World of Warships – Double Feature

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Two battles for the price of one? You lucky, lucky people. What’s that? It’s two half battles for the price of one? Yeah okay, we’ll call it even.

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  1. Greetings Mr. Jingles. I want to give my props to you, thank you für you gentle voice, your wicked wit and you neverending enthusiasm.

  2. “You aren’t allowed to take in superships for obvious reasons” right as the enemy supership is sank… good on ya jingles

    • was about to type that myself LMAO , also team lineup at the start… that STAR next to the FIRST ship on the left wasnt obvious enough ^^

  3. Good morning jingles! Really enjoying the videos featuring more than one battle would love this to continue in the future.

  4. That ‘ToxicWeeb’ announcing they’re playing a ‘suprise Conqueror’.
    What I like to call the AP Conkek when people broadside you, thinking you’re firing HE.

  5. 𝓴 𝓲 𝓻 𝓲 𝓼 𝓱 𝓲 𝓶 𝓪

    the main reason why the shikishima is different from the mighty yamato when it comes to brawling is because the shikishima has harugumos strapped to its sides, and if you’re a person who actually likes having “fun” and go in a division of 3 secondary build shikishimas, you’ll win (providing the enemy team are a bunch of asshats who’ll get close enough to get killed and there’s no subs and carriers with 60% WRs)

    • Musashi have decent secondaries too , 12 155mm is a cruiser size , for a while I have run secondary mod on Musashi with 19p then 21p Yamamoto and I had large number of secondary kills at the time when i started to use it I had 800 Battles on Musashi I did that build for Ranked and as I was poor in commander xp and db I used that longer that I should , and in 522 battles I had 56 secondary kills so , in 1 on 10 battles I got seconday kill is not so great in compare to German ships , but it work against dd as they dont expect secondary attack from Musashi and there where loot of dd that when relize they got shoot by secondaries that take chunk of their HP , just stayed away , for like 3 years I dont use that build … but now I am ritch in commander xp … so yup I going to reset yamamoto for that ranked , worst case I loose 600k commander xp for nothing , but maybe I will have some fun playing wows 🙂

      (edit: I have did secondary build on Musashi … and suck right now , funny I remember secondaries beeing better , oh tho my only secondary ships that I play are GK , Pommren & schieffen with 21p Lutjens , so yeah all good memories with secondary Musashi are gone for me , I reverted to my previous buils , that experimeny have cost me 420k commander xp and 3.5 mil credits & 25db btw)

    • hahahahahahahahahah sure😂😂😂😂

    • Oi! That’s MY profile picture!

    • 𝓴 𝓲 𝓻 𝓲 𝓼 𝓱 𝓲 𝓶 𝓪

      @Deebs17 holy shit man, the coincidence. nice to see a fellow onodera fan

  6. Jingles managing to sneak in a tirade against aircraft carriers in a game mode in which he’s technically not allowed to do it. 😘

    • It’s not a Jingles WoWs video without some amount of whinging about CVs and AA.

    • ​@MKang 87but was he wrong?

      Our Overlord is self-admittedly shit….but if a ship capable of carrying attack aircraft is in a game mode which is supposed to be attack aircraft free…..then….it isn’t “whinging”….it’s “making a valid point”

    • @Lee Shackelford you’re missing my point. It’s a rarity that Jingles doesn’t have a mini rant about CVs and/or AA, whether they’re in the featured match or not. It’s a constant thing for him.

  7. Isn’t the louisianna now no longer allowed in clan battles? Also from my experience, the regular battleships are much better than these hybrids, purely because you can push in with regular battleships rather than be forced to stay in the back sniping and being a poor man’s aircraft carrier, and for some reason, the dive bombers here have even worse accuracy than the regular ones, it really is a slot machine if you’re going to get a hit or not.

  8. Dear Jingles, You would not believe how short the games are in WoT now. Especially on the weekends. The average weekend game is between 3 and 5 minutes long. Most of them seriously towards 3 minutes time. It’s Yolo party. In a slow tank, you lose mostly. Working days, the games are just minute or two longer. Sometimes, you get an exceptionally long 10-minute game, but it’s an exception that is just confirming the rule.

  9. Two double features in two days! 😂 You are spoiling us Mr. J.! Thank you! ❤

  10. No shot, I played with Broadside a few days ago. Dude seems like a beast!

  11. Don’t see many seciondary spec Japanese battleships nowadays. (Other than the Kii that is) Suprised it works that well on a Shikishima!

  12. Secondary spec Shikishima is hilarious. It has 30mm pen on its 100mm guns before equipping IFHE and a 3 second reload.

  13. It’s funny, Riga is also the one ship in Shiki’s matchmaking spread with 35mm plating which it can uniquely overmatch over Yamato.

  14. A Jingles double feature! Yay!

  15. Superships are allowed this season. They have a list of ship types AND specific ships that are restricted(St.Vincent isn’t allowed, etc,etc.) The hybrid BB planes aren’t as useful in Clans as they are in Randoms though. Sure, you can spot the whole enemy, but the flip side is the more you are in your planes, the less DPM you are doing. Less DPM, the longer ships stay alive. We have seen them launch one plane and that’s it. If you pressure them with fire, they will HAVE to leave the planes to combat the threat. I am not for them. They are just not as big a threat as they are being made out to be from what my clan have seen in CBs. To quote Jingles, “Your mileage may vary.”

  16. I want to sincerely thank you Jingles. For almost 8 years you’ve been my comfort youtuber as I grew into a young man and one of my favorite youtubers on the site. Your videos have always helped me through tough times and right now I cannot be any more thankful to hear your voice. A few days ago my father passed away from a sudden and massive heart attack and I am in desperate need of comfort. So Jingles, sincerely and from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for just doing what you do. It has been a major help over the last few days.

  17. The front and side armour plate are not connected, there is a gap, that’s the vulnerability. Not the flat armour, although it can be over matched.

  18. Yesterday featured Sgt Broken Rubber, today featured I_CAME_ON_YOUR_BROADSIDE. I’m sensing a theme 😆

  19. The Yamato hull has another big weakness: the boat hanger doors (on either side of the hull toward the stern), when the ship is sailing away at an angle or directly, can lead to citadels for the same reason as the front cheek armor.

    I brawl in my Yamato and Satsuma and love it. Yes I can get taken down fast, but I’ve had the Yamato for around 6 years and she’s still my favorite BB.

  20. The Shikashima is what happens if you took a Yamato and asked “what if Americans had put guns on it?”

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