World of Warships- Don’t Be This Guy 3

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Hey guys, ran across this fellow who gave me a little pre-game salt crap for being a Musahsi, rather interesting.

Have a replay?

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  1. Oh look, a double queing clan and mejash. This is a very interesting game isnt it. 😀

  2. Hey Mejash (another streamer) was in that match also.

  3. It’s really immature to start trolling another player at the start of the game. One usually ends up looking stupid like this guy. In fact it’s a really bad idea to troll ever.

  4. Salty aholes from world of tanks I imagine

  5. Every day I play at least one game with someone who has to troll me throughout the game. These days I just accept it as part of the game. I don’t even give them much thought anymore.

  6. I had something like that happen the other night. I was in a tier X game in my Wichita, decided to die gloriously by attacking a Yamato that was hiding around the corner of an island. I happened to push at the same time as a GK and NC, and the Yamato focused on the NC, destroying him. I took a citadel from an enemy Alaska but survived the encounter. I commented in chat that I was surprised to be alive. The GK that was with me then decided to chase the Alaska and a Des Moines (who were both kiting) across open water. I turned to take a cap that was guarded by an enemy Wichita and the GK (not surprisingly) got destroyed. He then started chewing me out for not partaking in his personal charge of the light brigade. I had about 5 k health in a tier 8 ship, with only 15km range. I wonder what he thought I would have been able to do to support him.

  7. Another person who thinks internet competition is a real thing. Agreed, don’t be that guy, live life and play games for fun.

    • And as the quality of the matches continue to spiral down whatll be the next excuse after the CV blame game stops working

    • +ArrrToo Deetoo That’s the problem my friend, the whole blame game deal. A little kindness goes a long way when the average player is playing a game to ya know, have fun. If that guy had asked Mountbatten hey bro wanna run with me to X and work together on this flank, I’m sure he would have had both a much better result and had some fun in the process. Seems like a much better idea then having a rage game where he dies and armchair admirals anybody and everybody who couldn’t read his mind and do exactly what he expected of them.

  8. I’m pretty sure those sweaty players just hate Japanese BBs in general. A guy was mad at me for staying in the rear of my team in the Izumo type B which has awful AA, one of the worst ships in thr game, and can be set on fire just by a Cruiser sneezing on me. There was also an enemy Gearing lurking around so I couldn’t push the objective too much otherwise I would get bombarded by torps. I ended up with 2 kills, 3rd place on the leaderboards, and captured an objective with only 2 other people on my team.

  9. He was a newfie what do you expect.

  10. I remember A long time ago I was playing in my Musashi on tears and spawned on the north east corner side. My entire team spawned around E9, except myself and what I believe was A DM. I can’t remember the mode exactly, but I do think it was epicenter.

    The DM was afk for about the first..oh I think it was about 3 minutes. then he started moving once the enemy ships started shooting him. This was A CV game and I knew ifI was gonna be alone with only 1 cruiser(who was AFK) to protect me I was fucked, so I instantly started moving towards E9 to join up with the rest of my team.

    Lo and behold, after only A few minutes in and I was around D9 some ass-wipe started bitching about me camping at the back of the map.

    My whole team was being held off on this side, basically stuck in spawn, by around half the enemy team and the other half was pushing east from the north-west.

    I believe this was right after the carrier rework arrived and the enemy Hakuruyu was extremely OP and was harassing myself as well as the 2 other BB’s near me. So my team can’t push, and OP carrier is wrecking us with torpedo spam, and we eventually got curb stomped and SOMEHOW THIS WAS ALL MY FAULT.

  11. Whenever I get a yahoo that starts the trash talk from the get go, I just mute them and move on. Because there is clearly nothing helpful that they will say for the rest of the match. They ultimately always do something stupid and then blame everyone else.

  12. Im a cv player.
    I gonna tell what I tell to everyone. Dont you ever expect a cv to protect you. I mostly focus on dropp fighters for my DDs cause they are defenseless and are more important late on the match. But CA and BB need to build an AA captain or stick to a AA build friendly. We carrier doesn’t have the ability to defend anymore. We need to fly our damage maker squad all the 2ay where you ship is, dropp a useless fighter and then strike an enemy ship. By the time you ship spot the enemy squad i dont have enough time to defend you.
    So never ever expect help from carrier other than damage help.

  13. this can’t be the first time you got trolled….. clearly he trolled you and he succeeded…

  14. I never respond to trash talkers. It only fuels the fire and distracts you from the game. Ignore them, eventually they’ll get tired of talking to themselves and shut up.

  15. Nice vid Sea Lord. I hate trash talkers who worry more what their teammates are doing than their own ship.

  16. EternalGaming786

    I meet people like that all the time, they keep on fighting on chat from start to end.. calling me a nub,useless but end screen score usually proves them wrong. (:3

  17. lol,, thought I was the only one that was good at making a ship sanmitch but you made a good one!!!

  18. that’s cool to play Midrange but you know not to get to close to the enemy, or they will run circles around you and delete you, or unless you have a solid teammate that has ur back., yeah man i my self don’t like being all in back of the bus, or just hiding behind mountains the whole game. you know what that’s a coincidence cuz i to do lots of Reverse on my Musashi. that dude in the chat is most likely a teenager or kid, i just don’t answer players like that and they get more infuriated, cuz its a waste of time to chat back an forth for something so irrelevant.

  19. Honestly, I’ll admit I’m a little toxic in chat, but that’s mainly just anime references and memes. What this guy does by assuming that a particular ship will play a certain way that he dislikes is just demonstrating his idiocy. People play how they play, and that’s something you have to deal with. Sometimes that playstyle is objectively bad, and others not. People like this landlocked fellow that try to start fights for no reason only serve to make everyone else in the chat angry. Honestly if I were you in a similar situation I would’ve pulled up his stats and then shamed him if they were bad (which they probably are) and moved on with my day.

  20. Rasmus Dyhr Frederiksen

    1 crap chat from anyone, and I just mute them in game. Works wonders for my peace of mind.

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