World of Warships – Down To The Wire

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  1. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    Neptune *headnod*

    They’re called the Big 3 :^)

  2. America FuckYeah

    Youtube: It’s 5am honey, time for a new Jingles video

    Me: yes babe

  3. Jingles screwing up again who would have guessed he’s going next week he said himself to HMS Belfast on Mondays video LOL

  4. That thing only BARELY has less range than the Yukon. Really just goes to show how pathetic Yukon actually is.

  5. But, you’re not. As we listen to mingles with Jingles.

  6. Jingles, of course, lost his train ticket in his back pocket, so he’ll be at HMS Belfast next week. Or was it his schedule? Hard to say.

  7. “Down to the Wire”

    Yep. That about covers it. Holy hell.

  8. “Pfft… Torpedoes. In Soviet Russia, we use GUN!”

  9. That game was lost for the enemy team by that kitakaze. He must have gone afk. He did nothing for most of the match,and if he had intervened at any point during the latter half of the game it would have been over.

    • You’re right although like half their team were complete and utter trashcans. Yugumo inexplicably starts shooting his guns… Alaska derping around on full health on the 1 line most of the game… Jutland trying to gun down Tashkent open water instead of waiting for his smoke… that Jean Bart sitting in the absolute back all game until finally charging right into torpedoes. My god. Just brutal play.

    • @mjxw Yup, the were nearly all culpable. No way the Tashkent should’ve held that cap for so long.

    • Arizona Anime-Fan

      nah, it was lost by the bbs refusing to stop farming damage and shoot at that dd

  10. A whole Monday on belfast sama sounds like heavens

  11. Notice how there aren’t any planes in this match? coincidence?

  12. Everytime I read “down to the wire” I think of that time I was at a circus. A high wire artist lost balance and landed his testicles squarely on said wire. He finished his performance but he was visibly in pain and after the show was quietly hurried to an ambulance. Anyway, thats why the saying “down to the wire” reminds me of nutcrackers … Where was I going with this?

  13. Optimistic of you to assume that the average wows player can count to 5.

  14. When Jingles said that the russians were powercrept by the french i thought he was talking about real life history.

  15. I know that guy. He hangs around SEA forums.

  16. you can also with youtube if you use vanced kit

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