World of Warships- Don’t EVER Play This Ship Its Complete GARBAGE

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Hey guys! Today we go over the above sentiment that seems to be getting applied to more and more ships as time goes on, enjoy!

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  1. I honestly like Henri. She is tanky IF positioned correctly, has hard hitting guns and has a lot of gimmicks that make her able to adapt to many situations.

    Also in my opinion, how good or bad the ship performs can only be judged by the captain behind the wheel

  2. Last year I mostly played Henri in Clan Battles and it is one of the strongest ships in the game. It can even wreck Condes, when you make it a proper lighthouse build and special captain… I have no idea where this ridiculous idea comes from that Henri would be weak somehow…

    • It’s really up to the players skill level with the ship, I had a clan member who could carry a team with the tier 10 Dutch cruiser

  3. I keep and play the ships I enjoy the most, or if I get a perma paint or bonus for them. I’ve had a few ships of late that I’ve played through did well in and enjoyed. So I kept them. Omano being an example. I ground the Bismark so hard because it’s the boat I wanted, but I am terrible in it. I rushed through the Zieten because I wasn’t planning on keeping it, be ended up having really good games in it, with a good win rate. So she’s a permanent resident in my dock. I even enjoy the hated Gniesenou.

    • My friends and I used to run a triple Scharnhorst division back in the day for fun times, but I ended up swapping my Scharn out for the Gneisenau. Also, I don’t have bad games in the Zao, and I think that she can be a very strong ship.

    • Bismark takes a lot of patience for me to learn…every thing about the ship is slow but am averaging 1.1 kills. It seems it just crawls at times compared to other BB’s.

  4. Maybe I’m crazy but I love the Tier V dreadnought Rio de Janeiro. No AA defenses, but 14 quick reloading 12 inch cannons. A big target, not very quick. A game with submarines and two CV’s and you’re dead early. No CV’s or subs, and it’s so much fun!

    • Rio is great. Agincourt trades a lot to get that secondary power, I prefer Rio; the guns are accurate enough, HE and AP do good work, with Brisk it’s quick enough and it turns really well; it can torpedo beat better than I thought. Plus, the turret set up means it can get a lot of gun on target very easily. It’s conceal isn’t too bad either.
      Shame the AA defence amounts to harsh language but other than that she’s fabulous.

    • @deaks25 Aren’t they actually same as far as armament goes? Same main guns and secondaries ?

    • @Jakub Slavík So true! I can usually tell the likely outcome as soon as I see If there are CV’s. It doesn’t take long for a good CV player to figure out Rio has no AA defense.

    • @deaks25 That’s a good summary of Rio. It really is quite a lot of fun.

    • @Jan Miknyik They have same main guns, however Rio is much more accurate, has better HE pen and has a better reload, you are looking at something similar to Thunderer in that regard. Agincourt has a lot better secondaries, she also has a different superstructure that is better suited for tanking purposes, the guns could be considered meh, however you have so many it does not matter at all, she could be considered somewhat similar to GK or Pommern in terms of gameplay. The AP is bad on both ships which is actually a good thing, because cruisers usually in tier 4-7 (you will encounter those) are very badly armoured, that means you will slap the hell out of them and it is also not irregular to smash battleships for 10-20k, however I advise to use AP on them when you are very close (<10km) or when against BBs with 26mm all aboard the ship. Also the ships must be perfectly broadside, any sort of angle will make the shells shatter or ricochet.

  5. Every ship is capable of excellence and failure. Some are just easier than others to make dance.

  6. As a Canadian, my issue with the Yukon is that the real HMCS Yukon is a destroyer, not a battleship. Canada had a large naval fleet in WW2 that could be used but it was mainly smaller destroyers and frigates. And we did even end up with a couple of carriers as well. Plus the treatment of Little White Mouse did not help as well.

