World of Warships: Don’t Be a Torpedo Magnet

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Don’t be a torpedo magnet. I have nothing against the player, but I want You guys not to reverse in front of a submarine. It’s a terrible idea.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 US submarine Balao.


  1. Going to take a quick break at work to watch Aerron video. Thanks good sir

  2. At least he’s true to his name.

  3. I would hate to be a torpedo magnet myself

  4. I don’t think it’s a mistake on his part

  5. what are you talking about? what have to do the Kremlin? go behind a island or to the back of the map? the subs are ridiculous, that bb cant do nothing against guided torpedos and with that absurd reload, not even have aws, wg ruinid it with this things

    • Yes, the battleship could’ve just gone forward and the torpedoes would’ve run into the island instead of the ship. After that all she would have to do is keep moving and turn to avoid the torps.

    • @Aerroon, sorry, but this is senseless:
      • “The battleship could’ve just gone forward” to be flanked by Puerto Rico and GK? Yeah, great alternative – die from torps or die from cits.
      • “and the torpedoes would’ve run into the island instead of the ship” – homing torpedoes? Into the island? You mean to say that with this constant pinging he could by some miracle have avoided this? Srsly…

      Subs are completely unbalanced and broken class and we may see it in every video.

    • Dude… The subs it’s still on testing phase.. Right now it’s not how the final product look.. There will be retweak / rebalancing later.
      They already announced that all surface ships who don’t had asw can call asw plane as consumables.
      The Kremlin was in such bad positioning to end up in such crossfire. .
      Aeron already spotted by radar that should be give him rough idea what near him, but Mr torpedo magnet kinda miss judged his information

    • Testing. Srsly…

    • Nah… have a hard time it will change.
      Just like the CV-rework this has cost money, and this class becoming unpopular is something the developers don’t want. Because it would show it was a waste of resources and somebody has to go.

  6. Do you really like subs? I find them borig to play.

  7. Do you not know about the new Navigator mod or do you like this version better? In case you don’t know the new one, it is a bit more compact and it has the mod included that shows you if a target is reversing, stopping or moving forward. It’s part of Aslains, no idea about the official Modpack by WG.

    • Oh, hadn’t heard about it. As long as it still contains the other info that navigator mod has then I’ll try it. I know the compact version of the old one missed something.

  8. 1:40 are the torpedos programmed to avoid underwater islands on the way to their destination or was that movement their response to Kremlin nosing forward?

    • They absolutely do not avoid underwater islands. They will happily go straight into islands if the projected path of the enemy puts them behind/near an island. That was entirely in response to Kremlin nosing forward.

    • The Kremlin was pinged already, so the torps follow the movement, and the Kremlin just then started a turning.

  9. For all we know this player maybe working on a Tasks. Remember that there are a few where you have to spot torps!

  10. thats me lol thanks for showing everyone how not to do it 🙂

  11. And that is why I don’t play rank nowadays.

  12. Subs are garbage design, at tier 10 sub torps can even outturn DDs

  13. quick PSA: the reason why turning defeats sub torps is because their homing turns off 1 km from a target

  14. When they put SUBS in the game it became a shittier game it was shitty after the cv rework but now it’s worse ((((

  15. Sorry Aerroon, I think you have missed the mark here. While going around the island might have prolonged his lifespan, theres nothing stopping you from doing the same in which case he is open to you, the GK and the PR. I think a better title might have been “Dont get caught bow in with a BB”. The homing torps, the rate in which they reload and everything tying into reload is going to make this game a snore fest once it comes to random battles.

    • But that’s just not true at all. Why do people keep saying this? I literally showed a cut down clip, which I even referenced in the video, that shows that you can literally JUST TURN to avoid those homing torps. And yet people keep coming to me and saying that you can’t do anything against them.

      Will it make it harder for you to survive? Well yes, but if I were a Thunderer instead that would cut down on your life too, wouldn’t it?!?!

  16. Also I have had my computer freez on me in the middle of a game. I come back and I am dead. So perhaps that is the case?

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