World of Warships – Double or Nothing

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This was supposed to be two short battles in one video, then I got talking about Steven Seagal…

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  1. 野良猫 ジャッキー

    The first battle was better called as a massive seal clubbing with that colossal paddling

    • 174 shot down planes , I admit at the first I though he will get 57-70 planes , borring … but hell 174 planes , my random record is 80 on Salem , mine ranked record is 96 in Druid , but 174 … and yet he plays with AA build is handy on that kind of games , but 8/10 battles is jusy waste of commander skill … but other thing that is impressive , 143k dmg and 4.6mil credits ! , that is DAMN , my best earning game on Musashi was 312k dmg with 320% bonus = 3.1 mil , so yes that was very unique battle .

  2. 20 Seconds New personal best. Love your work Jingles, you make making dinner enjoyable.

  3. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    The German tech tree Depth bomber plane (Tiers V-VII) is the BV-138, its a trimotorseaplane that is capable for maritime patrols, and surprisingly has 2 or 1 depth bombs carried in it.

  4. Fellow miners, I have a problem. If, hypothetically, someone were to take a break from the Salt Mines to watch a Jingles video during work hours, to what extent would our Overlordliness let that slide?

    Asking for a friend, of course.

  5. TheGeekWithNoChill

    Steven Seagal’s Wikipedia page reads like a rap sheet. He once drove a tank through his ex-wife’s house.

    • And yes he’s still allowed to be a cop. Americans!

    • @james cocking History of domestic abuse and willing to use force unnecessarily? That’s on the job vacancy to be a cop in the US, right? Along with how many dogs you have already shot.

    • ​@james cockinghe is not a cop anymore. He was forced to resign several years ago after one of the women he sexually abused filed charges and the TV show that followed him around was cancelled.

  6. Prinz Heinrich: Hey, I’ll do the stupidest thing possible here!
    All the guys from the enemy team: Hold our beers.
    Really. They are all going full yolo-derp.

  7. Steven Segal is one of the few people that makes Jean Claude Van Damme (the other incomprehensible 80’s action movie actor) look like a decent actor. Not only that, Segal constantly challenged Van Damme to fights until Van Damme got so fed up he called Segal’s bluff and Segal ran away, saying Van Damme was too strong.

  8. There are three bright points in “Under Siege”:
    1) Tommy Lee Jones’ acting
    2) Gary Busey’s acting
    3) Erika Eleniak’s dancing 😉

  9. 17:06 This is what I most miss about old Missouri. Prior to carrier rework, Missouri AA was basically a no-flight zone. Extremely easy to earn Clear Skies achievements if you spec it for AA.

  10. Jingles chuckles could make global thermonuclear war sound entertaining.

  11. Im glad someone seems to understand my hatred of Steven Segal. Ever since I was a young dwarf, I thought “wow, this person can’t act for shit” and everything aboit his being just irritates me because no one else I’ve met seems to realize just how massive that bag of crap really is. Thank you Jingles. I feel vindicated.

    Oh also the rest of the video was good too I guess

  12. I recall an old, pre-rework game in an Atlanta on this channel showcasing a guy who sat behind an island for most of the game, depleting entire squadrons that some stubborn soul in a carrier was throwing at him. Patrol fighters dropped overhead every time, every aircraft on the ship thrown at a lone light cruiser, and he took all of ’em down. If he didn’t get over 200 aircraft kills, he definitely got close.

  13. “Don’t worry. it’s going to be worth it…. In the mean time: Lets talk some more shit about Steven Segal. I’m actually enjoying this, this is great!”🤣

  14. Jingles, did you really think we wouldn’t comment on the name of that Sinop player in the second battle?

    The Academy gives thanks Hugh_Jasul for being a proper sport and good natured fellow.

  15. I always remeber a tv magazine in the uk once had a caption for one of his movies as something on the lines of “Steven Segal nearly won a best actor in this movie but lost out to a wooden door and a table”

  16. Jingles: “we’ll be cutting it down and focusing on the interesting bits”
    Also Jingles: Not cutting it down because his Seagal commentary became the interesting bit 😀

  17. This was probably my best game ever and I love my Missouri!! It is nice that it allowed me to make it to Jingles!!!

  18. Seagals later movies are absolutely hilarious, I have no idea which one was it, they all have extremely generic names, but he literally kills every single villain while sitting down in that movie. There are fights in the movie but as those are stunt guys, they can’t defeat the villains because that’s the one thing he must do every time himself. And there are several such villains so by the third one you know what is going to happen just because Seagal sits down on a couch. It starts with an incredibly long and boring dialogue and in the end Steven pulls out a gun and shoots the guy. Then a stunt guy stands up from the couch, walks to a car, it cuts to Seagal in a horrible rear projected scene as he drives around to find another villain to kill.

  19. Steven Seagal claimed (and I believe continues to claim) that he’s immune to being choked unconscious. Gene LeBell was working as a stunt coordinator on one of Seagal’s films and challenged him on this. Seagal was almost immediately put into a choke and allegedly left a sticky pungent surprise in his own pants.

    • Yes, this is my fav Seagal story, I was going to post it myself but now I don’t have to! Thanks for beating me to it.

    • Bobby Fingers here on YouTube did an absolutely hilarious commentary about this while crafting a diorama commemorating this event, I cannot recommend it enough

  20. Fun fact: The Dupliex is actually a *heavy* cruiser. But since it’s a French CA that isn’t the Algerie, that means it has armour that even an Omaha would balk at 😂

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