World of Warships – Don’t Let Him Win

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Todays’ video stars the incredibly appropriately named “DontLetMeWin”. They can’t say he didn’t warn them.

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  1. Actually Jingles, the Yolo Emilio can travel 60 knots with engine boost and with the swift & silent skill thing in smoke. 😉 so the Yolo Emilio can actually outrun some ship launched torp

    edit: I forgot to mention, when I first got the Yolo Emilio right after the ship was released, she is so fast that the smoke generator, the bloody smoke generator that suppose to keep you conceal at FULL speed, can’t keep up with the ship, so I was basically playing peek-a-boo with the enemy, not spotted, spotted, not spotted, spotted, etc, which screwed me over plenty of time, but WG fixed it by reducing the time the next puff of smoke pop so you won’t outrun the damn thing 🙂

    • @Fips von Fipsenstein I mean cluster bombs are definitely banned. But Torpedoes are very different however.

    • Oh….
      oh god….yeah!

      Full speed smoke means unspotted. Jeeeesss.

    • @Fips von Fipsenstein I think that even if those narcissistic sociopaths won, I think they would find a world that will never forget and some bastard will have to be dead a long time before it’s forgiven. He has made his country a pariah.

    • I was just about to type that lol

    • ​@Fips von Fipsenstein
      Cluster munitions are *not* banned by the USA….
      (nor by China, Russia, India, Israel, Pakistan and Brazil)

  2. Make-A-Woosh-Foundation

    Ägir, it’s like thinking you need a moment to find the word for sprocketed wheel, but got it instantly: err-.. gear!

    “3 Question flashround for the jackpot today. first question: what term can be used for almost any professional equipment?”
    “errr…. gear”
    “correct. in an automobile the reverse is what?”
    “a gear”
    “correct. which one of the planned, but never finished WWII german O-class battlecruisers is hardest to pronounce?”
    “oh I’m so sorry we were looking for Zeegfreed.”

    • I am pretty sure you have to pronounce the syllables with an equal length though. But that’s really nitpicky.

    • Make-A-Woosh-Foundation

      @Leon der Luftige I asked a bavarian, a saxon, a frisian and a rhinelander and answers ranged from “mäht nix” to “joa moi”.
      as long as we know what we’re talking about, we’re good and tbh that is a question of luck with our favourite narrating gno – oh was that a shotgun clicking? is the shotgun to the saltmines joke back agai- hey okay okay…

    • @Make-A-Woosh-Foundation Yes yes, but HOCHDEUTSCH

  3. Say it with me everyone, “That’s a paddlin”!”

  4. We actually own this Sov Soyz captain a bow. Either to him or to the stupidity of the enemy team xD. I haven’t seen this much citadels in game 😀

  5. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory the enemy team did 😂

  6. 11:39 “But the Alybamy is so desperate to get all 12 of its guns firing”
    Oh Jingles, never change

  7. Well … that was an impressive level of failure on the enemy team to lose that

  8. with a name like “DontLetMeWin”, this man must be a NA player, especially with an end result like that.

  9. the enemy team deserves a hero of the Soviet Union medal for achieving such a stunning victory for the Soviet Union.

  10. ClassicGamingDude

    My back is hurting after watching that Carry, don’t let me win needs to sue his team for compensation for the back pain he’s suffered from that

    • Its his back that should be aching after that one. If it was one of my friends I’d be yanking his chain right now. ” geez man. Carry harder, would ya?”

    • Hastur, the King in Yellow

      He carried almost as hard as Wargaming’s Art Department is.

  11. Fs in chat for Paolo emilio captain. He also lost a star because Neptune had 100 more base xp, presumably because of all the potential damage he just lucked out on because WoWs.exe could not find his citadel.

  12. Acctually Jingles, the German battlecruisers ALSO have the fast but limited-in-amount DCP.

  13. Someone get this man a chiropractor, a brace, and some aspirin, because his spine is likely a spaghetti noodle after that much carrying.

    • Aspirin? Hell, DontLetMeWin needs some heavy-duty pain killers! 😂 Very well played game for sure, on his part!

  14. Finally, a Jingles video where the player featured in the video is NOT using some overpowered legendary commander, just a regular commander with no gimmicks.

  15. That is actually a great name! Because when the enemy team is letting you win, that match will be boring AF, note blowout matches. And as this replay perfectly demonstrates, close nailbiter games are incredibly fun in this game.
    Great video!

  16. One of these days we’re going to get a video where the commentary consists entirely of Jingles laughing.

    This is not a complaint.

  17. Jingles, thank you for this most entertaining game. We’ll played on one side!

  18. After a crappy day at school I’m looking forward to watching this .Thanks for making the best content Jingles.

  19. Enemy team sees the name “Don’t let me win”
    Enemy team: Challenge accepted.

  20. Most deserved solo warrior i`ve seen in a while.
    This was a great show to watch, well done.

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