. Big tip – camo #1 drops the minekaze viz to 6km, that extra .2km can make a
    big difference.

  46. The Release the Kraken picture is beautifull 17:14 :’D

  47. some early jingles today! I LIKE!

  48. Plasma Cannons & Melta bombs, Sir Jingles?
    You sound like an Imperium Loyalist, there – Overtime in the saltmines from

  49. Just got into world of warships the last couple of days because of you.
    Played 50 games and 100% win rate. I bragged. No humility. Realized then
    I’d been playing co-op bots the entire time. Switched to random battles and
    got rekt.

  50. Tip of the day.Dont sell the minekaze like I did (although I did hold on to
    it for a while).High tier dds cost a ton to repair, you die quick and you
    ll be minus credits.Also wth you find these noob captains?

  51. So that was the new ship you were talking about last week, the Minekaze. Oh

  52. Jingles are we going to see HMS Campbeltown any time soon?

  53. Just started playing WoWS and I play as battleships only. Fallen for
    destroyer torpedos a few times bit that was in the South Carolina, so I was
    very new to the game. Learned my lesson and in the Wayoming I’ve died from
    torpedos once only. Don’t understand why ppl keep falling for it. They just
    go in straight lines and at full speed. Just stupid.

  54. Just as i check my phone before school i see this…oh jingles y u alweys
    do dis…also just wondering is iChase part of the dream team?

  55. Good luck to you jingles hope you win the exe match

  56. “plasma cannons and melta-bombs” warhammer 40k reference?

  57. jingles the minekaze has 3 double barrel torpedos so it inly fires a total
    of 6 torps not 9

  58. Jingles. Please take a look at warthunder’s new cosmetic upgrades. Because
    they have brought an all new meaning to “Unfair Plane He Kemp Bush” Meme.
    And i literally mean it.

  59. Guessing the new name has a naval link to a type 42 or just a lucking
    chance guessed the number is the pennant number!? aha

  60. Stoney “Skouteh” Mahoney

    Plasma cannons and melta bombs… A “friend” of mine nicked my huge Space
    Crusade collection many many years ago…

  61. that description though…

  62. herro jingles

  63. One ship in the right place without opposition – priceless.
    One ship going round corner to Kongo. £1.59

  64. BOOM! Headhsot- The Mighty Jingles 2016

  65. My dear Jingles at 9:57 you say it only fires 3 torpedoes from each
    launcher wish that to be true.

  66. Plasma cannons and melta bombs…Truly the Omnissiah smiles upon this

  67. If you use the concealment camo on the Minekaze you can improve your
    concealment to about 6km. It’s even better when you finally have
    Concealment Expert (commander skill), 5.4km :)

  68. what are you going to do with melee-range melta bombs if you already have
    plasma cannons? or are they for when your plasma cannons roll 1s and

  69. @ +The Mighty Jingles

    Talking of plasma cannons and melter bombs;
    have you had a look at “Battlefleet Gothic: Armada”?

  70. does being Rear Admiral mean same thing as Master of ButtSeks?

  71. Jingles why you upload this early, I’m at school! oh well, I don’t need to
    know how batteries work nor how to make my own battery, anyways…

  72. Federation of the World

    The drem tem

  73. Enjoyed. Yeah, sort of. Just bit of a shame, and some of a pity, I can’t go
    playing this game my self. “An admin has blokke, ya da, ya da,…..” was
    the messages popping up, once the game was downloaded last time after
    latent patches. Ever since that, it got to the first lodning screen for
    some seconds, and back to the desktop.Wasen’t using headphones myself, and
    even I could hear Boo shaking himself, wearing the collar

  74. where is the Campbell-Town?

  75. +The Mighty Jingles Aah Jingles San. You must learn the way of the Ninja.
    You go into battle improperly dressed. Your ship left port before
    application of camouflage paint! Dockyard master you are not! (nice to see
    you playing again!)

  76. Was at Jingle’s first educational video?

  77. Loved the little close-up of the minimap at the end. It really shows the
    progression of the battle nicely. It would be nice to see more of that in
    future vids. Oh and I suggest (again!) that you check out Command: Modern
    Air Naval Operations (CMANO). It really is a fantastic simulator, and would
    no doubt interest you.

