World of Warships – Down the Middle

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A game with a division of Scharnhorst’s against enemy pushing mid on Two Brothers. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VII German Scharnhorst Replay – Discord Server


  1. Love the content man…. makes my coffee break everyday!!!!
    Even the filler… 🙂

  2. In the time it took you to do this, a photon made its way to you from the sun. Epic brawl.

  3. dat enemy tactics lol
    rush middle cyka blyat

  4. My favorite map. Honestly the only map I enjoy, and going thru the middle is a very underrated strategy.

  5. Tell Jingles thanks ,, He posted to many vids of people going down the middle

  6. i still blame jingles for that …he showed to much clips with that tactic 😀

  7. it was so nice to see a german BB used as intended. As opposed to the wannabe snipers, spamming HE all the time

  8. Love the Scharnhorst! My most played ship and definitely my favorite!

  9. RIP legendary Cleveland, you will be missed.

  10. The perfect Scharnhorst game 🙂

  11. Always a fun tactic XD wish it happened more often

  12. There’s a right way, and a wrong way to go middle. This is a perfect example of the wrong way.

  13. Flambass!! I blame Flambass (and Hans) lollll

  14. 3:00, Nots, press T, 3:10, Nots? T. 3:30 Nots! Press T!

  15. Looks like T7 ships get better MM.

  16. Colonel David Davenport

    Notser – You sure make it look easy! Jealous! LOL

  17. The enemy never does idiotic stuff like this in my games.

  18. Two Brothers, as small as it is, it’s 10 times better than any other map. You can enjoy it with any ship class, unlike most of the other maps.

  19. Gotta love that brawling beast!

  20. Middle tactics are a lot of fun

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