World of warships – Don’t underestimate HP

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  1. Who is Han’s British cousin?????

  2. Had to check that zao wasnt me, I tend to do shit like that when I get bored by passive matches. Or brawling kurfursts, rushing DMs… The “meta” gets so frustrating at times…

  3. 0 map awareness when sailing broadside to a DM. I see I’m already qualified to join OMNI XD

  4. man that Zao is either one of the biggest idiots I’ve ever seen or has the biggest pair of balls in the game lol.given how it’s a weekend I think it’s a case of biggest idiot. Love my mino though man. my best performing ship. Love how many people I can piss off with her tend to find if I do well in my mino I get reported a lot

  5. Lmao. I qued with Algerie, forgot I qued, watched 7:35 out of this game, went back to wows, WTF!?, did 75k dmg, died, lost.

  6. may have lasted without team hits…..


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