World of Warships – Don’t Cry For Me San Martina

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  1. yay nothing like a World of Warships video from my faviort content creator on my 30th Birthday, been watching since High School thanks for all the years of entertainment Jingles.

  2. I think, over a very short amount of time, the community seems to have moved on from mentioning Eddie in comments and posts. And I know it will be forever before you, Jingles or anyone else close to him will forget. Though on behalf of the community, I think i will say it one last time from us…

    I’m so sorry for your loss Jingles, and we all miss Eddie as he was such a loving and kind person. I do wish you well and god bless Eddie’s soul. May we never forget such a kind addition to this world ❤

    • Strangely I got the same sentiment. It’s like everything is ‘back to normal’ and ‘don’t mention Eddie.’ But I’m quite certain that isn’t what’s genuinely going on. It’s just that as awkward and strange as it may sound, his passing has been very painful, even to us, the loosely coupled members of this community, to whom Jingles and his friends somehow seem so familiar and intimate I think, that we actually have become emotionally involved. It’s the authenticity that sets this channel apart from the more plastic ones, that makes our sympathy real. And somehow – in my perception at least – it feels Eddie didn’t get a proper send off. It feels like unfinished and unsatisfactory somehow.

      Having said all that, life has a nasty tendency to continue on and leave little room and time to mourn properly, so we try our best and move on, be it with this stone upon our hearts. It will always feel like unfinished business, regardless what ritual or symbolic gestures we make. He went too soon and way too fast to do or say something that felt helpful. It’s that feeling of being powerless to convey our sincere involvement in a way that felt like it mattered, I guess.

      Either way, I think we should allow Jingles to mourn in his own way, his own time and in the company of whomever he chooses. Eddie was HIS best friend, not ours, regardless how we authentically feel. YouTube is a strange space in that respect. It’s as if we become part of the life of a YouTuber, when in fact we aren’t and can’t be.

      And though I do not intend to put words in Jingles’s mouth, I think he has the integrity not to make a single buck out of posting a video about Eddie’s passing or how he genuinely feels; that would make him drop to the levels of the Kardashians, if you catch my drift. Pretty soon it would feel like self gratifying exhibitionism that’s in stark contrast to the remembrance Eddie is deserving of.

      Sorry to weigh in and make assumptions that may prove to be completely false, but this is from the heart and the little Asperger in me told me to post it, since it had been nagging me from some time now too.

      Cheers to you all.

    • Sometimes not saying anything after someone has past is our way of dealing with it,it’s not that they are forgotten but the hurt is a little bit raw just yet.❤

    • As a fellow salt miner, I am proud of the community members. We all loved and missed Eddie. He will not be forgotten.

    • @Pincer88 what you said is valid, Eddie is not forgotten but the business of living doesn’t stop for the living until they join the departed.
      Let the emotional scabs heal over, don’t keep picking at them.
      I lost 5 family members since the beginning of the pandemic, 2 to cancer. If I only thought of them, my abysmal depression would be crippling. So I concentrate on the needs of the living.

  3. I would say morning but as my sleep schedule was thoroughly murdered I’m having lunch right now

  4. Mm is surprisingly balanced. Did WG finally break it?

  5. Top of the morning Jingles..Thank you as always for the entertainment 😎

  6. Sweet another great start for the day 👏😎

  7. Jingles, it made sense for the Montana to stop shooting at the Goliath; he had the broadside of a Conq to shoot at and deleted a nearly 50% hp battleship. The Nevsky got the Goliath later anyways

  8. I’ve been binge watching your Warhammer 40k chaos gate daemon hunter series the past few days. It’s amazing how much the world has changed since then.
    It really struck me when I listened to you talk about the loss of QE2 and the ascension of KC3. That was just the beginning. Some losses were more personal than others.
    My 59th birthday happened last Saturday. The older I get, the longer the days last but the faster the years pass. We both had some significant losses in the past year.
    Cherish the moments you get to spend with your loved ones, you don’t know how many you will get or when it will all come to an end. There are no guarantees in life.

  9. Spanish pronunciation isn’t all that hard, even if you don’t know any of the language itself. Just remember the vowel sounds (“ah”, “eh”, “eee”, “oh”, “ooo” for a, e, i, o, and u, respectively), and look for the accents written in the words to tell you which syllables to emphasize.

    So, San Martín is pronounced “SAHN marTEEN”.

    Or just ask Drachinifel. 🙂

  10. San Martin is my new favourite ship, I love Light Cruisers, and this one is amazing. Rewards ballsy play, still very vulnerable, just a well done ship IMO.

  11. The Spanish cruisers are really interesting; their combat instructions reward aggression (unlike most other combat instructions which reward patience). Combined with a very good heal, a 10 second DCP, burst fire, and both hydro and radar, the ships are absolutely deadly to destroyers and cruisers. Most of the content WG has been coming out with imo has fallen on either side of the fence of either having very little influence on matches or having too much influence. It’s about time that WG return to creating ships like the San Martin line; highly influential and rewarding to experienced players, yet it has very clear weaknesses and can either be countered or managed if you take the time to understand them.

  12. Syed Ushher Ahmad

    Couple of things here:
    1st: The montana made the right call. That conqueror was on 32k health and montana slapped the ever living shit out of him. It was the right choice because conqueror guns overmatch des moines and nevsky, which were the only cruisers left, and the super heal would have doomed them all.
    2nd: des moines, yes, had a sudden brain fart moment. if he had angled towards the island diurach was hiding behind, he could have easily bounced amagi and not die. He threw hard
    3rd: the gearing made a mistake. He could have gone bow in, and torped him just 2 km away. We already saw that San Martin AP shells bounced off when he was angled. He played well, but that was a moment that could have been executed way better

  13. San Martin’s heal is actually better than Mino’s or Goliath’s. It heals back 80% of citadel damage. If you manage it well and if you succeed in keeping you combat instructions off cooldown (which Diurach had trouble doing in this game), you are insanely durable.

  14. Imagine being tier 8 in a tier 8 match with double carriers and double subs

  15. Pretty amazing game! Nice!

  16. Absolute GOLD jingles on the title.

  17. USS Sims, Hull number: DD-409

    To be fair to the Montana, he was going to be caught in a cross fire between the Goliath and the Conquerer, so he decided to take out the threat on his broadside first. And he did, we can see he got the Conquerer with his first shot

  18. Fortunately, Jingles goes into Spanish mode when a certain Italian ship is being played (Julio Cesare)

  19. A well played game!

  20. Don’t cry for me Argentina. Wonderful song.

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