World of Warships – Down the middle with Monkey

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Monkey is back and we pick 2 Massa and ofc MM throws 2 brothers at us.

I don’t need to tell you anything anymore, besides have fun and enjoy watching 😉

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  1. How do you not click on a video called going down the middle with monkey on two brothers.

  2. My Monday needed this map and Flambass – thank you!

  3. when u draw a black ship from a black friday container. does the ships comes with a perma black camo?

  4. One of the most entertaining vids you’ve put out!

  5. You did a lot more damage with your secondaries than with your main guns!

  6. Dat orgasm at the beginning for two brothers with bbs. 😀

  7. Now my Mom thinks I’m watching gay porn because of that intro.

  8. When your division mate is still more useful dead than the entire team. That’s the very definition of a potato team.

  9. 0:08 to 0:19, had to explain to my girlfriend that it is not in fact gay porn I am watching but a world of warships video

  10. Seeing that title already gets an Mt.Everest in my trousers ?

  11. 0:58 is highly marketable

  12. Steve Clarky Clarkson

    been playing 4 years now!! Started playing the day after WOW release! Never won a black ship container yet!! sad face.

  13. “”sees two brothers” insta like 😀

  14. Takin’ the “massivetwoshits” down the pipe.

  15. Mom: *hears flam moan*
    me: “I’m watching a guy go down the middle of two brothers with his long ship.”

  16. I love having multiple secondary build ships and just rushing people !

  17. sounds like my teams i usually get or a weekend battle

  18. 0:08 that moment you just realize that you are not on youtube but gay pornhube website

  19. Proof that sometimes you can lose and still have a fantastic game.

  20. “Don’t come middle, we may be waiting for you.”…..CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

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