  7. I’ve recently discovered the joy that is Hampshire. I got her when she was a reward ship upon first release, but thought nothing of her; a slow, long, vulnerable, AP-only T8 cruiser with no heal. Sounds horrible, enjoy being a Port Queen.
    Recently put a few games on her and because I am very comfortable with the UK CL’s, I found her conceal, acceleration and manoeuvrability very comfortable, so she kites really well, the AA is actually functional and the guns… I suddenly realised I was in a T8 cruiser that was running around blasting T10 DDs for all their health and chunking GK’s for 6-8k a salvo that I suddenly realised that I was having fun. In WOWS!! I thought WG had banned fun in this game.
    Sure, she can get one-shot-ed by said T10s but still, it was a ship on paper that sucks, but because it plays to my strengths, I could make her do good work and have fun.
    On a another note, ooof at the salty players in chat on the enemy team…

  8. That’s an odd example. The Henri is still a very powerful ship. I can’t think of any ship better at a 1v1.

    That being said, there are “garbage” ships that are hard to do well with, and there are GARBAGE ships where any success is the product of enemy incompetence rather than your skill. Oklahoma, Kansas, and Omono come to mind.

  9. I like Henry IV with the legendary module. On the NA server, she’s still being seen in matches. I also play the Zao.

  10. Ett Gammalt Bergtroll

    There is some merit to the argument of shitty ships dragging your team down: the imbalance between superships. Let’s say you play the Hannover or Ushakov – you’re now guaranteeing a Super BB on the other team and if they get something like a Satsuma or Patrie that is just objectively much, muuuch better than your ship you’re kinda screwing the odds of winning.

  11. I agree with you. I have been playing WOWs for 5 years now. As one of the most (if not the most) veteran players in my clan, I often get asked ¨what ship should I get?¨or ¨what ships is better?¨ I always tell people that ¨better¨ is relative, since some people will like one ship over the other for whatever reason. Some guys were saying not too long ago how the Zao was garbage, out of metta, bla bla bla. Then I posted on our Discord a screenshot of a 243,000 damage game I had in it. ¨You were saying guys.¨

    • i mean, yeah, it is possible for every ship to pull a crazy game out of their ass, provided their captain is proficient enough alongside non SBMM doing that to the game, that does not negate the fact that zao is probably the worst TT CA in the game. There is not a single situation I can think of where I would rather have a zao over another TT CA.

  12. Good vid. Some people have a play style that just lends itself to certain ships, sometimes contrary to the general player population. Carnot isn’t that good (IMO), and stats support that, but Flamu was blown away as a follower took issue w/ him dissin’ it. Flam checked his stats and he had like a 70% win rate in it because his style fit w/ the ship. By the way, If you’re going to walk about the area, take your gum-boots to avoid the “enlightenment” of California that is spread around the streets. There’s also a “snapcrap” app for your phone, provided to SF residents to deal with that.

  13. I notice the player’s ship shells in this video has very little dispersion. Makes me wonder if WG is selectively manipulating this game for certain players?

  14. I am glad you actually said the facts, a ship can be good but it’s based on the player’s skill. You mentioning the khab was probably the best example. I know myself I don’t play it much anymore but when I do I’m usually still pulling about 100,000 damage.

  15. Matt Geary - Transplanted!

    Henri was my go to back in the day for clan battles. the advent of russian ships with railguns that can blap her at range and that nerf she took back in the day kind of took the fun away. as far as the rest of the video, I was going to talk about the same thing today in my video. I’d rather have players on my team that are good and comfortable in a ship that they know than having to cram them into some meta ship that they don’t know or haven’t learned.

  16. Awesome! Congrats on the invitation and opportunity!

    And, of course, play what you like and what you have fun in!

  17. The Henri is an excellent ship. I’m confused by this video to be completely honest. Strong AP, excellent HE and fire chance, good angles, Fast, speed boost, decently armoured. What’s not to like? Trying to think what does it’s job as well…?

  18. Henri IV is not only my favorite ship, I play it as a lighthouse build with 20 km base detect. Meta takes don’t matter hen you have double perma fires on multiple enemies and can citadel cruisers at max range.

  19. Great video as always Sealord. Gotta say, the chat was very toxic in that game and it made me smile to see the Santander at the top of the enemy team. Lots of ships are out of current meta, but in the right hands, ANY ship can do good work.

  20. Congrats on getting called up to go to the carrier convention on the USS Hornet. Been their, its a great ship and has an amazing story.

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