  78. i just sent in a replay x3

  79. I never get those Kraken awards. I get four kills on occasion, but a very
    few five kills in a match. Like one this match reminded me of (in *Isokaze*),
    where I just killed off almost the entire east flank at Solomon Islands
    (with a few lucky blind shots), and then spent the rest of the match
    chasing that elusive fifth. On the other hand, I tend to play aggressively
    in destroyers, so I usually die after getting one or two kills.

  80. KK Pixy (SolowingPixy)

    so i guess the video of the new ship is postponed indefinitely?

  81. Lord Demolitions

    About to go to sleep.
    Sees Jingles posted a video.
    Fuck sleep

  82. I can’t imagine the level of douche who looks at usernames when
    prioritizing targets. Only youtube celebrity I’ve played with was
    iChaseGaming. I only greeted him before the match started and didn’t think
    about it until much later in game when I thought “I bet that last guy alive
    is him….yep!” because he actually knows how to stay alive, unlike %90 of
    his team.

  83. Zsolt Huszti-Bagdi

    Finally! That bloody boat-game again!!! Long time no see!

  84. Nixe vid as always. Would be nice if you could follow the torps sometimes
    with “z”

  85. Wotko s Vokurkou

    My fingers are itching to play the Minekaze again after seeing this :-D


  87. I do Love minecaze, but with Kamikaze R you making more credits, you shoot
    faster and have better turrents travers speed. And you Can train your
    capitans !, PS sor me the Fubuki and Kamicaze R are the bigest credits
    maker in the game !,,

  88. Ah the Minekaze, best dd. Hilarious fun to play as, and lands some amazing

  89. Admiral Sir Peter the 3rd

    Let’s make a joke

    HMS Campeltown

  90. Jingles, you show your name in this replay. Not sure if it bothers you or
    not. 16:04

  91. Wait till you get the Concealment expert perk…Minekaze surface detection
    5.4km and air is 2.8km it’s full of lol moments.

  92. Looks like HMS Campbeltown And USS Saipan Are delayed for balancing issues
    probably just the Saipan delayed but so yeah

  93. Jingles you stingy git why didn’t you take camo? -3% to detection range :)

  94. Where do you find these BB drivers…the ones I always find turn…and
    change speed…irregularly lol ?

  95. Jingles you old so and so! Great game mate! Could you please check with
    youre Dreamteam comrades if it would be ok with them to be filmed on this
    event and if youre evil camera minion Eddie please can do some of his great
    filming of you guys during this event while you guys are playing a match
    and talking and joking with eachother?
    I think this would be greatly appreciated by youre humble fans here. Am i
    right guys?

    Please keep up youre great work Jingles. its the highlite of many peoples
    day when you load up a new video!

    And if you have any spare time somewhere i would really appreciate if you
    could make a video on how you make youre videos. What kind off
    hardware/software you are using, which editing programs and mic´s you are
    using. It would be great!

  96. Jingles, you should check out Steel Ocean, it’s like Wows but to me more
    realistic, limited ammo, subs, you also have to manually fire your guns
    they have the USN, KMS, and the RN in the game, KMS and the RN dont have
    completed tech trees did I mention they have the super Yamato.

  97. plus one 40k referance thumbs up XD

  98. I got a 300k credit defeat last weekend..

  99. Great Stuff Jingles! Keep up the good work, on behalf Australia 8>

  100. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  101. Marty H (Vellarain)

    Minekaze is the only good IJN ship until the Fubuki.

  102. Jingles what do I have to do in order for me to come into your house?

  103. Don’t forget t buy some lower your detection camo Mr Jingles, lowers
    detection down to 5.9km if I remember right

  104. The mighty boo spooking all of us with his spooky collar shake

  105. I forgot my laundry while watching the vid..

  106. two minutes into the video and i had a terrible premonition… jingles is
    going to have a shimakaze one day.

  107. Caleb Fyvie (The5v)

    “Hang on, Jingles uploaded a WoWs video at 3am? Who needs sleep?”

  108. Orion the Sylveon

    Wow I must be early!… Uh, Hi there Jingles.

