World of Warships- Don’t Be This Guy 5

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So I ran across this upstanding the other day…yup

Outro Music- Stranger Think by C418

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  1. I just love the “Don’t Be This Guy” videos, keep up the good work man <3

  2. SteamControllerNoob

    good video, why does he bother playing if he not willing to try and do something to help the team

  3. FlyingDutchmanVideos

    That Buster guy must have a great time playing WOWS if he throws a hissy fit in the first couple minutes of every games.

  4. I agree SeaLord, these are the players that are ruining the game experience. For me, even when I know they my team is going to lose, given the conditions, I won’t go down without fighting. When it happens, I start playing more defensively to stay alive longer, but I keep fighting.

  5. These guys just throw a tantrum every time the game doesnt go their way. Worst one I had so far was a Loyang starting the game by complaining about her stats (torp range or something), saying “Im useless as a bottom tier so im going back to port. bye!”. I just answered “bye”, a little confused about what he was expecting. Did he want us to beg him to stay or what? He then slowly went down the 10-line and when I had to run away in my CV and barely survived he finished me off with his torps. If there was a way to watch old replays I would love to send it to you to see your reaction xD

  6. Shim player agein? i swear they are the Tesla driver’s of World of warship’s… heh

  7. if i were that shimakaze, i wouldnt want to cap C either. there are 3 radar ships there (alaska, stalingrad and missouri), there is presumably also enemy DD at C, and theres conqueror too with his HE. its a suicide
    maybe he had too many losing streak and just tired with the game and even worse matchmaking that put him at C

  8. Some people Don’t understand Its just freaking game…

  9. Petulant is the correct term. Most likely a Kid.

  10. “this team is too stupid” thirty seconds later, teamkill! 😛 Is he toxic or a prophet?

    • Tbh, his team’s positioning was horrible and it was rather obvious from the start. However, the fact that you are able to spot your team’s bad performance does not equal you being a ”best” player or allowing you to noob like this.

      I looked up this Shima’s stats. He is neither bad nor good. 15k battles tho, dude obviously knows to ”feel” the rhythm of the game. I’d still spend every single report on him.

  11. I remember this game as I was in the neptune at b. Our team was wondering where the hell the shima went. We had assumed he just went to support another cap. Personally I was wondering what happens on the other side.

  12. Its annoying to play with little kids who throw temper tantrums and usually carriers get the brunt of it.

  13. Typical kid these days probably wasn’t happy at the thought of just getting a participation trophy. So he goes and pouts in the corner.

  14. I have lost my Destroyer in the first minute of battle, but I have also killed 7 enemy ships with a Cruiser, you never know till the game ends! You don’t throw a temper tantrum & wimp out, just because things don’t go your way! My GOD I am 64 years old, I spent 6 years in the USMC & almost 9 years in the US Army, I never wimped out, even when I became a Disabled American Veteran, they had to put me out of the service. In real combat, he would be shot as a coward.

  15. Sounds like he pulled up the W/L records for his and the enemy team and made his decision.

    Or this is how he has fun…

  16. You were super restrained I’m impressed. I would’ve reported him 5+ times.

  17. I predict he’ll be clanless very, very soon.

  18. Nice vid Sea Lord, that DD had no right to give up and do nothing. Going AFK is one thing (phone, called away for a short time, etc) , but just sitting in the corner refusing to take further action is not acceptable. That DD player should take a break and do co-op for a while.

  19. Speaking for SALTY, we have decided to part ways with Buster. I hope he gets the help he needs. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Sea Lord Mountatten.

  20. BTW, there is already a “Don’t be this guy 5″… title should be 6.

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