  109. i dont play wow my pc doest simply have the hp to do it but i love playing
    wot, but i hate the post battle screen becouse it showes stuf that i dont
    have to see but wow has a damn nice post battle result screen….

  110. You can “extend” your torpedo range if the target is sailing towards you,
    even at an angle, as he’s gonna cover part of the distance himself while
    your torps are on the way. With Minekaze you can fire at about 8Km at any
    approaching ship with good chances to hit if he doesn’t change course.

  111. It’s 3am here in the States Jingles, and I just finished my accursed
    history thesis. Your video is a welcome sight keeping me sane. Thanks for
    all the years of entertainment. Cheers!

  112. Gosh is it so sad that people that actually do that simple thing( dodging
    torps) can kinda feel proud of themselves?
    I mean I dodged 3.5 km DD in a battleship, what is their excuse?

  113. That’s not fair ! When I play in a destroyer, I never fall on the big dum
    battleships that sail in strait lines !

  114. 2 torpedoes from 3 launchers Jingles, the fubaki loses a launcher for 2
    sets of 3 torpedoes and further range.

  115. Jingles love your new name

  116. MLG SKILLS, did you see the way he lines up the auto torpedo aim! fucking

  117. … I think I am going to resist the urge and just go to sleep, haha.

  118. plasma cannons and melta bombs? can you still remember the codex stats for

  119. I know Jingles’ new name! I’m not telling though!

  120. HellHawX Omega (Lord Of Hellish Chrome)

    Two days until the 71st anniversary of Operation: Ten-Go
    Respect to the Japanese and American crews of that fateful day.

  121. Um, actually Jingles, the torpedo tubes on the Minekaze only fire 2
    torpedoes per launcher.

  122. The Badass Bassist

    20-3 like dislike ratio? wth?

  123. Love the release the kraken picture and gg

  124. 8 AM comon Jingles …. are you awake that long? grow up jingles. :D

  125. Careful, Jingles. Plasma Cannons overheat on a 1, and I doubt you have a
    good Armor Save.

  126. They should make a Hawaii map

  127. That’s a paddln!

  128. 8 am class tomorrow? Screw it, Jingles put out a video.

    Sleep is for the weak.

  129. What’s a good to play this game? Every time I log on there isn’t anyone

  130. I mean I WAS gonna sleep. buuut I’d rather finish thia video

  131. Plasma cannon and melta bombs hey–nice 40K reference :)

  132. Harbinger Reaper

    Thinking on yesterday’s Mingles with Jingles’s Baltic Fleet story…

    How do you think your game would go if you were to face off the Baltic
    Fleet in one ship?

    How would you fare with a rubber ducky?


  134. That 40k reference was beautiful… however I doubt you want to get too
    used to those plasma cannons, there’s a slight chance of well… detonation

  135. Wow!! I can’t ever get the first comment on the Video!! :(

  136. Jingles do you even sleep? I’ve officially seen you post a video in every
    hour of the day.

  137. !!! All Hail Mighty Jingles The Ultimate Lord Of The Universe !!!

  138. one of the first 400 to view.

  139. Right, let’s check youtube one last time before sleep.

  140. hey jingles!I have not seen you play the tog 2 with your friends in a
    while. I’d like to see that again :D

  141. I’m quick, early!
    Joke a come with up!

    Boat that game bloody again!

  142. never been this early before

  143. Watch your vids on the daily jingles, always make my day, love the story
    time during mingles with jingles. Keep up the great work ;)

  144. Jingles u read the comments. read this… Blow me

  145. 1 like = Bacon
    1 dislike=Allah Akbar

  146. Jingles you do know some of us have to sleep lol

  147. Are there any cool ships?

  148. I literally just woke up to get ready for work and then i see this.

    Jingles you’re the best.

  149. Man i just woke up! It’s too early to go the saltmines!

  150. † Masterhp †

    Jingles supports Azerbaijan….

  151. Lol I’m early

  152. man I was going to sleep but hey who needs it

  153. it’s to foking late for this jingles!

  154. What country’s destroyers do you enjoy the most, Jingles?

  155. Right when I was about to go to sleep. Why you do dis Uncle Jingles!

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